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  1. Try Gopal mantra for starters (which is what Sri Chaitanys got from Isvara Puri, not gayatri at all) that has been given in the Gaudiya Sampradaya for over 400 years prior to this inovation by Gaudiya Math. There was never such a thing as 'brahminical' initiation in Gaudiya Vaishnavism before Gaudiya Math...NEVER Study the history
  2. Gaudiya Math claims diksha mantras contain ' gayatri mantra', this is wrong. Sri Chaitanyas sampradaya never used any diksha mantras mixed with gayatri before GV... Sri Chaitanya never received gayatri from Isvara Puri at Gaya...
  3. That Bhaktivinode Thakur's diska guru is not mentioned by Prabhupada speaks for itself and his taking Jaganatha das Babaji to be Bhaktivinode Thakur's spiritual master, shows irrefutably that formal diksa is NOT the condition for membership in the parampara. No it does not at all, it only shows Prabupada accepted the Gaudiya Math version of all this and loyal to BSS version of things. Do you think BVT lied about Bipin Behari being his Guru..?
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  5. Yes Jagananda goes by Jagat and no that story in not in his Parampara article, I was only suggesting you read the entire article you quoted from as it contains a wealth of information on Gaudiya Math history. I'm not sure if it is in any of his works, although I can ask him. These stories came from Lalita Prasad himself who told devotess who came to him and took diksha, several whom I know personally. Just because you can't find a reference on-line does not mean it did not occur, in fact I know it was discussed on Gaudiya Discussions, the old istagosthi and on VNN forums back in the day (all no longer on line) regardless I would not limit your reserach in GV to what you can locate on line. namaskar, jijaji
  6. I know.. this video really takes you there man! I have watched many times already today...
  7. I just want to say that I'm not here to badmouth Bhaktivedanta Svamiji or Bhaktisiddhanta, I went through that phase some years ago and for a while I admit when I first found out about IGM not having a proper Guru-parampara as is recognized in orthodox Gaudiya Vaishnavism, i.e. going back in an unbroken diksha line to one of the associates of Sri Chaitanya. I have since gotten over some of my bitterness (I hope) and see things in a different light, meaning I honor all my spiritual teachers that have blessed me in this life even though I may disagree with them on certain points. The stories of Bhaktisiddhanta being kicked out of Bhaktivinodes home and Puri were told to devotees primarily by Lalita Prasad as he was a direct witness and saw 1st hand. Now some accept Lalitas Prasads version others accept Bhaktisiddantas and never shall the twain meet it seems. I for one accept Lallita Prasads version and have for many years, decades in fact. The pieces of the puzzle just fit, Lalita Prasad got diksha from Bhaktivinode, Bhaktisiddhanta did not, so therefore he could not pass that line of diksha down to Gaudiya Math. Also the fact that Sannyas was never before seen in the Gaudiya Sampradaya before Gaudiya Math or 'brahmin initiation', and so many things that Bhaktisiddhanta introduced that were never there before seems was his replacement for not having received diksah from his father and he paved a new road of sorts. However this is not to say that his or GM and Bhaktivedanta Svamijis efforts were not worthwhile and didn't benefit people spiritually and put them on the path of Krishna Bhakti (I believe they did). I recommend cbrahma read from Jagats article that he quoted from earlier the section on "The Gaudiya Math after Bhaktisiddhantas Death' which gives much history in this regard as well as other articles by Jagat who really is one of the foremost scholars of Gaudiya Vaishnavism today in the western world (although he's been in India for some months now). namaskar, jijaji
  8. Who said it was discussed on this board? Mainly on Gaudiya Discussions and here long before you came really. Besides any proof I give you won't accept, we both know that. I been around the block a bit on these issues and don't waste time anymore with people like you. Kula and mr 3 of spades can if they like. namaskar, jijaji
  9. This story is complete Gaudiya Math fabrication (not the only one either I may add), water under the bridge really, these things have been discussed and rehashed so many times ad nauseum I can't believe I'm even here talking about it. I don't have to give you proof, you will stumble upon it yourself eventually if you keep digging, as many of us did decades ago. (big yawn)
  10. This story is false and was made up by Gaudiya Math. The truth is Bhaktisiddhanta was kicked out of his fathers house after he offended Bepin Behari Gosvami in the same way Bhaktivinode made him leave Puri after he had offended Radharaman Charana dev. Sorry for stating such a harsh truth here, for all you wet behind the ears. namaskar, jijaji
  11. Your welcome! It's one of the best video clips I have seen on Radha Kund. Great footage of the Sangam and everything else. Makes me want to go this year. namaskar, jijaji
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  14. The letter you quote has nothing to do with Ananta dasji, it refers to Gaudiya Math entirely. namaskar, jijaji
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