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  1. Why speculate? CHANT! Eventually the mind becomes a friend and will constantly remind without questioning. valaya ------------------ Radhe Radhe always Radhe! amanpeter@hotmail.com
  2. Chanting the mahamantra does not merely counteract all negative effects, it also provides all positive effects. Unimpedable, the purification affects not only the one chanting, but everyone and everything else as well. Still, the effects are more quickly realized if the Holy names are approached in a deeply personal way without regard for technical considerations. Srila Prabhupada encouraged us to chant like a drowning person, or as if we were calling out for our mothers. Easy to see which of these is more personal, but both include a certain desperation and helplessness. As our conciousness becomes increasingly purified, our inner realizations will guide us to better connect emotionally and thus our attachment deepens. Then too, our motivations change so that offenses simply evaporate. There are certainly `no hard and fast rules` that can restrict chanting, although it is highly recommended to associate with the Holy Names constantly, somehow or other. Initially the mind tries to trick us into stopping, but this will surely pass if we just keep starting again! Soon we won't be capable of stopping for very long and the mind will have become our friend. Prabhupada tells us that we can expect the dust to fly while cleaning our house. Just keep on keeping on, with faith in God's Loving Grace rather than yourself, and rapid results are absolutely guaranteed! valaya ------------------ Radhe Radhe always Radhe! amanpeter@hotmail.com [This message has been edited by valaya (edited 02-03-2002).]
  3. Also from `Teachings of Lord Caitanya` (p.278): "As no one can understand the expansion of spiritual energy of the Supreme Lord without the causeless mercy of the Supreme Lord, similarly, no one can understand the transcendental sex life between Radha and Krsna without following in the footsteps of the damsels of Vraja. There are different names for the associates of Radharani: they are called Sakhis, or personal associates, and also the Manjaris, the near assistants. It is very difficult to express their dealings with Krsna, as they have no desire to mix with or enjoy Krsna personally. But they are always ready to help Radharani be with Krsna. Their affection for Krsna is so pure that they are simply satisfied when Radha and Krsna are together, and they simply enjoy the transcendental pleasure of seeing Radha and Krsna combined, united." valaya: Srila Prabhupada reminds us in his first sentence of our need for Krsna's causeless mercy before we can understand the spiritual energy (or internal potency: Sri Radha) and His Divine Grace (Srimati Radharani as Her girlfriends) can then unveil a more intimate understanding of the transcendental sex life between Radha and Krsna. This will automatically free us from attachment to our own mundane sex lives, both gross and subtle. Another way to put it is "From God we get guru, then guru gives us God." From God to a more personal intimate relationship with God through Sri Guru. Since Lord Caitanya appears in the mood of Sri Radha, His closest associates are responsible for deepening that mood. The sakhis (girlfriends) and manjaris (youngest girlfriend maidservants) therefore appear with Him. Radha-dasi manjaris are highly unique and access to this most intimate of relationships is very rare indeed. First Mahaprabhu Himself must appear, for no other avatar will do, and also the parampara must be manjaris themselves, at least for the most part, siksha and/or diksha. Although Prabhupada has said here that it is `very difficult to express their dealings with Krsna`, some has been previously written and much has been revealed since, for those with the necessary raganuga `greed` who are driven to enter into these amazingly intimate personal relationships with the Supreme Absolute. In fact, the purity of the manjari is respected by Krsna as the highest possible attainment. Their desire to see only Radhika Herself enjoying with Him transcends all the usual relationships with Krsna, and though they are maidservants of Radharani, they're situated in the highest madhurya lila. Manjaris as many may know are the small flower buds, while Radha is the creeper embracing Krsna and Her sakhis the leaves of that creeper. Those tiny budding flowers are the most precious and exquisitely beautiful. Their focus is solely on `love for the sake of love`, accepting nothing (including Krsna!) in return. Indeed, their service within Sri Krsna-Caitanya's sankirtan movement is to fulfill Her mood of unconditional unlimited love by delivering Him to everyone, without consideration of qualification or disqualification, while considering themselves the most fallen and least worthy of all. This, of course, is what Srila AC Bhaktivedanta Swami did and wishes to continue to do through all of us. Realizing the teachings he gave in a deeper more meaningful way will help us to further realize our own uniquely wonderful position and thus inspire us to fulfill our personal part in His most magnanimous mission to drown this entire planet in pure love of God. valaya ------------------ Radhe Radhe always Radhe! amanpeter@hotmail.com [This message has been edited by valaya (edited 02-03-2002).]
