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  1. Last night around 6:30 pm when it was dark outside, I was doing my daily run and heard a weird laugh. This man saw me and ran walked briskly into the middle of a road under a street light and stood there with his arms straight out. He was wearing a black robe and had light skin. I did not have my glasses on and have 20/100 vision in both eyes so I could not see him clearly. But he was not a shadow or anything. He had a black robe and his hands and face were white. When he was walking to the middle of the road his strides were clearly seen and not hovering or anything. I did not run pass him but took an immediate right and sprinted home. The concern of mine is if the man was actually there and that I am not seeing anything and am not having a mental illness such as Schizophrenia. I do not think the situation was out of place. The weird laugh he did could have been created by any human. The event was not out of place for the time and location. But it was very strange. Who would do that? What I find eery is that he was under a few street lights; everywhere else was dark, and when I saw him I had a road to the right of me for easy escape. Seems like it was set-up for me. No one even in my extended family has schizophrenia, or in my blood line. I am 17 years old. I never had this experience before. I am an active student, who just received appointment to the USNA, so I am not socially isolated. Also, I was terrified of the sight so I do not think that is a symptom of Schizo. And I believe without my glasses on I saw the figure as I would see anything else. It was blurry, meaning that light must have reflected off the figure, and if it did, it must have been real. Is this true for schizos? I also believe you cannot get schizophrenia that late in life. I also do sandhyvandanam twice a day, read BG, and chant vishnu sahasranamam occasionally. Please, I would appreciate if anyone would have any advice on this matter. Thanks
  2. As far as I know, during satya yuga the entire world was one big empire that followed the vedas. Later the continents divided up and people seperated from vedic society. How this was done specifically, I do not know. But I was told that certain groups would abuse the vedas and use it for black magic and for their own evil, materialistic purposes. They are not using it for the benefit of mankind's spiritual growth, but for their own sense pleasures and desires. There are 2 things that would then occur: 1. The king would kick the group out of his empire. During that time, when one man commits a sin, the entire society bears the burden. So the group would have to resettle somewhere else alone where they can perform their acts. 2. When the society commits those sins, it will bear the consequences, and usually it would be God punishing them by not allowing them to follow the vedas. All traces of vedic literature would be gone, and their descendants would not follow it either. Greek mythology mentions this a bit, where Zeus punishes mankind for committing sins.
  3. After reading some of the scriptures, such as bhagavad gita, mahabharata, knowing quite well the story of the ramayana, and just knowing the content and knowledge of the vedas in general, I have found out that it establishes itself as the supreme authority for mankind, and that it is the eternal word of God. So in this case, why is the whole world not following the vedas? Why is it only India and nowhere else? Also, why are all the ten MAJOR avatars in India? In the BG Krishna has stated that where ever there is adharma, I shall incarnate to deliver the pious and annihilate the miscreants. But where and when will it happen? Kalki, the last of the 10 avatars, who will bring about krtha yuga, will be born into a Brahmin family in India. I understand that this is Kali Yuga and people will naturally stop following vedas, but it seems like the rest of the world has never followed the vedic culture, but only India, which is slowly declining. Can someone clear this doubt of mine? Thanks
  4. After reading starting to read a lot of the ancient vedic scriptures such as the Mahabharata, Bhagavad Gita, and just knowing in general the contents of the Vedas, puranas, upanishads, and other srutih, smritihi, their content seems to contradict their own statements in a certain way. All the scriptures in general talk about Vedas and the manusmriti, being the supreme, absolute authority for mankind. Hinduism, is a foreign given word to all practitioners and followers of the Vedas east of the Indus River. Nowhere in the scriptures does the word, HINDU come up, but rather, sanatanah-dharma or, the 'eternal law'. We all also know that the vedas claim itself as universal, and that it teaches universal values to all of mankind. Now lets examine some things a bit more closely. The vedas, being the ultimate authority for mankind as they claim, only make references to the sarasvati and ganga rivers, and the himalayan mountains. The puranas, which are the encyclopedias, history books of past present and future, only talk about India and it's physical boundaries. Surprisingly they make rare mentions of dravida, or south India. The Mahabharata, Ramayana, only take place in India. God has even said, "Whenever and wherever there is a decline in religious practice, O descendant of Bharata, and a predominant rise of irreligion — at that time I descend Myself." But as it is, and will be, all the 10 avatars of the lord have only come in India, and Kalki, as it is said, will be born into a family in India. In Mahabharata, it does mention that Yudishtira will be king of the World, but maybe in this case it means India? The word Mleccha does arise, but means those who do not follow the vedas, but again, ONLY IN INDIA. These mlecchas are the scheduled tribes of india. But coincidentally, we apply this term to ALL non-believers of vedas. How come, a