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  1. One does not have to believe that the shakti Devi is supreme above all to be a shakta or worshiper of shakti. Gaudiya Vaishnavas for example are worshipers of shakti in the form of Radha and the gopis. They do not consider that Radha or the gopis are the creators or masters of the universe and all life, but they still worship shakti with the understanding that Bhagavan is most pleased to award liberation to the devotees of his devotees more than to those who ignore shakti worship and try to worship him without his shakti. As I posted before, Gaudiya Vaishnavas are suddha-shakta. They worship the shakti as Radharani, the form of pure devotion. In the beginning the worship of Vasudeva or Krishna alone is beneficial, but the perfection of devotion can only be realized as shakta of Radha and her gopi expansions.
  2. Not exactly. Maya is a transformation of brahman, but is not brahman proper.
  3. Prabhupada referred to Krishna as God many times, so it is good enough for me.
  4. Brahman is a description not a name or a person. God is brahman, but brahman is not God. Like people are living but living is not a person. So, Brahman is the nature of God, but Brahman is not God per se. We cannot say that Brahman is God. God is brahman. Brahman describes God's nature, but brahman is not God. So, we can close this topic now because brahman is not God no more than growth is a person. A person grows, but growing is not a person. Is this clear now?
  5. What I found to be more fun and enjoyable than LSD was the psylicyben mushrooms. LSD is a very harsh chemical trip. Psylicyben was just a better trip. Most usually I laughed constantly while tripping on the mushrooms. Me and a friend had to walk out of a music concert once because were were laughing so much that the band members were giving us the evil eye. Psylicyben is definitely more recommended for a novice who wants to experience psychedelics. Then, also there is the peyote cactus which is also more enjoyable than LSD and which will also cause a lot of laughing. Both of these are superior to LSD because they are organic substances and produce a more pleasurable experience. LSD is just very harshly and extremely an intense psychedelic experience that drags on for up to 16 hours. Psylicyben is the best psychedelic substance that produces the most enjoyable trip.
  6. You must take us all for gullible fools if you think that we are going to buy into your claims of transmitting messages from Krishna via the medium of hallucinogens. Do yourself a favor and stop acting like the insane lunatic that psychedelic substances turn you into. I have been there and done that and lived to realize that hallucinogens are a deception and have NOTHING to do with spiritual realization. It's a trap of illusion. Try to get out as soon as you can and look to the Maha-mantra for spiritual realization.
  7. You can say anything you want. But, your opinion doesn't mean anything to most people on this forum who require some evidence from Vedic shastra to support their claims. Your opinions are worthless. They have no value and no spiritual merit. You can set there at the keyboard and write one useless remark after another, but you are just wasting your time and energy on meaningless opinions that don't to you or anyone else any good.
  8. I was involved back in the early 70's. I had some rather uncomfortable trips on some of the tablet acid like Orange Barrel, Purple Barrel, Purple Microdot, Orange Sunshine etc. etc. It wasn't until I got some of the really pure and potent blotters like Mr. Natural and Window Pane that I started to enjoy it without the side cramps you get from the tablets that have impurities of some sort. Honestly, I really enjoyed LSD after I got used to doing it. My first few trips were actually a little too heavy for me and I didn't really enjoy such an extreme departure from sanity. People who have never done LSD have no idea how much self-control and patience it takes to get through 12 to 16 hours of heavy LSD. Quite honestly, the first few trips were horrible and frightening. It wasn't until I got some potent blotters and did them every day for a few days that I started to really get into it and actually really enjoy the trip. When I stopped taking LSD I really didn't want to, but I went off to join the Hare Krishna movement and was able to avoid it by living in the temples. When I stopped I actually loved LSD and was very regretful that I had to stop, but I was serious about Krishna consciousness and stopped because it was forbidden under the regulative principles.
  9. Yeah, for centuries the Bible said "though shalt not kill" till the Hare Krishna's challenged the Christians on killing of animals and then the Christians got together and made a new translation of the Bible that they thought would support their slaughterhouse culture and the butchering of countless innocent animals. Fact is, the Bible, Christianity, Islam and all things Abrahamic are just idiotic religious beliefs manufactured by idiots like Apostle Paul and Mohammad. They have nothing to do with God or religion. It is all just so much evil creation of ignorant men with evil minds. There is nothing religious in the Bible or the Quran. They are just the writings of ignorant men with political issues who wanted to use God as a way to promote their ignorant political agendas.
