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  1. How people would be so foolish to differentiate between shiva and vishnu.... even Shiva or Vishnu would not forgive them.... Go to hell.
  2. I too heard this in some of the holy books such as Guru charitra where Dogs should not be kept indoors. I wondered how this shall be a valid one as we are serving one poor animal, thats all we are doing nothing sin should be involved in it. But caretaking of a cow is considered to be holy one. We can not deny some of these things from our holy books , at the same time we can not accept them as they are . we need some one to clarify these kind of questions. Any one can answer please?
  3. While I was contemplating on the Hinduism and Vedas, I found some strange things that need to be answered. It seems, Vedas ( which are supposed to talk about global perspective ) seem to talk about only Hindu Gods like shiva, brahma ,vishnu etc. Then what about other Gods such a Jesus,Allah. In bhagavad gita, Krishna himself told that there are 4 varnas that he only manifestated. All the varnas seem to be in hinduism only. What about the others in other religions? Is it not Brahma who created them? Like in our mankind, would there be anything like, Muslims would be created by allah, hindus by brahma etc? Also, if you carefully see our vishnu avataras, All seem to born in India only and also Lingodbhavam on Sivaratari for whose base is located in India ( arunachalam ). If Lord Shiva is god for all then why should all these be happened in India only? Can any one answer my curiousity?
  4. Say 'Ome Sai ram. ' He is Shiva. He is Vishnu. He is Brahma. He is Shakti. He is Ganesha. He is Hanuman. He is Subrahmanya. He is Ayyappa. Anantha koti brahmanda Nayaka Rajadhi raja Yogi Raja Para brahma Sri sachidananda sai raj Maharaj Ki jai.
  5. Any Mantra should be preached by a "Guru" without which the mantra has no impact. That is the Reason the brahmins are preached Gayatri mantra by "Guru" while Upanayanam, otheriwise it has no impact. Gayatri mantra is very important for Brahmins as gayatri devi is the mother of all Vedas, and a brahmin is expected to master over Vedas, thats why Brahmins consider Gayatri mantra is the holiest mantra.
  6. God Is the one. Whther it is Vishnu or Shiva or Shakti or Sai baba or Christ or Allah all are same but with different forms. Its the time to shed the humans' genral quality of finding out "who is supreme" as far as God is concerned.
  7. Is the Chanting of God's name knowingly or unknowingly is a step forward for heaven? Or the chanting shall be in a known state concentrating on the God?
  8. From Hanuman Chalisa, I came to know that Hanuman is 11th Avatara of Shiva. If so, what are the other Avataras of Shiva? Why they are not as popular as Dasavatra of Vishnu. Its very Surprising....
  9. It is a well known fact that Gayatri Mantra is the ultimate mantra in the Vedas for one's illumination of his heart and consciousness towards God. Is Gayatri same as Parvathi or is she "Adi Shakti?
  10. I have a question regd who is Sri Dattatreya and which Yuga he belongs? What is the purpose of his Avatara on the earth? Any one knows, please post reply. And also I heard there are certain avataras for Dattatreya. 1. Mankiya Prabhu 2. Nrisimha Saraswati 3. Akkalkota Swamy/Shirdi Sai baba. Except Sai baba, I havent that much knowledge of others. Has any one has reportoir of their "mahima"s and their Period of existence?
  11. Ayyappa belongs to which Yuga? Is sabari who waited for Sri rama for so many years is same as the "Sabari" mala where Ayyappa Resided? If so, Ayyappa belongs to Tretayuga or Dwapari yuga? Some one from this forum, can you please clarify me?
