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  1. HI FRIENDS!!! I am seeing sea in my dreams often. As i heard sea in dreams is related to spirituality i want to know more abt it. Most of the time its calm and clear. One time it was stromy and 2 times it was tsunami. And recently i saw that i am on road and seeing the sea which is very pure and glitters like a blue dimond in sunlight. Near the shore a purification machine was there. And on the other side some peoples taking bath in sea. Here i want to say something. I am a VISHNU devotee. More than that I am a mad for him. So my friend says that those dreams related to him. Is it true friends????
  2. Ya its true. U will become what u think. Our thoughts have that enough power. Human mind is the most powerfull one. it can achive what it wants. But your mind must have enough courage and confidence for that. Even science proved this. Human mind contains both positive and negative charges. But in space only positive charges was there. and the telepathy rays will carry all our thoughts to space and bring a feed back to us. If our though is positive it will travel in telepathy rays and attain space, there it react with that positive charges and return a positive feed back to us. If our thoughts are negative then when it reacts with positive charges in space........... positive x negative = negative. You will get negative result. This may be very simple to hear. But it really works. Now i will tell some more information abt our mind. As i said before our mind is more powerful. But we people wont use it in proper way. When our thinking is one then that thought will be powerful but when its more the power will be spilted and it cant reach the space fastly and most of the time it wont. So let our thoughts be few and sharp. and most important it must be good and positive. You asked that some bad people earns more money and lives happily. First learn something that to achive what we want we must lose our bad karmas first. and for those people, they might have previous good karma. So they can enjoy only till that karma is there. Either karma is good or bad, it's just like bank balance, it will be there only till we enjoy or suffer it. So when those good karmas got over they must start to spend there bad once. Hope u understand it. K now i will tell u one mind practise. Do this daily wen u woke up in morning and before sleep at night. First start at night. Decide wt's ur goal. Before sleep just relax urself and be calm for 3 to 5 mins without any thoughts in ur mind. U can find ur mind calm now. Now u can speak to ur deep heart by thinking it as ur fav God or as if he is residing in ur deep heart. Just say to him that ur goal or desire must be fulfilled. Say for 3 times. For example if ur desire is to build ur own house, then say to ur deep heart that " I MUST BUILD MY OWN HOUSE AS I WISH". Then thank your heart for listening to ur words. then ask it to ans u next day morning. When u wake up the next day the first thought arise in ur mind will be the ans for ur prayer. But it may take 1 week to listen to such ans. Then again do this in morning as soon as u woke up. But your words(prayer) must be clear and sharp. then in that day between day and night just imagine as if ur desire or goal got fulfilled. Imagine daily from Your deep heart. But your imagination and prayer must be same until it gets fulfilled. Only one desire or goal can be prayed at a time. Not more than that. Practise this daily. It came true in my life. ALL THE BEST
  3. Hi friends, Is Rukminisha vijaya book available in tamil. If s means from which publication i can get that book. Pls say soon.
  4. Hi friends, I am here to share some of my pain with u. I am Lord krishna's devotee. I love him like anything. I use to have lot of krishna's picture in my room. But many peoples r having a thought that having krishna pic or idiol with flute is not good for home. It will take away money from us. I hate these thoughts. I believe in Krishna strongly. Wt else will happen wen krishna is there to take care every thing. And more over i wont ask money or wealth from him. Only love and affection. Is it wrong. Y shouldn't i have his pic in my room.
  5. Ya even i am practicing trataka regularly. I like it very much. But candel is not best for that. the lamp we use for pooja is better. Because the light(diya) must be straight to our eyesight till we finish it. So Pooja lamp is better for that candel will go down slowly.
  6. Better contact Alwar madam. There u can get a clear book of nalayira dhivya prabantham with exact meanings. And they can give u a nice teacher. Just Contact alwar madam first. If i get the contact no i will give it to u.
  7. Thanks Mr.VibhutiGanesh. I am happy with ur reply. But my heart is not permitting me to tell that dream. But i wish to say something that Lord Vishnu came in my dream before 3 years. At that time i was not a Vishnu devotee but after that dream he slowly made me mad on him. And i want to say u that from my young age, even from my childhood his memories was there in my mind. Most of us wont remember our childhood but few things i remember abt my childhood is his memories. I dont no who thought me those stories and krishna leelas, but there were some scenes in my memory from my childhood. I was not even 3 years but i remember his memories. Then my middle life was spent as an ordinary girl. At my age of 20 i had this dream and after that i became a mad on him. Wt's the reason for this. Why i am having such memories with me.
  8. Evan i am searching it for past 3 years. Still now i am not getting ans for it
  9. Thank you vimla. Can u give me more information abt that.
  10. Can anyone say me will spiritual dreams come true.
  11. Hi friends, Can anyone tell me wt is the age of Lord Krishna during is marriage with Rukmini. I read that Rukmini's age was 13 or 14 but i cant get Krishna's age in that. And wt's the age difference between Krishna and Rukmini.
  12. Ishta devata means the God whom u like the most. Its upon u to decide who is ur ishta devata.
  13. Hi friends can anyone tell me wt is the age of krishna when he married Rukmini. During marriage Rukmini's age was 13 or 14. so Wt's the age of Krishna at that time and wt's the age difference between krishna and Rukmini
  14. Hi friends, I am soo much interested in Indian mythology. Is there any studies regarding that. If yes means where i can get it. Pls some one help me.
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