  4. I have a similar vivid memory of a family living in a small railway station. When our train stopped, I beckoned the husband/father over and tried to hand him money. He just looked at me closely, with an amazing prideful dignity and intense eyes, before he turned and walked back to his little family. I learned something that night I have yet to fully appreciate... valaya
  5. Although we know Krsna as the Supreme Enjoyer, how many can appreciate that His greatest enjoyment lies in serving His devotees. The highest form of service being pure love, His personal relationships in Goloka Vrndavana with family and friends is where this mutual reciprocation reaches the pinnacle of intimacy. Our God is totally unique in that He longs not to be treated as God, but to see His pure devotees glorified, even at His own expense! How wonderful is that Krsna? He comes as Lord Caitanya Mahaprabhu in the mahabhava mood of Sri Radha, longing to experience Himself through Her and better understand how She enjoys. Is this merely greed for some selfish pleasure? Of course not, selfishness is our consciousness in the material world, not His in the spiritual world. Krsna wants only to deepen His loving exchange with His most beloved Radhika, and thus all of Her parts-and-parcels...including us, pure or not. All glories to Gauranga! All glories to Gaurangi! HARIBOL! valaya ------------------ Radhe Radhe always Radhe! amanpeter@hotmail.com [This message has been edited by valaya (edited 02-03-2002).]
  6. Krsna responds to Radha's everfresh, always increasing, spontaneous devotion. She is like a bonfire that He cannot contain! Though His desire is to fully reciprocate with all of His devotees, in Her case He simply cannot and is continually forced to admit defeat. This is especially pleasing to Sri Radha's girlfriends, the Radha-dasi manjaris in particular. They shout, "Jai Radhe! Jai Radhe!" in great exuberation. Actually, it is these same girlfriends that control Radhika by their own single-pointed devotion and the pastimes between Radha and Krsna are in fact constantly evolving according to their desires, Her most intimate parts-and-parcels. While we are well aware of our constitutional postion to serve the whole as Sri Krsna, we tend to neglect the fact that He Himself is the servant of all. The `interface` for both is in Srimati Radharani. She provides our connection to him, somewhat impersonally as devotional sevice and most personally as Herself in Goloka Vrndavan. The key to understanding everything is to realize Her, which is possible only by His Divine Grace personified as Sri Guru. Through Her our relationship with Krsna, as well as Her own and ours with Her, are wondrously revealed somehow or other.[/] Thank you so much for raising this amazing topic, Leyh prabhu. It made me feel shivers! valaya ------------------ Radhe Radhe always Radhe! amanpeter@hotmail.com
  7. Say, I can personally attest to that! valaya ------------------ Radhe Radhe always Radhe! amanpeter@hotmail.com [This message has been edited by valaya (edited 02-02-2002).]
  8. I don't think this has been posted here already, although I quickly checked all five pages my eyes and memory aren't what they were...valaya From : "Syamarani Dasi" <syamarani@hotmail.com> To : bvnmbillboard@, harikatha@ Subject : [bvnmbillboard] Prabhupada, George Harrison, and Bold Preaching: Date : Fri, 25 Jan 2002 19:26:16 -0800 [This message has been edited by valaya (edited 02-02-2002).]
