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  1. Here is a nice example of how and why sometimes not telling the truth can be good and desirable.
  2. But, it does produce karma. In the goat offering to Kali, the ritual is for her satisfaction alone and the person who sacrifices the goat is not supposed to eat the flesh of the goat. The idea of sacrificing the goat to Kali for the purposes of eating the meat will render the sacrifice as ineffective. Kali will not accept that offering if it is offered with ulterior motives of personal meat eating. So, in other words, most offerings to Kali are unsuccessful and the eaters of the goat meat all suffer the Karma. Slaughterhouses posing as Kali prasad distributors are purely a fraud. Kali does not accept such impure offerings.
  3. That is where we turn to the shastra for guidance. In shastra it is given that fruit, vegetables, milk, beans and grains etc. are the foods that mankind can offer to Krishna and take as their food. What ever Krishna says is acceptable is our guideline. Krishna does not accept meat, fish or eggs. It is well known in the Vaishnava culture what foods can be offered to God and taken as food. Krishna does not accept meat. So, meat is not an acceptable food lest severe karma will ensue. God has given certain foods for human consumption and it is well described in shastra. Mankind can prepare and offer these foods to Krishna and eat them without karmic penalty and in fact make spiritual advancement by taking the remnants of food offered to Krishna. God decides the diet of mankind and we are supposed to eat the foods that God (Krishna) has ordained. He accepts the plants and vegetables and relieves the person who offers these foods from any karma involved in killing the plant.
  4. Don't get me wrong. I have the greatest respect for Goddess Kaalii. I think she is beautiful, even in all her fearsome features. But, her devotees are mostly all materialistic persons who worship her for material things. But, if they make any mistake in that worship, then they run the risk of invoking her wrath and being her next victim. Kaalii is a form of Goddess Durga who is a form of Goddess Laksmi who is the consort of Lord Narayana. Ultimately, Kaalii is the shakti of Krishna whom we know as Srimati Radharani. As Krishna in the form of Narayana, Radha is Laksmi. As Krishna in the form of Lord Siva, Radha is Kaalii. So, the shakti takes different forms as the form of Krishna is expressed as Narayana and Shambhu. I have all respect for Kaalii. It is her demon devotees that I have a problem with. Kaalii is the shakti of Shambhu who is another form of Krishna. But, the form of Krishna is most beautiful and sweet. Shambhu is ghastly with ashes from the crematorium on his body. I prefer the form of God as Krishna rather than his form as Shiva. They are One, but Krishna is the origin of Shiva and Shiva is his servant.
  5. It's not a problem for me, because I don't eat seals and fish. I am on the path to immortality. I am not interested in becoming a seal, walrus or Polar bear in my next life. There is no karma in taking an orange off the tree because the tree is not harmed. You don't have to kill the tree to take the orange. You don't kill the grain to get the grain. The grain plant is already dead at harvest time. So, karma is a bitch and violence to animals is BAD karma that I want NOTHING to do with. Being a seal is no fun. Maybe you think it is a nice and happy life, but that is just ignorant. It's not about what you eat that determines your next life, but how much violence and bloodshed that you practice in sustaining your life. Violence to animals will come back on you and in your next life you will become the animal that you killed for the satisfaction of an out of control tongue.
  6. There are many devas in the Hindu scriptures. But, there is only one Para-tattva or supreme truth. So, the Para-tattva or supreme being is Deva and all the lesser gods who derive power and authority from Vishnu are devas. Sometimes Vishnu or Krishna is referred to as Devadeva or the God of gods. There can't many multiple Gods. There can only be ONE supreme God. So, all the subordinate gods under the Paramesvara Krishna are called devas.
  7. Sure, but that isn't going to stop the Eskimo from becoming a seal in his next life.
  8. Srila Prabhupada: S.B 8.8.21 Śrīmad Bhāgavatam 8.8.21 dharmaḥ kvacit tatra na bhūta-sauhṛdaḿ tyāgaḥ kvacit tatra na mukti-kāraṇam vīryaḿ na puḿso 'sty aja-vega-niṣkṛtaḿ na hi dvitīyo guṇa-sańga-varjitaḥ SYNONYMS dharmaḥ — religion; kvacit — one may have full knowledge of; tatra — therein; na — not; bhūta-sauhṛdam — friendship with other living entities; tyāgaḥ — renunciation; kvacit — one may possess; tatra — therein; na — not; mukti-kāraṇam — the cause of liberation; vīryam — power; na — not; puḿsaḥ — of any person; asti — there may be; aja-vega-niṣkṛtam — no release from the power of time; na — nor; hi — indeed; dvitīyaḥ — the second one; guṇa-sańga-varjitaḥ — completely freed from the contamination of the modes of nature. TRANSLATION Someone may possess full knowledge of religion but still not be kind to all living entities. In someone, whether human or demigod, there may be renunciation, but that is not the cause of liberation. Someone may possess great power and yet be unable to check the power of eternal time. Someone else may have renounced attachment to the material world, yet he cannot compare to the Supreme Personality of Godhead. Therefore, no one is completely freed from the influence of the material modes of nature.
