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  1. Tarun I didn't mean it to be at all racist. I was just curious because all religions seem to have had wars at one time or another. I take your point and agree with you, about clarifying what I meant. ------------------ Diversity is the Spice of Life...
  2. A friend and I were discussing the other day, which religions of the world have fought with each other over the years. We created a list and compared it. To our surprise the two religions who have don't seemed to have sparred with each other (as far as we can work out) are Jewish faith and the Hindu faith. I'm using the word Hindu faith loosely as I know that it is more complex than this but this is a question more about war, than religious philosophy. The list we came up with is as follows: Catholic versus Protestant (vis-a-vie) Islam versus Judaism (vis-a-vie) Islam versus Christianity (vis-a-vie) Hindu versus Islam (vis-a-vie) Judaism versus Christianity (vis-a-vie) Hindu versus Christianity (vis-a-vie) Can anyone enlighten me on wars between Jewish and Hindu peoples? I would be intrigued to find out if there ever has been a dispute between these religions. ------------------ Diversity is the Spice of Life...
  3. Hatred for a fellow being perplexes me. Just because someone worships in a different way for another person they can often be reviled. And why do some religions demand you bow down to them, THAT they are right and YOU are wrong. We all seek our own road to God in our own way. If our path is the path that leads to Islam so be it, but if it is a path that leads to Krsna or Jesus, or Buddha then also, so be it. Why do we seek to destroy each other when living in harmony could be so easy if we just tried a little harder? ------------------ Diversity is the Spice of Life...
  4. As I grow older I find myself dwelling on thoughts of reincarnation. I am drawn to it like a moth to a flame. I am not learned on the subject, so I wonder if this discussion forum could talk in more depth about this subject. What does the Bhagavad Gita say about it? What was Krishna's views on reincarnation? What are your views on reincarnation? I remember a particularly beautiful photo from the "Bhagavad Gita As It Is" I think, showing a man going from birth to death to birth to death again over and over again. This is obviously depicting reincarnation so I would like to use this as starting point and hope that I learn more as we go down this mysterious (for me) road...
  5. As the daughter of a Brahmin I have never been comfortable with the Caste system but then I have never been comfortable with the British Class system either. Why do we elevate people onto pedestals whether it is for religious or social reasons? Whilst staying with my sister in Calcutta a young man came to clean out the septic tank in our compound. I went to hand him his payment but my sister stopped me. She told me I had to put the money on the ground several feet away from him and then walk away. I was horrified and told her that I could never do such a thing. My sister then said to me that I would only embarrass the man by trying to hand him the money, plus I would scandalise everyone in the compound and would end up being dunked in the Ganges to get me spiritually clean again! All I wanted to do was hand over this man's wages, money he had earned by an honest day's toil but the Caste decreed otherwise. I gave my sister the money back and told her to do as she wished, I would not get involved with crushing the human spirit in such a degrading way. Can anyone explain to me why we continue to support the Caste system or the Class system for that matter? Even in the 21st century we still seem to be in the dark ages. I wish I had the courage to make a stand against Caste and Class but I have strong feeling that I will holding a very lonely vigil...
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