  12. Venkatdri Samamstanam brahmandam nasti kinchaka, Venkateso samo deva na bhuto na bhavishyadi. I have got this from one of the Religious magazines ( by Tirumala Tirupathi Devastanams). It means "There is no place on this earth equal in its sanctity to Tirumala (Venkatadri ) and there is no other God equal to Venkatesa". So, what about other places? Srisailam, Kasi, Sri kalahasti,Madhura, Shirdi,Pandaripuram. Arent they as sanctic as Tirumala? I dont know why such phrases are repeatedly found in our Vedas etc. These only bring in humans a feeling of differences between Gods. Humans are unable to realise God is only one because of these. Sorry If i am insulting our Vedas. I get confused by these kind of Phrases.
  13. Is Ayyappa belongs to Kaliyuga? If not which Yuga he belongs? Is Sabari ( Who waited for Rama very long time in Treta Yuga ) is same as the Sabari in "Sabari Mala"?
  14. No one can prove the presence of God. Would you prove the Krishna and Rama was there? You will prove it by Vedas and Maha bharatam ( written by Veda Vyasa). But not by your direct vision. But, there were many who were contemporary with Sai baba and lived till 1970 to 1990. They were the direct proof of Sai baba's Wonders as a god and how he proved them that he is the Sagduru. Certai beliefs though cant be proved, they can be accepted. Shirdi is the Second largest crowded place in India after Tirupathi. Majority of the Pilgrims are Hindus only. It is the belief that He is the Sadguru, he is the God that draw them to the Shirdi, same as Tirupathi . Did u ever seen Venkateswara? Not at all. Have any contemporary persons with Venkateswara lived in thr PResent age?? Not at all? So, as no one was here who saw venkateswara, shall we say he is not a God? No we wont say.We all say he is the God of Kaliyuga infact he is. Same applies ot Shirdi Sai baba. There are many Books available in Shirdi sai baba Written by his contemporaries. His whole life along with their experiences are written. If you have any doubts about his divinity, please read them and you will appreciate . JAi sai nath maharaj ki Jai.
  15. I am a too minnow to Tell about the great God Sai baba.There are lots of Proven facts about this Sadguru that he is the real Sadguru. Many Contemporary Saints also accepted that he is the Guru to many Sadgurus. He proved ihe is omniscient, Omnipresent. Many people experienced the "Mahima" os Shirdi Sai baba. Today, Shirdi is the Second most Crowded Pilgrimage center after Tirupathi. The one speciality of Sai baba is he represented all the Religions not only Hinduism. He is a born Muslim but surprisingly, Today, the proportion of Bhaktas of him is 90:10 ( Hindu : Muslim ) . Once he said, he will be leaving his body for 3 days and will meet "Allah", till then he asked his disciples to take care of his body. Doctors examined the body and said he is dead. The then district collector, came to visit the body and said " Rebirth is only for the Christ if the body becomes active again, he is no other than Christ". With the Just the wheat floor, he elimiated the deadly "Plague" from the Shirdi then. Often, he took the diseases of his devotees to save them from those. It was said that he sacrificed his life taking the deadly "T.B" from his favourite devotee "Tatya". When Nana chandorka who is master in sanskrit understands the Bhagavadgita incorrecltly , Sai baba corrects him. He knows, Khuran, Bible, Gita. He proved omni present by saving the baby from being dropped in fire when some where else, a mother by mistake getting up from the near of a Fire dropped his child into the Fire.He wounded his Hands by keeping his hand in the Fire then. Once, when All the devotees along with Sai baba are having the Lunch at Dwarakamayee ( his residing place in Shirdi ), Suddenly, the roof of the Top started to Fall because of the heavy rains then. Suddennly, Sai baba Louded biggerly "Stop Stop ". The falling roof stopped to fall till all came out of the building. When Rama krishna Param hansa Died in a far place , Sai baba knows this before hand and tells to one of his Devotee that "Gadhadhar ( rama krishna )'s role on this earth would come to end shortly ". I cant say this much is the power of Sai baba as his Spirtual powers are beyond one's thinking. He is the Sadguru. He is the Vishnu, he is the Krishna, he is the Shiva. Ja sai nath maharaj.
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