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  1. I was reading this recently in a book by Jeffrey Armstrong. He speaks of the 5 elements of matter and the processes that affect the matter. "Inside the material realm, God rules through these 3 processes.... In the religion of the Vedas they are personified as BRAHMA the creator, VISHNU the maintainer, and SHIVA the destroyer........ 3 aspects of the 1 Supreme Being who is manifest in the past, present and future of material nature." And how these can be related to , goodness, passion and ignorance.Sattva, Raja, Tamas. Sustaining , creating, destructing. Even to the 3 primary colours yellow, red and blue.
  2. PAMHO Do you know what happens if a person eats food that has been accepted by a bhuta? Does chanting the Maha Mantra counteract these effects?
  3. The food was rice and a vegetable preparation, I only remember that it was alot spicier than food I would usually eat, and burnt my mouth.
  4. When I was in India, a friend and I stayed in a house at the top of a mountain in the Ghats, above Kodakainal. The family that owned the house invited us for a meal one night. It turned out to be the anniversary of the death of their daughter who had been murdered by her husband in the house we were staying in, he had punched her in the stomach. They had set up an altar with her pictures and offered the food at this altar. Then we ate the food. That night I became violently ill, my stomach, not unusual in India I guess. I just wondered though, if the food offered to Krishna is supposed to have some effect because of this, would that also be true of food offered to a deceased ancestor, if so what effect would that have?
  5. I was watching BBC Knowledge channel about a week ago and their was a documentary about Socrates in ancient greece. This documentary said that the ancient Athenians were travelling to India in their great ships. That they shared knowledge with Indian civilisations. Bhakti Ananda Goswami has done much research on the connections between forms of worship and here are a couple of quotes from him and a link to an article that may be of interest. Bhakti Ananda Goswami : "MY POSITION IS THAT THERE WAS A SINGLE THEOCENTRIC CULTURE WHICH GAVE RISE TO HIGH CIVILZATION IN THE ANCIENT WORLD. THAT CULTURE, AS THE INTERDISCIPLINARY EVIDENCE I HAVE AMASSED PROVES, WAS THE RIG-VEDIC PURUSHA-SUKTA RELATED WORSHIP OF PURUSHA AND PRAKRITI. KRISHNA AND RADHA WERE CONSIDERED THE SOURCE OF PURUSHA AND PRAKRITI." Here is a small quote from some of his writing , "From the beginning, the inter racial religion of Heliopolis had at its historical and theological core, the worship of RADHA AND KRISHNA AS the UNIVERSAL MOTHER AND FATHER-GOD OF ALL HUMANITY. RADHA-KRISHNA / RHODA-KOUROS KI JAYA ! May we soon realize that we are all children of the same MOTHER and FATHER AMEN ! AUM ! and HARE KRISHNA ! " http://www.saragrahi.org/columns/one/kouros.htm
  6. clare


    LOL! <IMG SRC=http://homepage.ntlworld.com/clare.ross5/osama.jpg> "Just wave at the camera and keep walking, Osama."
  7. <IMG SRC=http://homepage.ntlworld.com/clare.ross5/rathayatra.jpg> picture taken by Sudarshana Das Mahapatra at Rathayatra Jaganath Puri www.krsnamandir.org comments on THE EYES of Lord Jaganath..see below.. Sri Sri Sri Jagannatha- Baladeva-Subhadra -The Lord of the Universe- <IMG SRC=http://homepage.ntlworld.com/clare.ross5/jaganath.jpg> Their Lordships Jagannath, Baladev and Subhadra These famous Deities originally worshipped in the famous and ancient temple in Puri, India have come by Their own causeless mercy to grace the alter at Sri Krishna Mandir. Lord Jagannatha is Krishna, The Lord of the Universe and He is accompanied by His brother Lord Baladeva (the first expansion of the Lord and the bestower of spiritual strength) and His sister Subhadra (yogamaya – the internal potency of the Lord). These Deities are most unique for unlike the other deities, They have extremely large eyes and do not possess full-fledged limbs. According to the narration in the Vedic literatures, this feature is the result of the three personalities exhibiting ecstatic symptoms as a result of hearing the pastimes of Lord Krishna with the gopis in Vrindavan, from the lips of Rukmini devi in Dwaraka. Very significantly, Jagannatha Puri is hailed as the most suitable holy place for the age of Kali and as Lord Jagannatha, Krishna bestows His causeless mercy to the people of this age. Now by the mercy of the Vaishnava Acharyas, Lord Jagannatha has become an internationally worshipped personality and many Ratha Yatras (Chariot Festivals wherein the Deities of the Lord go out in procession) resembling the original one at Puri are being performed all over the world. A friend, Dinesh Balakrishnan, recently did an animation of Lord Jaganath...(warning : this image flashes)also depicted with sloping down eyes. http://homepage.ntlworld.com/clare.ross5/Jaganath.swf [This message has been edited by clare (edited 01-27-2002).]
