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  1. we must be careful not to offend the Supreme God Shiva lest he send a power surge through the outlet and fry one's computer
  2. i'm not rooting for any side to win... i just want to see a good clean war with both sides in compliance with the geneva convention accords
  3. pranayama and the leading practitioner and teacher is a sadhu by the name of sri sri ravi shankara http://www.artofliving.org/Sri-Sri-Ravi-Shankar.html also read autobigraphy of a yoga by paramahamsa yogananda... although these guys are impersonalist, they still have knowledge on bringing light energy into the body for healing
  4. does any one know if the president is going to institute varna ashrama dharma?
  5. having trouble finding a humble devotee? find the fellow who's cleaning the stoolroom
  6. submit to karmic purification through bhakti or submit to yamaraja? what's it going to be?
  7. soon the evidence that krishna is the father will be too compelling for other religions to disregard and they will all accept
  8. the bones are tama gila fish and they are still in the ocean and that's why sometimes big oceanliners disappear
  9. the illuminati scientists know about the pathway and they use it to go to the moon and elsewhere trying to get to brahmaloka but brahma is on to their tricks and has notified indra to guard the gates else things really get out of control
  10. mawab

    hare Brahma?

    if you chant hare brahma, you will become a rabbit or hare in you next life
  11. we have to think creatively...if we build a subway underground, nothing above ground has to be changed
  12. god is in every flower and every bird and every smiling face...even when their not smiling
  13. god doesn't have to proof anything that he is god cuz god is god and doesn't have to proof it unless he wants to and because god is without desire, he doesn't want anything...not even to prove he is god
  14. people live in different parts of the world i was told and so god has to go there to tell them to love him and its all the same person but people don't know its all the same person cuz all of this happened before we had cell phones and the internet to make our life easier to understand the confusion
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