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  1. Yes, we know about all those things. We know quite well the Mayavada philosophy of formless Brahman as the supreme reality. Gaudiyas are not ignorant of what the Mayavada impersonalists believe. We are well educated to the philosophy of jnana and yoga. Gaudiyas have no interest in this sayujya mukti so much aspired for by the jnani followers of Shiva. There are 5 kinds of moksha. The sayujya mukti of impersonal realization is the lowest form of mukti and the Vaishnavas have no interest in it. The only mukti that the Vaishnava aspires for is Krishna bhakti. Krishna bhakti is the highest kind of mukti and that is the goal of the Gaudiya Vaishnava. Sure, a successful jnani can merge into oneness of suyjya mukti and attain Brahma-bhuta platform, but beyond that is Krishna bhakti and the highest kind of liberation into the spiritual Vaikuntha world where there is eternal, blissfull life of Krishna-lila. There is no lila of beautiful forms and pastimes in the impersonal liberation. The Vaishnavas prefer the lila of Krishna over the spiritual suicide of merging into oneness of Brahman. What enjoyment is there by losing the sense of individual existence?
  2. You keep saying that God (Deva in Sanskrit) is said in shastra to be formless. How can God or Deva be formless? The very conception of God or Deva implies personality, form and character. Shastra does not say that God is formless. That is your misunderstanding. Brahman does not mean "God". Deva means God. Brahman means spiritual. Shastra never says that Deva is formless because that would be a contradiction. The form of God is Brahman. It is spiritual form. Brahman means spiritual or transcendental. The form, name and qualities of God (Krishna or Vishnu) are Brahman - they are spiritual. The formless Brahman is but the light that shines from the form of God Krishna. God shines in magnificent glory and that shining light of the form of God is the formless aspect of God. But, beyond the formless light of Brahman is the form of Brahman which is the body of God Krishna or Vishnu they are the same person in different form. This is what Sri Chaitanya Maharaja and the Gaudiya acharyas all teach and is supported in Vedic shastra.
  3. I hate to be a pest, but actually the Sunya or what is known as the Viraja river or causal ocean is actually the void or the vacuum that exists between the material energy and the Brahmajyoti. Brahman is actually Krishna. Brahman means "spiritual". Krishna is Brahman and Brahman is spiritual. Brahman is not void. Brahman is Krishna.
  4. The great acharyas has made it quite clear that living a life of sense control and sexual abstinence requires close association with advanced spiritual practitioners who have experience in sense control and mind control. Living in a society of devotees dedicated to simple living and spiritual cultivation is most usually a vital component of sense control and abstinence. The Goswamis have explained that control of the tongue and a yogic diet are required for keeping the sexual impulse subdued. So, without living in a society of devotees and serving the acharya, controlling the tongue and following a yogic diet, one will most likely live a life of frustrated sexual fantasy unless and until he gives in and pursues the path of sense gratification. That is why the break-up and the break down of ISKCON has been such a sad loss because it pushed out so many sincere devotees who were unable to follow the high standards that intimate association with devotees and serving the acharya supports. Bottom line, if you are so concerned and so sincere then you should think about finding a temple and an ashram where you can live in intimate association with more advanced devotees and dedicate yourself wholly and solely to cultivation spiritual advancement.
  5. the whole concept of Varnasrama is a useless topic of discussion because Varnasrama can only be implemented and administrated by a Rajarsi who represents Vedic authority. there are no Rajarsi kings in the world now and the whole pretense of Varnasrama is just a device abused by a defunct Hindu society for the oppression of the laborer class. Varnasrama without a Rajarsi is a false division of society based upon family traditions that have lost legitimacy and so we see so-called brahmans in India doing business or technology like Vaisyas and Sudras. The world doesn't need the false Varnasrama system that the Hindus in India cling to out of false prestige and false qualifications. The world doesn't need Varnasrama. The world needs only Krishna conciousness.