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    <IMG SRC=http://homepage.ntlworld.com/clare.ross5/muslimwomen.jpg> "Sameera?" "Aisha?" "Maha?" "Reema?"
  9. Does anyone know is this story from the Mahabharat? The site I read it on had no reference to which book it came from. <QUOTE>"During the exile of the Pandavas, Krishna visited them to enquire about their welfare. He spent a night with them. The Pandavas had to undergo untold suffering during their exile. As Draupadi was also with them, they would keep vigil in turns for one hour each, every night. Krishna also volunteered to keep vigil for one hour. Dharmaja wondered, "When You are the protector of the entire universe, what is the meaning in your standing sentry for an hour to protect us?" Yet he cautioned Krishna: "Krishna, beware of the devil - my brothers and I encounter it every night. On many occasions it has tried to attack us. Therefore, we pray to you not to do a turn in guard duty. You have come to enquire about our welfare. We should not put you in danger. Kindly take rest." Krishna replied, "Dharmaja, is this what you have understood of my divinity? On the one hand you extol me as the protector of the entire universe and on the other you are apprehensive that I cannot protect myself. You are worried that the demon will harm me. Rest assured that no demon can touch me. Therefore, permit me also to join you all in doing the security duty." Having completed one hour duty, Krishna sat on a rock and was smiling to himself. It was Arjuna's turn next. He rushed to Krishna, a bit worried that the demon might have attacked him. Seeing Krishna smiling, Arjuna fell at His feet and enquired whether he had vanquished the demon. Krishna replied, "Arjuna, I have never created demons and evil spirits. Then, how can the non-existent demons appear in the forest? The demon you are talking about is not a demon at all. It is just a reflection of the evil qualities within you such as hatred, anger and jealousy. The anger in you is manifesting as the demon. Its power is increasing in proportion to the intensity of anger in you." The evil qualities of man are the real demons troubling him today. Man is under the mistaken notion that demons exist and that they are responsible for his suffering. This is all nothing but imagination and psychological fear. Only man puts another man to suffering; there is no demon as such. There are no demons and evil spirits in this creation. Arjuna realised the truth of Krishna's words and thereafter did not encounter the demon. Arjuna was beholden to Krishna for the revelation. He fell at his feet and expressed his gratitude. Good and bad are man's own creations."</QUOTE> [This message has been edited by clare (edited 01-11-2002).]
  10. <IMG SRC=http://homepage.ntlworld.com/clare.ross5/bhagavatam.jpg> I think this is from the Bhagavatam, but I am not sure of the story associated with it. [This message has been edited by clare (edited 01-10-2002).]
  11. <IMG SRC=http://homepage.ntlworld.com/clare.ross5/mahavisnu.jpg> (caption below picture)"From the Vedas, the reservoir of infallible knowledge, we learn of the real source of creation-Lord Krsna. His partial expansion, Maha Visnu, lies on the Causal Ocean and with his breathing innumerable universes come out from his skin pores. When he breathes in, all the material universes enter into Him again, and are thus destroyed.
  12. http://www.harekrishnaworld.com/forum/viewtopic.php?mode=viewtopic&topic=52&forum=1&start=0 I thought this link may be of interest to you. It is to a thread on a forum where the head of the Inter Religious Affairs Committee for the WVA, Bhakti Ananda Goswami, a Diciple of His Divine Grace Srila Prabhupada, answers questions. On this thread (which is 8 pages long) about 1/2 way through ,someone asks a similar question as you ,and Bhakti Ananda Goswami offers some answers and connections .
  13. Thankyou very much there is loads of information there. Scary story about the guy who sprayed the Tulasi plant..... HAPPY NEW YEAR HARE KRISHNA!
  14. HARI BOL! AGTSP PAMHO Does anyone have any information/stories about Srimate Tulasi Devi, Vrnda Devi, the devotee of Krishna who was given the form of the Tulasi plant (Ocimum Sanctum) by Raddha? HARE KRISHNA from clare
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