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  1. HARE KRISHNA BHAKTAJAN !! is rudra the same as shiva shambu sadashiva or are the different personalaties ? or rather partial manivestations of one personality who is lets say sadashiva...who non-different from vishnu yours jaswant
  2. Very nice !! I had the great fortune to be in the sacred temple ± 17 years ago..had some problems getting in though because i being a south african !...but managed to convince the pandas that i was more hindu than them because they could not speak gujerati and dwarka is in gujeraat !! on that basis and by the mercy of the Lord i was granted their darshan !!...lots of small temples in the main temple grounds !! ± 108 smaller temples ! the reason why they do not allow foreiners is that because in some of their very very old scriptures it is mentioned that LORD JAGANATH will leave puri with a foreign bhakta !! so they are trying to keep LORD JAGANATH there by their love and some cunning !! JAI JAGANATH !! YOURS jaswant
  3. jaswant

    Lord Rama?

    no not correct...ravan was powerful but he was defeated by Bali , Sugriv's brother..a monkey !!
  4. HARE KRISHNA !! Thanks MAHAK & THEIST , I just thought how did Vidur come to know of the mahabharat..i just assumed that it was "written" by Vyas after the Pandavas left this realm...so when he spoke to Maitreya muni, at that time the mahabharat was not yet written.....but theist , as you say...this qustions is just mundane...but it would be nice to know...i do not need the exact dates but like first was the ramayan than bharat than puraans...more or less thanks again yours jaswant
  5. HARE KRISHNA ! Who "classified" the various puraans as satvic, tamasi ect...i belive that the skanda puraan is also "tamasic".....i just find it difficult to belive that some puraans are "tamasic"...i think all puraans are "perfect" authored by shri vyas who is visnu ys jaswant
  6. Hare Krishna Indulekhadasi , thanks for you reply , i never did read the GARG SAMHITA ,i have the mahabharat translated by ganguly...quite huge..just started reading it..i thought that predominating deity of Kali yuga was Duryodhan..who was this kali from garg samhita , can you paraphrase the details for me ?...also who karan was ...i know he has something to do with "Nar-Narayan"..who is Arjun-Krishna in the m/bharat.. HARI-BOL !! j
  7. Dear Mahaksadasa , I really love your understanding !..Do you by any chance know who Durodhan & Karan was ?...i have heard that Duryodhan was "KALI"...but than did not "kali" come into being after the departure of the Pandavas.. i was told (again i have no ref. from the m/bharat) that just before the pandavas were leaving this earth , kali asked them to stay in his kingdom , yudhistir refused pointing to all the bad in kali's rule...bhim wanted to kill kali there & than , but yudhistir said there were some very good aspects to kali yug as well...for example a person just have to take god'd name sincerly and god would respond... like what shri chaitanya says hare nama...await your comments jaswant <!-- / message --><!-- sig -->
  8. its very difficult to put every thing in the film !!...a lot was left out !!
  9. Thanks, Sonic Yogi & Vishnujana !! Sorry For The Mis Spelling !
  10. THANKS, SONIC YGI & VISHNIJANA !! I APPRECIATE YOUR ANSWERS , thare is another incident regarding brahma , just before creation brahma is granted a vision of the lord... brahma asks for a boon to never be "bewildered" ...later on the epsode of "stealing" the cows & cowherd boys .. why was he bewildered...he knew who Krishna was..it was brahma who directed the devas to take birth among the yadus!...there are these suble doubts ...
  11. THANKS VISNUJANA , maybe iam not puting it correctly , let me try again-- my query is , how do we reconcile , the actions of indra , when he first bows down to Krisna and offers all respects and prayers and acknowledge him as GOD....Thah when he wants the plant he refuses and is ready to fight ! , but a monent ago he was praying to Krishna...and taking into account he is indra the king of heaven he is no odinary being ! he knows that Krishna is GOD from prior experiance like the lifting of Govardhan hill...thats my difficulty to understand...looking fwd to a replies. HARI-BOL!! jaswant
  12. THANK YOU VERY MUCH !!! i just find it so hard to belive that a person like indra is bewildered in a moment....not only this incident ..but also the lifting of Govardhan hill...ok maybe he forgot about the Govardhan hill because that happened a while ago...but this ... he was defeated by Bhaumasura, but he still could not recognise KRISHNA AS GOD !!
  13. why did indra not remember who Krishna was ,when he took the parijat tree...Krishna just delivered his (indra's) mothers ear rings after killing a demon who was incapable of being killed by indra... ys jaswant
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