  9. Krishna consciousness is beyond the range of the Vedas. When one is fully in Kṛṣṇa consciousness and is engaged in His transcendental loving service, one becomes indifferent to all these regulative principles because he has already attained perfection. This is the Gaudiya Vaishnava position. Beyond anything available in the Vedas.
  10. And love of self is the first law of existence. Krishna's love for his own self is Radharani. Krishna first and foremost love's himself. That love has the form of Srimati Radharani. For us, Krishna has compassion. He loves Radharani and her expansions.
  11. Sat-cit-ananda vigraha. Eternity, knowledge and bliss in the most supreme degree and the most beautiful form.
  12. Can you quote shastra and tika or is all you can do is blurt out unsubstantiated, unsupported personal beliefs of your own?
  13. In his thesis Bhagavat-sandarbha (103), Śrīla Jīva Gosvāmī explains the potencies of the Lord as follows: The transcendental potency of the Supreme Personality of Godhead by which He maintains His existence is called sandhinī. The transcendental potency by which He knows Himself and causes others to know Him is called samvit. The transcendental potency by which He possesses transcendental bliss and causes His devotees to have bliss is called hlādinī.
  14. Kali worship is about trying to get material benediction. Kali worship is not spiritual worship. Kali is a deity of the MATERIAL WORLD, not the spiritual world. So, worshiping Kali is NOT spiritual. Kali does not award spiritual gifts. Kali worship and it's discussion does not belong in the spiritual topics section of the forum. It belongs in some section of the forum for discussing the attainment of material things. Spiritual worship involves Narayan, Vishnu or Krishna. Kali worship is a material situation. It has nothing to do with spirituality or transcendentalism.
  15. So, now if I worship Michelle Obama that is also spiritual and spiritual discussion?
  16. This is a moron's topic. Everybody has their own opinion who the supreme god is and all this topic can do is create arguments over "my god is better than yours". This is a topic for the brain dead. It does not deserve the attention of any thinking person.
  17. Wouldn't you need to be asking this to B.R. Chopra? Who of us can speak for him?
  18. No, it is your karma alone that brought you to where you are. You can't blame it on your parents. They are just vehicles for YOUR karma to be played out.
  19. You obviously don't belong in any forum for spiritual discussions. So, if you don't want to discuss the spiritual aspect of life, then why don't you just go to a forum more suited to you?
  20. The point is growth, development and subjective evolution of the soul. We, the jiva souls are by-products of the pleasure pastimes of the Supreme Absolute entity, We are by-products of something much greater and more significant than us. God is the Supreme and Original recycler. He doesn't let any of his energy go to waste. There is absolute preservation of energy within the Supreme Being. So, we are by-product energy, very, very minute sparks of an unlimited dynamo that is the supreme being Sri Krsna. So, having become disintegrated entities attaining individual existence while being inconceivably, simultaneously one yet different from that supreme being Sri Krsna, we have started the path of individual existence as personal living entities. As such, we start from the lowest point of individual existence as a spiritual spark and evolve through millions of life forms and millions of years until the subjective evolution of consciousness brings us to the point of spiritual perfection, eternal life and eternal spiritual forms in relationship with the Supreme Being Sri Krsna. So, it is a long and difficult path to becoming an immortal in the spiritual realm, but in the context of eternal time it is only a moment. It is well worth the trouble and the reward is great. So, life has a great purpose and meaning as the living entities evolve spiritually to the point of perfection in immortal life in absolute bliss and knowledge. But, if we don't feel as if we are making any spiritual advancement in life, we can become quite depressed and disenchanted with the whole struggle for existence. So, it is vital that we adopt a spiritual path in life and make incremental advancement in knowledge and spiritual happiness. Otherwise, life is just a miserable, frustrating experience in mundane living that produces no tangible satisfaction from the hard struggle for existence.
  21. Prayers are nice, but without service and tapasya, no prayer will have the desired effect.
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