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  1. Considering that Visnujana Maharaja disappeared in '76 or '77 and some say committed suicide by drowning in the Ganges, the Visnujan on the forum cannot be him. Some Brahmans in India say they assisted Visnujana Maharaja in committing suicide for having fell down from sannyasa before the passing of Srila Prabhupada.
  2. brahma-nirvāṇam — the spiritual kingdom of God; BG 2.72 brahma — from the Vedas; BG 3.15 brahma — the Vedas; BG 3.15 brahma — transcendence; BG 3.15 brahma — spiritual in nature; BG 4.24 brahma — the Supreme; BG 4.24 brahma — spiritual; BG 4.24 brahma — spiritual kingdom; BG 4.24 brahma — spiritual; BG 4.24 brahma — of the Absolute Truth; BG 4.25 brahma — the supreme; BG 4.30 brahma — the Supreme; BG 5.6 brahma — like the Supreme; BG 5.19 brahma-vit — one who knows the Supreme perfectly; BG 5.20 brahma-yoga — by concentration in Brahman; BG 5.21 brahma-nirvāṇam — liberation in the Supreme; BG 5.24 brahma-bhūtaḥ — being self-realized; BG 5.24 brahma-nirvāṇam — liberation in the Supreme; BG 5.25 brahma-nirvāṇam — liberation in the Supreme; BG 5.26 brahma-bhūtam — liberation by identification with the Absolute; BG 6.27 brahma-saṃsparśam — being in constant touch with the Supreme; BG 6.28 śabda-brahma — ritualistic principles of scriptures; BG 6.44 brahma — Brahman; BG 7.29 brahma — Brahman; BG 8.1 brahma — Brahman; BG 8.3 brahma — absolute; BG 8.13 ā-brahma-bhuvanāt — up to the Brahmaloka planet; BG 8.16 brahma — to the Absolute; BG 8.24 brahma-vidaḥ — who know the Absolute; BG 8.24 brahma — truth; BG 10.12-13 brahma-sūtra — of the Vedānta; BG 13.5 brahma — spirit; BG 13.13 brahma — the Absolute; BG 13.31 brahma — supreme; BG 14.3 brahma — the supreme; BG 14.4 brahma-bhūyāya — elevated to the Brahman platform; BG 14.26 brahma-vādinām — of the transcendentalists; BG 17.24 brahma — of a brāhmaṇa; BG 18.42 brahma — the Supreme; BG 18.50 brahma-bhūyāya — for self-realization; BG 18.51-53 brahma-bhūtaḥ — being one with the Absolute; BG 18.54
  3. Most of Prabhupada's disciples aren't in ISKCON and haven't been for many years. Prabhupada is jagat-guru not ISKCON guru. Don't try to bottle him up in a defunct organization.
  4. But, the fighting with Krsna must be the Yogamaya and not the Mahamaya of the material variety. Mahamaya becomes Yogamaya as soon as Krishna is involved.
  5. Sukadeva Goswami was probably concerned that shedding a favorable light on the situation involving Indra fighting with Lord Krsna over the Parijata flower would send the wrong message, so he opted to discourage battling with Lord Krsna in favor of giving the Lord what he wants without question. Sukadeva knew good and well that Indra is a very pious deva and King of Heaven, but he did not want to encourage mortal humans who read Srimad Bhagavatam to get the wrong message and artificially assume some position of battling against Lord Krsna. Indra is a big, big demigod. It was his duty to battle with Lord Krishna over the Parijata flower and give the Lord pleasure in defeating the King of Heaven and showing his supremecy to the inhabitants of the universe. This is actually an eternal pastime of the Lord that happens in all the universes regularly as long as the material comos is manifested. But, Sukadeva Goswami did not want to encourage this type of behaviour amongst common living entities, so he took the position of showing fault in Indra's behaviour instead of emphasizing the deeper, inner lila that was going on between Lord Krsna and his devotee Lord Indra, the King of Heaven. So, it's all good.
  6. I ran across an interesting letter from Srila Prabhupada to Visnujana. In that letter, Srila Prabhupada expressed a sentiment that he felt like his American disciples were like fathers to him. I find it to be quite the curiosity and I thought I would share it on the forum.
  7. What if they don't? What if Jehovah and Allah are names of Lord Brahma or Lord Siva or Manu or some minor demigod? The God of the Bible certainly is not Vishnu or Krishna, because he was fond of meat offerings and blood offerings. Vishnu never accepts meat offerings. Allah is the same God as the God of the Bible. Fact is, there is no evidence that in fact Allah or Jehovah are names of Vishnu or Krishna and they are certainly not found amongst the thousands of names of Vishnu mention in the Vedic shastra.
  8. Or, they could follow the Vaishnava acharya and say "Varnashrama". If you want to invent a new term that is your business. I will just accept what the Vaishnava acharya has recommended.
