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    Osama Bin Hidin -- ya can run, but ya jus canna hide, least not for long. Course he may have just offed himself a la Hitler...
  2. Seems like right about here this thread took a strange twist which I can't see as related to the original subject matter in any way, except perhaps in that even discussing celibacy drives some people nuts, what to speak of those that may be somewhat askew to begin with...
  3. Tarun, back with a bang! On behalf of the better half: OUCH!!! ------------------ Radhe Radhe always Radhe! amanpeter@hotmail.com
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    Your problem could be excessive flicking of the doohickey without first connecting the hoosit to your watchamacallit. This inevitably results in shorting which in turn causes arcing that can, in the worst case scenario, ignite your fartz and blow up the entire system without warning.
  5. For your info: `angel dust` is the street name for a widely misused drug whose conventional use is to tranquilize horses. Whether or not this has any relationship to the individual under discussion on this thread or his state of mind is unknown to this poster...
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    For those who may not `get` my add-on above, one word: transvestite!
  7. Found this on another forum, Does anyone have any info about the devotee who wrote it? valaya our confession and request OH RADHE ! HEAR the crying of Your naughty quarrlesome children ! We have made a terrible mess of the beautiful home that you prepared for us ! We have ruined everything, but we are dishonest and proud and blame each other. We are envious and all claim to be YOUR FAVORITE. We think that we can abuse you because you are so mericful, and Father is not watching ! We are so deluded by Your own spell of Maya ! Please forgive our terrible behavior and our vices and remove the veil of prideful ignorance that we have earned by our offences unto You, (our APARADHA). Please remove your veil from before our eyes and let us see you once again ! We have willfully wandered away from Your Motherly Protection into the dark night of a cold entropic cosmos, and we are weeping and shivering without Your Consolation and Your warm embrace. Show us again the soothing Golden moon-like luster of Your Smiling Face that lights and warms the Three Worlds and the Heart of Sri Hari ! Enlighten us ! Oh Radha Mata Devi ! We are dirty, destructive and disobediant. Please cleanse us, mend us and gently bend us to YOUR SWEET WILL for our good, and the good of all creation, SHANTI ! AUM and HARE KRISHNA! JAYA RADHE ! and AMEN ! . . offered this Holy Radhastami by your troublesome, immature, rascal son, Bhakti Ananda Goswami ------------------ Radhe Radhe always Radhe! amanpeter@hotmail.com [This message has been edited by valaya (edited 01-27-2002).]
  8. The sweeter the nectar, the more frenzied the bugs...
  9. Srila Promode Puri Gosvami writes in "The Heart of Krsna." http://bvml.org/ SBPPG/hok-intr.html: "THE ETYMOLOGICAL development of the word aparadha is radhat arthat aradhanat- apagatah, which means `to be distanced from worship.` Offenses committed at the lotus feet of Vaishnavas, the Devotees, distance one from devotional service to the Supreme Lord. But in a higher sense it means to be removed from the service of Sri Radha. All divine service to Krishna is being conducted under her direction. To offend her servitors is to make one unfit for her divine service. The whole aim of Krishna consciousness is Radha-dasyam, the divine service of Sri Radha, and offenses at the lotus feet of Vaishnavas make one unfit for such service" ------------------ Radhe Radhe always Radhe! amanpeter@hotmail.com
  10. To put it simply, time conquers all. Though we may struggle physically, mentally and/or `spiritually` the fact is that ultimately we must come to the realization we are not in control. Time moves on in spite of everything, no matter what. Realizing time (Krsna) as the inevitable controller within our relative world, where we may appear relatively in control of our lives, helps us to surrender to Him personally. That of course is the real message of Bhagavad Gita, at least as far as devotees are concerned, while the passage quoted is just one sloka. ------------------ Radhe Radhe always Radhe! amanpeter@hotmail.com
  11. Srila Gurudeva’s Australian Tour Murwillumbah 12th–20thFeb 2002 Brisbane 21-23Feb 2002 Cessnock 24-27Feb 2002 Dandavats Prabhus and Didis Please accept our dandavat pranams. This is the 6th visit of Srila Bhaktivedanta Narayana Maharaja to bless us in Murwillumbah. This has always proved to be one of the best stops on Srila Gurudeva’s world tours and we invite all of the vaisnavas to come so that we may have a chance to serve you. Gurudeva’s appearance day will be on the 12th of February – his arrival in Murwillumbah. Festival Fees: You are coming as invited guests so that we may have a chance to serve you. There are no festival fees. The disciples are the foot dust of the Guru and no one should stay away and not hear Bhagavatam because they have no money. Prasadam Fees: Prasadam is the mercy of the Lord. At this festival there will be no one collecting money for distributing mercy. If you give a donation we will not see this as you paying any fees but you giving us your mercy. Transportation: All can be collected from the train and bus station in Murwillumbah by ringing 66727113 without prior notice. Most can be collected from Coolangata (15 min away) and Brisbane (90 min away) but it is best to give advance notice to avoid waiting. Accommodations: Those satisfied with simple accommodation and suitable for a temple environment may stay very near to Gurudeva at the Brisbane Street Temple and next door as last year. Those families with small children should contact us early so we can see how to best serve you. Those wanting a quiet country setting and willing to travel 40 minutes to the programs may stay at the country retreat for free. Those desiring luxury and ocean views may stay at one of the many near by resorts. Here you will find the scenery better than California and the prices less. But this is not the mood of the Goswamis so we encourage all to live simple and with the devotees. Financing: The cost of this festival is $8000 for prasadam and hosting. Plus $10,000 for airfares that Brajanath Prabhu has asked for. It will be helpful if all the financial devotees, especially those on the East Coast of Australia (Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne etc.) help meet this target. This is our festival we are the hosts. Ramanuja Acharya would not visit his wealthiest disciple because they only showed interest in serving him not his disciples. Instead he went to the poorest disciple because, even though it was beyond their means they desired to serve not only their Guru but also all of his disciples. Two Giriraja Govardhana Gavdiya Math accounts are ready for direct deposit via internet from anywhere in the world or at any branch in Australia: Prasadam and hosting ---- Commonwealth # 062580 2800 6912 Air Fares ----------------------- Commonwealth # 062580 1016 1113 Please notify Lilasuka@bigpond.com.au (61 266797025) of donations so we can send you a receipt. Also checks can be made out to Giriraja Govardhana Gavdiya Math and posted to 56 Brisbane Street, Murwillumbah N.S.W. 2484.
