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  1. watch mahabharat episode 85 on youtube...
  2. ok i will ask him in the heaven after my death
  3. yes everything was depicted on the serial. there was a short depiction of arjuna and karna's battle....when Karna shoot Nagastra and krishna put arjuna's rath few inches down and thus arjuna is saved. people say that arjuna defeated Karna in virata and gandharv war...i personally believe Virata war and gandharva war wasn't a big deal..the real identy of a real warrior comes when he puts all of his strength, great effort, putting his life at risk and fearlessly fighting and bravery. we saw this on Kurushetra war. Arjuna wasn't able to kill Pitamah, Drona and Karna. we saw the real bravery, great strength of Karna in kurushetra war. if arjuna defeated karna twice....Karna almost almost killed arjuna twice in kurushetra war...there is difference between defeat and killing.....Arjuna was saved due to krishna's interuption. it clearly proves that Karna was more powerful than Arjuna....even lord himself had to come to rescue arjuna.....Yudhishtir and Krishna both had a fear of karna into them. one interesting thing i heard from someone......aftere the death of karna...Krishna said to Arjuna.....O Arjuna..you have killed only 25% of karna....25% from parshurama's curse, 25% from Indra taking his kavach and Kundal and 25% from brahmin's curse that his chariot would get stuck in the soft soil.... hail karna
  4. I really like what the poster above me said ^^^ My favorite character is Karna. he was greatest daanveer no one in the world can be equal/surpass him. even god himself came to him and begged for his Kavach and Kundals for alm. Also he is was one of the greatest warriors. great archer like arjuna, follower of dharma like Yudhishtir, handsome like nakul and sahdev, powerful like Bhima. He defeated Bhima after long and intense battle. He spared those four pandavas because of a promise to his mother Kunti. karna's son were died by pandavas and yet Karna spared all the pandavas. what a great man he was. Karna's wife wanted him to kill those pandavas that killed her sons but Karna said no and he couldn't tell the reason. the only way to kill Karna was deceition. it shows arjuna's inability to kill Karna. Karna troubled arjuna in Kurushetra war. of course Arjuna defeated Karna in Virata war. The virata war nothing compared to Kurushetra war. during virata war, bhisma, drona, kripa didn't want to harm their dear arjuna. in kurushetra war, everyone was enemy, forgetting their relation. Karna cheated once and Arjuna cheated twice. karna killed abhimanyu by cheating Arjuna killed Pitamah by using Shikandi and He killed Karna when he was weaponless. Bhima defeated jarasandh by lord krishna's help. before that, Karna battled with jarasandh and he single handedly defeated jarasandh. Also karna was the first one to expose jarasandh's weakness. Drapadi was the worse one....what a self-obessessed, arrogant woman. people say she was a panchkanya, a purest woman. I don't consider her as a pure woman.....how can a woman that insulted karna by saying "sutaputra" and duryodhan " a blind son of a blind dad". didn't she have any idea to reject Karna in respectful way. such women can't be pure. There is one greatness of karna...even lord krishna praised.....during the battle, arjuna pushed karna's chariot 10 steps back....Karna pushed arjuna's rath two step back....Krishna was impressed and he began to praise karna...Arjuna was stunned and asked why he was praising karna...krishna said Arjuna...I am a god that preserves the entire universe and I am the heaviest man and on one can shake me but Karna managed to do it. ..remeber there was another god sitting on arjuna's chariot. ...it was Hanuman who was protecting arjuna from the deadly arrows of Pitamah, Drona and karna....Karna shook two gods "Krishna and Hanuman" at the same time....he was the greatest and powerful warrior. this proves karna was the greatest warrior......he had many good qualities 1) powerful warrior 2) great loyalty 3) daanveer
  5. Lord Shiva is the supreme god...he is the god of gods.
  6. I know that there was intense battle between Bhima and Karna. both were terribly wounded from the shower of arrows. after a long struggle, Karna defeated Bhima and spared his life, owing a promise to Kunti. why didn't B.R. chopra show the scene like this...it was very different from the story....i hear B.R. chopra researched a lot and made Mahabharat based on Original story of Mahabharat
  7. i read posts on this thread...really interesting.. yes Karna was better than Arjuna...people say Arjuna defeated karna in Viraat war and Gandharva war. in my personal opinion, Virat war and gandarva war was nothing......the true identy of a true and powerful warrior comes when he is putting his life at risk, using all the power with great courage and bravery...he is not caring for his life....Kurushetra war was the only war where pandava and kauravas were like enemy, no relation between them....... In virata, the warriors of kaurava came to knew it was arjuana and they didn't want to kill him because they loved arjuna and yeah it wasn't a kurushetra war where friend/relative can become enemy. if arjuna defeated Karna two times...In Virat War and Gandarva war...Arjuna also escaped twice from Karna in kurushetra war ...if krishna wasn't there, Karna would have killed arjuna and the history would be different. if Karna was blessed with Kavach and Kundal...lord indra took his kavach and kunda which was a big blessing for arjuna for victory.... Also arjuna got many blessings from sages and gods, including Lord shiva.....karna had no blessing...he had curses, he didn't have kavach and kunda, he didn't have shakti weapon, his promises to kunti, salya's indifference, Krishna's support to arjuna..........YET KARNA WAS ABLE TO KILL ARJUNA....this shows how powerful he was.
  8. I will say that Vijaya was more powerful than Gandiva because it was lord shiva's bow. Any of lord shiva's belongies are superior to the belongies of all other god. my vote goes for Vijaya.
  9. Arjuna's Gandiva which was used by Lord Indra and later it was given to lord Varun......Arjuna received it from lord varun. Karna's Vijaya which was lord Shiva's bow and he gave it to parshuraam because he was lord shiva's disciple. Later Parshuraam gave it to Karna. what do you think..which bow was more powerful.
  10. LOL...believing in horoscope is useless.
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