  9. I remember when devotees in the temples started wearing walkmans and retreating into their own little rooms/spaces, instead of chanting aloud together while happily engaged in service and confiding in each other just before falling asleep side by side as a group, like we all used to do so long ago. How inspiring it was to hear each other's personal realizations and so very intimate to comfort and reassure another's doubts. Not long after tapes replaced personal living interaction, it seems, a certain fearful alienation arose and devotees began using scriptural quotes along with `Prabhupada says` in more negative than positive ways, to discourage rather than encourage individual self-expression. The right way became the only accepted way, although what was `politically acceptable` kept changing month by month. Personal emotions were no longer shared so openly, if at all. Those who were unable or unwilling to play the game and appear to go along with the group-think were shunned, isolated, and ultimately rejected without the slightest gratitude for all the service they had performed. Former friends turned away from them when they tried to continue associating by visiting the temple, while living on the `outside`. What were once shoulders to cry on became cold almost overnight. Of course most `fell down`, so that simply living apart from the temple became synonymous with blooping. This was then used as further confirmation by those remaining inside of the need to huddle even closer together, increasingly fearful of `demonic influences`. The GBC was guardedly spoken of more like the KGB! Group association had transformed from helpful and enlivening to fearful and cultlike. So it went, prabhus, from being each other's sikshas and godbrothers/sisters to mistrusting and alienation. At least, that's how I saw it and still do, unfortunately. Would this not perhaps be a good place to let the healing begin through mutual understanding and at least a little sympathy? valaya ------------------ Radhe Radhe always Radhe! amanpeter@hotmail.com [This message has been edited by valaya (edited 02-02-2002).]
  10. By golly, you might have something there...and here I was thinking some of these posts were simply ghastly, not ghostly! valaya
  11. "Society Without Envy" This is the society for Krsna consciousness formed by Srila Prabhupada. One who becomes a member of this society gets the opportunity to develop complete Krsna consciousness, to see Krsna everywhere. Yo mam pasyati sarvatra Sarvam ca mayi pasyati Tasyaham na panansyami Sa ca me na panasyati (Bg. 6.30) This is the goal. Prabhupada has written in his books, "The Krsna consciousness movement aims at creating an atmosphere of non-envy. Of course, it is not possible for everyone to become Krsna conscious, but the Krsna consciousness movement can create an exemplary society wherein there is no envy." Where is the question of enviousness? One who is envious is not a Krsna conscious person. In other words, he is not a Vaisnava. A real Vaisnava sadhu is not at all envious. He sees every jiva as Krsna's jiva. Krsna is the object of his love, so how will he be envious? Enviousness means lust. What does that mean? Pride is your enemy, crookedness‹kapata. If someone is making advancement on the spiritual path, others become envious of him. They cannot tolerate it. "Oh, he is making such advancement." They start to speak all nasty things about him. Combining together, they start pulling down on him and attacking him. This is enviousness. In a society of Vaisnavas that should not be done. A Vaisnava is not envious at all, atra paramo nirmatsaranam satam vedyam. Who understands bhagavata-dharma- tattva? Only a Vaisnava, who is non-envious can understand. Others will speculate, "Oh, this is that, this is that." Only speculation will go on because they cannot understand. They are not Vaisnavas, they are all envious persons. Prabhupada says, "One who is envious of the success of a Vaisnava is certainly not a Vaisnava himself but an ordinary mundane man." He may be pretending to be a Vaisnava, but actually he is only an ordinary mundane man. If the purpose of forming his society fails, how will Srila Prabhupada be happy ? This is a most important factor. So here it is said, "Generally when we find someone more qualified than ourselves, we become envious of him." This is the general nature of people who are avaisnavas‹who are not Vaisnavas, they become envious when they see a person more qualified than themselves. But a Vaisnava, who is completely Krsna conscious, he'll never become envious. "Instead of being envious of a more qualified man one should be jolly to receive him." Krsne prema krsna-bhakte maitri acarana-he who develops krsna-prema, he develops friendship with Vaisnavas, krsna-bhaktas. And when he sees a more qualified Vaisnava than himself he becomes jolly. That is a real Vaisnava, a pure Vaisnava. This is the purpose for which Srila Prabhupada formed this society for Krsna consciousness." Srila Gour Govinda Maharaj "A Society Free from Envy" http://www.vnn.org/world/WD9902/WD20-3111.html ------------------ Radhe Radhe always Radhe! amanpeter@hotmail.com
  12. Yep, that's how I remember it! Unfortunately, Bhakti Marg Swami is strictly into choreography on chanting parties these days. His real joy lies in producing, directing and acting in plays for the pleasure of the ISKCON Toronto congregation. Must admit, they are good, though. Would be great if the shows could travel more. I'm not criticizing him in any way. His main concern is simply with the `congregation`. At least they, almost all Indians, seem happy at festivals and Sunday feasts. Otherwise, few actually live in the temple and public sankirtan is mostly a memory. There is one brahmacari however who is into book distribution I think. Hope you can visit soon. Winter just started here with our first snow. Usually there's a warm spell sometime in February. If we get along well with each other, perhaps I could drive you back to NYC (via New Vrindavan?)... valaya http://www.iskcon.net/toronto/index.html ------------------ Radhe Radhe always Radhe! amanpeter@hotmail.com [This message has been edited by valaya (edited 02-01-2002).]