  9. I already addressed the issue. I suggested what the Gaudiya acharyas suggest. They suggest "avoid the envious". So, that is the best advice as far as I am concerned. Trying to reason with a Christian bigot whose eyes are closed to further knowledge and understanding is a waste of time. So, instead of long drawn out liturgies about how to reason with the Christian bigot in question, I have recommended what the Gaudiya acharyas recommend which is avoiding such people. If you think they can be reasoned with, then go ahead and try. My experience agrees with the acharyas that such fools cannot be reasoned with. The Jackass I referred to is the Jackass who lumps Vaishnavism and Mayavada into the same homogeneous group called "Hinduism".
  10. So, the fact is, "Hindu" is the name that the Muslims have attached to the followers of different Vedic shastra. If any follower of the Vedic shastra is pleased and happy to accept some designation that has been given to the Vedic Varnashrama culture by the Muslims, that is his business, but in fact the term "Hindu" is a Persian word that refers to the followers of the Vedic shastra. The term, name or title "Hindu" is not found any the Vedic shastra. It is a term that the Varnashrama followers of India have adopted from the Persians. It seems that since India has changed the name "Calcutta" to Kolkata and Bombay to Mumbai, it is about time they stopped referring to Vedic culture as Hinduism and the followers as Hindu.
  11. So, name calling is the symptom of an advanced Vaishnava? When you stop name calling, come back and play like an adult.
  12. Hindu is a Persian word. It is not either Hindi or Sanskrit.
  13. First, try to know who is Buddha before you get all confused.
  14. First, you need to understand who is Buddha before you go to make so many claims.
  15. Buddhism and Mayavada are very similar, so that is why I object to Vaishnavism and Advaitism being lumped into one group called "Hindu". So, it is the lumping of Buddhism together with Vaishnavism under the desgination "Hinduism" that is objectionable. The fact is, Vaishnavism is not Hinduism according to Srila Prabhupada: Introduction to Sri Isopanisad
  16. there are three kinds of siddhas; Bhakta siddha Yogi siddha Jnani siddha Which kind of siddha are you trying to contact?
  17. The whole idea of lumping Buddhism and Hinduism into some homogeneous group betrays the ignorance of the person who does so. Buddhism is about spiritual suicide. There really is no such thing as Hinduism. Your can't lump Shankarites and Vaishnavites into one broad spectrum called Hinduism. They are polar opposites. So, trying to talk philosophy with a braying Jackass is useless.
  18. TLC ch.31 So, my question to the advocates of the "gopa bhava" svarupa of Srila Prabhupada is: Did Srila Prabhupada chant kama-gayatri? Only the bhakta in pursuance of parakiya-rasa chants kama-gayatri? No? So, how does a cowherd boy in sakhya-rasa chant kama-gayatri - the worship of Krsna in transcendental lust?
  19. I learned years ago (about 1980) that you really need to get some good headphones in a quiet room to hear some of these earlier recordings. The later recordings got better as far as quality of recording goes. So, get out the headphones and pay attention, because it is well worth the effort. As far as transcription goes, there were several books produced from these recordings such as: Sri Guru and His Grace Golden Volcano of Divine Love The Search for Sri Krsna Reality the Beautiful Subjective Evolution of Consciousness etc. You can download some of them here:
  20. Recently, a treasure house of spiritual gems has been offered free on the internet. check this out... http://scsmathnj.com/media/ssmaudio/index.html
  21. One with the universe? The universe is a mass of material energy. How can a spirit soul become one with the universe? The soul is one with God, not one with the universe. The greatest siddhas never use their siddhis as they are more concerned with serving Krishna. Mystic powers (siddhis) are considered a stumbling block to God realization. So, the pure devotees of Krishna never abuse these powers for material purposes.
  22. The Sanskrit to English dictionary does not produce any results when "manjari" is queried. http://webapps.uni-koeln.de/tamil/ However, the Bengali to Englsih dictionary produces this.... http://dsal.uchicago.edu/dictionaries/biswas-bengali/ manjari...
  23. Maybe Indra realized that Lord Krishna more or less wanted to pick a fight over the Parijata flower and obliged him in a sporting battle over the flower? Many times the devotees of Krsna will battle with him in sport. Bhisma battled with Krsna though Bhisma was a devotee of Narayan or Krsna. So, Indra also had to think about what would happen if he did not oblige the Lord in an invitation to fight. This was a pastime of Krsna to show his supremacy over the King of Heaven. If Indra did not oblige the Lord in this battle to show the supremacy of Krsna, then that itself would have been an insult to the Lord. Krsna enjoyed the battle with Indra. It gave him pleasure. In that way, Indra was serving the Lord by giving him the chance to show his supremacy over the King of Heaven.
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