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  1. Hello, I just ask for your help after for over a year doing research. Since I was born, I dream of can fly, can teleport myself. It's two abilities are the object of all my dreams and I do not think I can live without tasting the happiness you feel when you can fly or teleport. At first I thought it impossible, I was sad and my life had no meaning. I lived like a boring film which is expected late. Since I did research and I discovered the existence of Siddhis, my life has taken a way, I am pleased to think maybe one day, I can enjoy these capabilities. After a year of research, I have seen every method imaginable to succeed in obtaining them, and tried so many things...I rely on you to help me. From what I read and learned, in the body, we have seven chakras, three channels (Ida, Pingala, Sushumna) that achieve the Siddhis For these Siddhis, one must awaken the Kundalini, famous force locked within us and that resides in the lower back, awakening in the Sushumna canal, "delivering" the chakras and allows us to obtain the Siddhis. But to awaken the Kundalini, we must purify our channels, adjust / balance our Chakras. I come here to ask you how to do my goal, how to purify my channels (Ida, Pinagala, Sushumna), how to adjust / balance my Chakras, how to awaken my Kundalini? I spoke with people who have awakened their kundalini, get Siddhis, they advised me to make a Sadanah for forty days, repeating ten times every morning 'Aum' thinking about my goal, what do you think ? I also heard about herbs that achieve the Siddhis, special mantras, etc.. If you could tell me more ? I am not able to go to India met a guru, if you know who can talk to me via email, if people have awakened their Kundalini, if people have achieved Siddhis, contact me. Thank you for listening, peace in you, kindly Takezo Ps: Very sorry for my bad English.
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