  12. In Uddhava Kyeri, in great love and affection, Srimati Radhika deeply remembered Krsna. Weeping, she asked the bumblebee, "Krsna is coming? When is He coming? Is He on the way here? Can you tell me? How is He? Does He remember His friends in Vrajabhumi? Does He remember His father and mother? Does He remember Us? Does He remember Me? Does He at least say to any of His Queens, 'Radha is not as intelligent as you.' Or, does He perhaps tell one of them, 'This garland is not as good as those made by the gopis.'" Speaking in this way, Radhika became unconscious. ------------------ Radhe Radhe always Radhe! amanpeter@hotmail.com [This message has been edited by valaya (edited 01-26-2002).]
  13. Krsna trying to console Himself: "Oh no I never got over those blue eyes, I see them everywhere. Oh no I never got over those blue eyes, And She thinks I don't care..." (From a song by Ronnie Hawkins, sort of) ------------------ Radhe Radhe always Radhe! amanpeter@hotmail.com
  14. More like natural gas...or, come to think of it (and I kinda wish I hadn't), un-natural. Phwooee! You bring out the worst in me!
  15. Yeh, but Binnie's `life threatening disease` is the U.S. military! [This message has been edited by valaya (edited 01-26-2002).]
  16. Keep your beads with you always, except in the washroom of course. If you are unable to chant, just hold onto those 108+ gopis and cry pitifully...most of us are yet suckling babes in need of close nurturing. The more we admit our absolute helplessness and complete dependency on unconditional mercy and His Unlimited Divine Grace, the more that precious milk will flow. Only our foolish pride stands in the way! A baby cannot be placated with mere words or some cheap plastic pacifier. Nothing but Mother's breast will do and he is not at all shy about demanding it! That tangible experience is what we're all so hungry for. She's freely available to each of us, so why fool ourselves into thinking we can be satisfied with anything/anyone else? First we must learn to take full shelter of Radhika, then we may be ready to take on Krsna. In case you haven't noticed, He can play a little rough at times, to put it mildly... ------------------ Radhe Radhe always Radhe! amanpeter@hotmail.com [This message has been edited by valaya (edited 01-26-2002).]
  17. So, like, are we having fun yet? Could someone please pass the Haldol? !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Profile for BhaktaBionic Search: All posts by this registered user. Date Registered: 01-26-2002 Status: Junior Member Total Posts: 2 Current Email: Not available. Homepage: http:// Occupation: Conqueror Location: Planet XS!@SER Interests: Conquering ICQ Number: [This message has been edited by valaya (edited 01-26-2002).]
  18. For your info: My above post has been substantially re-edited for clarification. I do hope it will be at least acceptable enough to remain on this forum for further discussion. Thank you. valaya
  19. Here is the post from last night as promised. Any implied criticism should be seen in the context of what I firmly believe are most important philosophical points involving the very root of our spiritual focus as Gaudiya vaisnavas. Those who see no relevance to themselves need not participate in this or any other discussion. We are all free to choose for ourselves where we wish to join in these forum threads. jndas: Just for the record, 95% of the time I delete anything it is because some user has complained. Most of the time I'm just skimming and miss something that may be offensive. Regarding this particular thread, I had not read it at all until I received several complaints from users. Some usually anonymous users (see above quote) seem to feel, however, that they have the right or duty to demand that the moderator delete posts/threads or even permanently ban supposed gross offenders. Surely that defeats the very freedom of debate that `Spiritual Discussion` requires if it is to be productive in our common search for a deeper understanding of what realization of the absolute truth actually entails. Certainly, it is not a cheap or painless process by any means. We must challenge ourselves as well as each other if there is to be real sincerity in our interactions. It's not for the faint of heart! ******************************************************** Originally posted by Pita das: Originally posted by valaya: ------------------ Radhe Radhe always Radhe! amanpeter@hotmail.com [This message has been edited by valaya (edited 01-26-2002).]
  20. jndas Administrator posted 01-25-2002 01:14 PM Thank you for the expression of regret, if that's the proper term. I'll try to dig up the post that was singled out for deletion from the Dharma-mela thread last night, without explanation or comment. Also thanks to Janus for such understanding support. As usual, you've fearlessly grasped the bull by the horns. Hopefully I'll come up with a worthy reply to your direct and challenging post. valaya [This message has been edited by valaya (edited 01-26-2002).]
  21. There's a place for us A time and a space for us Time to love, and A time to share Wait for us somewhere... . . Guess the words may be a bit off, but the sentiment shines through. valaya ------------------ Radhe Radhe always Radhe! amanpeter@hotmail.com [This message has been edited by valaya (edited 01-25-2002).]
  22. I've been known to collect a pocketful of change at parties by promising not to pass gas...come to think about it, for the right price I'll promise not to post! Now that should be worth a tidy sum, eh? valaya a la maya [This message has been edited by valaya (edited 01-25-2002).]
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