  10. Actually, the traditional Hindu culture was monarchy. I don't think you have any evidence that Hitler's Vaishnava guru advised him to gas the Jews. So, you are offering empty, hollow and false arguments to defend your false pride as you cannot accept historical facts about who the Hindu was that had the most influence on Hitler.
  11. Maybe not, but Vedic culture was about spiritual communism and a monarchy. Vedic culture was not a democracy. You didn't get to vote in the Vedic empires. You obeyed the King or you died.
  12. That is your worthless statement. The introduction of the book is entitled "Found alive in India: Hitler's Guru". So, that you don't consider her a guru doesn't mean anything. A guru is simply a spiritual teacher. If she was teaching any Vedic knowledge to Hitler she would then be his guru.
  13. LSD is something that most usually would be a very uncomfortable if not freakish and fearful experience for a person who had never done psychedelic chemicals. It takes several experiences to really start to get a handle on it. However, after repeated regular use a person can "get his head" and more or less master the psychedelic experience. I remember after I got out of the Navy I went back to stay with my parents at home for a while and procured a large supply of LSD. I did large doses daily for several weeks and neither one of my parents had any clue that I was "on drugs". I was staying up rather late, but other than that they could not tell at all that I was taking LSD. I had mastered the experience and had actually come to really enjoy LSD, but at that point I had passed beyond the stage of hallucinations and was just tripping without hallucinating. In the stage of hallucinations I did see some very beautiful hallucinations, but somehow after regular use the hallucinations stopped. I was actually quite habituated to LSD at one point and I only gave it up because I read in the books of Srila Prabhupada that LSD was forbidden. Other than that I personally thought it to be a very useful substance that allowed me to peacefully meditate and do yoga all night long while everyone else was asleep. It was a quick and easy way to an altered state of consciousness. It was LSD that initially convinced me that there are altered states of consciousness that can be attained, though in Indian mysticism it takes a lot of yoga and pranayama to attain to an elevated state of consciousness.
  14. Anybody can do a Google search and find out. Hitler's guru was a woman. http://books.google.com/books?id=m6-5YC-pBk4C&pg=PA1&lpg=PA1&dq=Hitler%27s+guru&source=bl&ots=STi-g5mV_c&sig=vY5EwotdIA3XlTn3sTL_3TfItHM&hl=en&ei=svDxSbXkCMbJtgeSjcWyDw&sa=X&oi=book_result&ct=result&resnum=1#PPP1,M1
  15. Whatever sloka you quoted from Manu smriti does not prove that meat-eating was the purpose of or part of Vedic animal sacrifices. Nothing in the verse says anything about any meat consumption in regards to any animal sacrifice. Anyway, Manu smriti is not instruction on attaining Moksha. What is said there are simply rules and regulation for karma-kandiya and having nothing to do with yoga or moksha. This forum deals with spiritual discussion not talking about Karma kanda rules for sense gratification. Karma kanda and Manu smriti are guidelines for the conditioned souls who are not ready to adopt the path of yoga. It has nothing to do with self-realization, bhakti, jnana or yoga. Sure anybody can eat meat if they like, but will they attain mukti or moksha? No, they won't. They will more than likely come back in the next life as an animal, so yes go ahead and eat your meat and become what you eat.
  16. You can't produce any proof that there was any eating of meat in regards to animal sacrifices in the Vedic ages. Show some proof from shastra that there was any eating of meat in regards to an animal sacrifices. Animal sacrifices were performed in Treta yuga and stopped by Vedic regulations in Dwarpara yuga. So, that means that by Vedic law animal sacrifices were supposed to stop 869,000 years ago at the beginning of Treta yuga. That also means that any animal sacrifice in the last 869000 years is not sanctioned by Vedic law and was therefore useless.
  17. Animal sacrifice in Vedic culture was not about killing an animal, making an offering and eating the meat. Vedic animal sacrifices were meant for proving the power of Vedic mantras. The animal went into the fire as an old animal and came out as a young rejuvenated horse. Mostly, they were horse sacrifices where the Brahmans tested the power of the Vedic mantras by restoring the horse to full youthful life. Horse sacrifices for Vishnu were NEVER meant for the purpose of offering meat to Vishnu or the eating of meat by Brahmanas or anyone. You are totally ignorant about the true meaning and purpose of a Vedic horse sacrifice. In a horse sacrifice the old body of the horse was burned and a new, youthful horse was produced in the Vedic sacrifice. As with most everything, the so-called animal sacrifices of the Vedic brahmanas have been misunderstood and the very idea has been abused by low-class, ignorant Hindus for thousands of years who like to claim the meat-eating and animal sacrifices were Vedic. Like the bogus caste system of India, the concept of animal sacrifice has as well been abused by ignorant Hindus for their evil purposes. In fact, this abuse of the concept of animal sacrifice in the name of the Vedas is said by acharyas to be the reason for the advent of Buddha avatar who rejected the Vedas and decried animal sacrifice and animal killing.