  13. This could be a deeper problem. Please see your dentist and doctor for advice. valaya
  14. Tarun, thanks for posting this. valaya ------------------ Radhe Radhe always Radhe! amanpeter@hotmail.com [This message has been edited by valaya (edited 02-01-2002).]
  15. Actually my personal favourite is missing: adultery! valaya a la maya [This message has been edited by valaya (edited 02-01-2002).]
  16. Inspiration and realization may be individual, but they are coming from the same place. Like spokes on a wheel, the nearer they get to the centre, the closer they are to one another. Is it really that difficult to see ourselves in each other, or is that the last thing we want to admit seeing? Come to think of it, how can we expect to see anything else? Self-realization and God realization are simultaneous, are they not? Looking for the best in others might just help us to recognize the best in ourselves. Raganuga requires zeal, only it must be directed within... valaya ------------------ Radhe Radhe always Radhe! amanpeter@hotmail.com [This message has been edited by valaya (edited 01-31-2002).]
  17. The `nookie` monster got me started... [This message has been edited by valaya (edited 01-30-2002).]
  18. Beautiful! Whatever we do, depends on Divine Grace. Whatever we long to do, depends on Divine Grace. Wherever, whenever we always depend on Divine Grace regardless. Ultimately we are not the doers, yet all things are possible through Divine Grace. Not knowing Divine Grace personally, my life is bereft. Not seeing Divine Grace everywhere, my whole world is empty. My only prayer is for complete oneness in Divine Grace, that I may see and be nothing but... valaya ------------------ Radhe Radhe always Radhe! amanpeter@hotmail.com
  19. Right on! "One way or another, gonna getcha getcha getcha, One way or another..."(from a song by `Blondie`)
  20. Don't fret, Doc., I got it...guess ya gotta be transcendental, eh? Now c'mon, we got work to do! nyuck nyuck
  21. Much to the obvious consternation of many, the Absolute Truth will continue to be revealed through Divine Grace in ever increasing depth. Those who seek contentment and satisfaction in certitude that they posess all the answers and are themselves firmly situated on the one correct path for all time, can be expected to encounter far more personal challenges. The best is surely yet to come as anyone and everyone is touched by Love of God in some way, shape or form. Or did y'all think you had the only mould and had cornered the market, so that all `others` would be forced to play by your rules? The Supreme Authority is way beyond any limitation, including sampradayas and their supposedly authorized scriptures, what to speak of petty authoritarians. HH Tripurari Maharaj is to be congragulated on the successful launch of his new translation and commentary on Srimad Bhagavad-Gita. I can only imagine the extensive work and deep devotion that went into it. ------------------ [This message has been edited by valaya (edited 01-30-2002).]
  22. After Prabhupada encouraged all of us to write and distribute books about Krsna, one of my godbrothers commented, "We are simply your puppets, Srila Prabhupada. You're giving us the books." This did not seem to satisfy Srila Prabhupada, as he made the following reference to the guru-parampara. "No. We are all puppets of Krsna. I am also a puppet. This is disciplic succession." While he humbly gave all credit to his own guru and Krsna for anything he had accomplished, he implied that becoming the puppet of Guru and Krsna in a dynamic sense as he had done involved not merely circulating one's guru's writings, but writing books oneself. This was the example he set. While writing his own books, he considered that he was merely acting as a puppet of Guru and Krsna. Becoming the puppet of one's guru is about getting a spiritual life, and thinking for oneself within the parameters of that which is actually spiritual.
  23. So what's with the `brothers` bit...got something against sisters?
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