  6. You might try my old friend Ramadas Abhirama Das. He has done many of the famous ISKCON artworks. Kevin Yee Studio 41661 Sierra Dr, Three Rivers, CA 93271 http://www.manta.com/coms2/dnbcompany_j1thjb check this link for his ph#
  7. If you followed the Maharshi there would be no "I" to post your message.
  8. That is not authentic Vedic shastra. It is Gaudapada's unauthorized commentary. Anybody can come along and make a comment in Sanskrit, but that does make make it Vedic or in accord with the Vedic siddhanta. There is no reason to even accept that Gaudapada was self-realized. His comments clearly show that he did not understand Vedic siddhanta. Ultimately, Gaudapada cannot be accepted as a bona fide commenter on Vedic shastra. Gaudapada was a fraud.
  9. then prove it by showing the references. making unsubstantiated claims proves nothing. Even if it does, if the Shaivite "literatures" so say they would be going against the conclusion of the Vedas which would make them illigitimate. Any scripture that goes against the Vedic conclusions cannot be accepted as legitimate. Shaivite literature cannot stand on their own. The conclusions must be substantiated with the Vedas or they would otherwise be pashandi. Shaivites make all sorts of claims but they never seem to prove anything by citing authentic Vedic scripture. Such claims are meaningless.
  10. Are you talking about the White Beach on Mindoro Island, taking the ferry from Batangas and arriving at Puerto Galera? I was there about four years ago. For the Philippines it is a very nice Beach. Even though a lot of Filipinos are trying to get out of the Philippines, I happen to love the Phils.
  11. Kailasa is within the material universe. It is not eternal. It comes and goes with the creation and dissolution of the material worlds. Eternal life and eternal planets are found only in the Vaikuntha world of Lord Narayana. At the pinnacle of Vaikuntha is Krsnaloka. In the Bhagavatam Lord Siva says:
  12. Yes. In shastra Godhead is known as Vishnu-tattva. Even Krishna is known as Vishnu-tattva. So, to be Godhead or God the test is if the god is of the Vishnu-tattva category. Vishnu-tattva has all the power of Godhead. Shiva has a little less but is still considered in the Godhead. Lord Brahma is not Vishnu-tattva, so he is not really God. Ganesh is not Godhead. He is just a powerful jiva.
  13. Maybe you should pay a good astrologer instead of seeking free advice from strangers on the internet?
  14. You can do anything you like. But, why not pray to the forms of the Lord that are known for being the most merciful and magnanimous? Why pray to a form of the Lord whose purpose was to bewilder the asuras? Why not pray to God in his more merciful forms as Rama, Krishna or Sri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu? Do you find any prayers in shastra composed by any acharya that is a prayer to Mohini-murti? If so, then use those prayers. If not, find prayers written by the great devotees who attained perfection. Don't invent a new idea of praying to Mohini-murti. If the great devotees and acharyas did not pray to Mohini-murti, then why should you invent something? You should never pray for Moksha. Only, you should pray for service and devotion. The great acharyas have shown that too much desire for Moksha is selfish and not pure love of God. So, don't worry about Moksha. It comes automatically if you devote yourself fully to loving service to Krishna. Serve the Lord. Moksha follows service like a maidservant.
  15. Actually, you are. Mohini-murti is not a "woman". She is a feminine form of Lord Vishnu. So, you are the one that brought ordinary women into the discussion of Mohini-murti.
  16. Actually, the shakti comes from Shaktiman, so Shaktiman does not depend on shakti, but the shakti depends on the Shaktiman. First is the male Krishna and from him the female comes out from his shakti. So, to say that without woman there would be no man is ultimately false because shastra says that without Shaktiman there can be no shakti. The female energy or shakti is created by Shaktiman for his own enjoyment.
  17. Why are you so averse to male God. Only you always speak of some female god?
  18. Herpes flares up when the body chemistry is too acidic. Stay away from raw tomatoes, melons and cucumbers. You need to get your pH in balance. Here is a good article to read. http://www.trans4mind.com/nutrition/pH.html
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