religion which claims itself as universal and for the good of all humanity, only appear in India? What else is the world supposed to be? Is there something which I have not read or do not know about? Someone please clear this doubt of mine. Providing links to books, or any online source. Although, the knowledge of the vedas is not merely a belief, but an absolute fact, and that the philosophy it establishes is difficult to refute, it seems as if the knowledge is only presented to India. Thus, have we come to the conclusion that India is the birth place of religion, the "empire of the soul", the country where peoples' goal in life is to obtain realization of the self. Quite the belief of today based off of little known knowledge, but I believe this to be absurd, as there is more underlying this common misconception and greater truths yet to be found. I will make a slight antithesis though. From my knowledge of history, there are very few connections between the rest of the world and India. I will list the ones that I know of: 1. In the Scandinavian Languages, VETTA, at-vetta, vet, vit, means "to knowknowing", and "knowledge". Veda in sanskrit means knowledge. 2. The greeks believed in the 4 ages of man, which are extremely similar to the indian yugas. Ages of Man - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia 3. The god of the Incas, Viracocha, sounds similar to Virochana, an asura. Apparently, somewhere I have heard that during some time, some indians left india and, on boats, went to mexico and settled there. Something to do with Prahalad. 4. And all the stuff in Bhavishya purana. And why is there not anything about dinosaurs? They cannot be that big of a hoax. With all this said, someone please clarify. Thank you
  5. Thank you for offering your help to me. I will tell you everything about this problem. This is a common problem experienced by everyone, but with all the difficulties people face, some react to each one differently and address each problem differently. I will tell you my 'problem' as best as I can. Earworms, last song syndrome, whatever one may call it, is when a portion of a tune becomes stuck in one's head and plays itself over and over again. Now to some people, these musical repetitions are soothing and are usually enjoyed. And to others, as I have read online, it is extremely and EXTREMELY, distracting, irritating, and annoying, leading some to break down and feel as if they have lost control of their thought. This is how I feel. On November 17, I was writing an essay in English class and a song was stuck in my head for the first time, without reason, and severely distracted me from my writing abilities. This continued all day and would only stop when I go to sleep. The next morning, a new song was stuck in my head and repeated itself for the whole day, causing great anguish and suffering to me. This has continued till today, but fortunately as I am writing this to you, I have no song stuck in my head. This has made me very 'thought conscious' and always makes me manage my thoughts to see if there is a song stuck in my head. I have tried ignoring it but it comes back through my subconscious and affects me. Another problem is when I watched a movie that had a good soundtrack before I went to bed. I could HEAR, yes, HEAR the music being played in my head, it was extremely loud. So from that day, I have barely touched video games, movies, and music, and devoted myself to chanting mantras, and reading the great epic. My lifestyle has changed. For the better, who knows? This kind of suffering has never happened to me in the past, and for some unknown reason, has started and has not let go. Sandhyavandanam has brought me out of depression, so I hope any other mantras will help me out of this suffering. I am a devout believer in spirituality, hence why I am on this site looking for a solution. Currently, I am chanting vishnusahasranamam every day and reading the bhagavad gita, which has reduced my suffering greatly. I hope to continue doing this, until I achieve peace. Please offer anything you have. Thank you.
  6. Vimanas or flying machines, in earlier yugas were capable of transporting people, either through thought power, or by use of something called a mercury vortex engine. ‘Inside the circular air frame, place the mercury-engine with its solar mercury boiler at the aircraft center. By means of the power latent in the heated mercury which sets the driving whirlwind in motion a man sitting inside may travel a great distance in a most marvellous manner. Four strong mercury containers must be built into the interior structure. When these have been heated by fire through solar or other sources the Vimana (aircraft) develops thunder-power through the mercury. NASA is apparently building off of this. Anyone have any information regarding this? Just curious to learn more about these.
  7. Is there any mantra or any type of meditation which advents a full peaceful mind and the ability to control any thought. I went through a minor depression and overcame it through sandhyvandanam. But recently, I face a new problem. I have a song that is continuously stuck in my head for a few weeks and is distracting me from work and is making me depressed again. This has never happened to me before two weeks ago and now it suddenly happened and I didn't do anything for it to come about. This repetition of a musical tune is driving me crazy and is making me extremely 'thought conscious'. This never happened before two weeks ago and is making me feel depressed again and hope-lost. Currently I am doing sandhyavandanam once a day and saying vishnu sahasranamam once a day. I am also starting to read the Mahabharata and Bhagavad-Gita. So is there any direct spiritual way, as to attain this material wish of having a peaceful mind and not be disturbed by unwanted musical repetitions. Thanks.
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