  18. No. It is not true. I think the story goes that Bon Maharaja, the disciple of Bhaktisiddhanta Saraswati Thakur tried to preach to Hitler and even had an appointment to meet with him. Something happened and Hitler had to attend to some other important things. I guess as Bon Maharaja was waiting outside the room to get his audience with Hitler, Hitler walked out of the room and down the hall and simply nodded and waved to Bon Maharaja in gesture. That was the end of the attempt to get to Hitler and preach as best I know. I am not sure it was Bon Maharaja, but it was some disciple of Srila Bhaktisiddhanta Siddhanta Saraswati Thakur. I vaguely remember this story that I heard some 25 years ago.
  19. Actually, you are right. I was probably thinking of DMT when I mentioned the glowing buddha and the little people. Joe Rogan has done the stuff and describes it in this youtube video. I have never taken the stuff. I was from the LSD school back in the 70's. Mushrooms, peyote THC etc. ........ width="320" height="265"> <embed src=" " type="application/x-shockwave-flash" allowscriptaccess="always" allowfullscreen="true" width="320" height="265">
  20. It is not what Prabhupada said, but it is a Vedic law that an attacker can be killed in self-defense. Prabhupada did not make any rules. He only taught the Vedic or the Vaishnava laws.
  21. Lots of ideas, but unfortunately they are all wrong. Eating a hamburger is animal killing according to Vedic law. Who kills the animal, who butchers it, who sells the meat, who cooks it and who eats it are all implicated in the sin of animal killing and that is in Vedic law. "though shalt not kill" does not apply only to humans. That is another false interpretation that bogus "Christians" have been making for many years. Animal flesh has never been mentioned in any Vedic text as being fit for offering to Vishnu. It is not anything manufactured by any brahmans from 2000 years ago. The Vedic rule is to eat only what has been offered to Vishnu. Meat is not acceptable to Vishnu and this is not food in Vedic culture that goes back millions of years in Puranic history. Many of the histories in the Puranas go back millions of years. They are not something new from a few thousand years ago.
  22. In that part of the world at that time there was scarcity of grains, fruits and vegetables. So, even it says in Veda that in emergency in absence of sufficient food grains that even meat and fish can be eaten. Srila Prabhupada recommended that if they eat meat that to eat the lower animals first like fish, pigs or dogs but to not eat the cow under any circumstance. So, eating fish is not much different than killing plants which also have life. Ultimately, even the vegetarian kills plants and insects in the production of food. So, the Vedic standard is to not eat meat if at all possible. In emergency you can. Even Prabhupada recommended that animals can die naturally and then the meat can be eaten without any bad karma of killing the animal. It is not the meat-eating that is so bad, but the killing of the animal that is the bad karma. In emergency then fish is the first kind of meat that humans can eat with minimum karma as fish are very low life forms. Fruit-of-the-ganga...........
  23. It takes a large mouthful if chewed and the effect are not nearly as extreme as smoking the salvia concentrations in extract. If you really want to see the little people that can bee seen on Salvia you must smoke a concentrated extract. Some people see a Buddha-like shining being that glows with radiance.
  24. No. It is very simple. Jesus said "though shalt not kill". Animal killers cannot be accepted as followers of Jesus or as Christians. Actually, the term Christian was manufactured by Paul I think. Jesus never mentioned any term like "Christian". Jesus instructed to become "sons of God". Jesus never manufactured that term. Paul manufactured that idea and of course he was also not very smart to get himself beheaded in Rome. The "Christian" religion was manufactured by Paul and built upon and therefore we have "Roman Catholic" and so many other "Christian" sects. Ultimately, Srila Prabhupada was just being very diplomatic and gave Muslims and Christians a lot more credit than they deserved. That is the difference between him and apostle Paul who was not so smart and was beheaded for being too outspoken about the cult he was promoting.
  25. There is no Kailasa mentioned in any Purana as existing within the Paravyoma. Kailasa is a planet in this material universe. It is not a transcendental planet. So, your argument cannot stand as there is no eternal Kailasa mentioned in any Purana. Kailasa will perish at the time of Pralaya and Shiva will merge back into Lord Vishnu and come back out at the time of the next creation.
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