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  1. Haribol mawab! Seems our politics might agree somewhat, though I much prefer to avoid the subject altogether. Think you got the name of our resident demonut wrong though--the correct spelling is Ms Takun...just punnin' TK, I know how you luv it! valaya a la maya
  2. Ah yes, America defends the free world but who defends America? From the tone of some previous posts on this forum, apparently not even some `Americans`...
  3. Would that be Sriman Boy George?
  4. Looks like they may have to moooove...sorry, couldn't resist! valaya a la maya [This message has been edited by valaya (edited 01-23-2002).]
  5. So what's this all about, or do I not want to know? valaya January 18, 2002 VNN7102 Comment on this story Prabhupada Plaque BY NIMAI DASA NEW YORK, Jan 18 (VNN) — Recently i was kicked out of the Brooklyn temple because I was passing out invitations to the inauguration ceremony for Srila Prabhupada's plaque being placed at the infamous NYC Prabhupada tree (see VNN Story 6981). I was really shocked that devotees from ISKCON Brooklyn were not supportive of this monumental event because of the IRM temple's involvement in organizing it. It also seemed as if their rebuttal of the plaque was really a distaste towards the IRM movement; rejecting mother Vani's tireless years spent pursuing this land mark for Srila Prabhupada and all of his devotees. This event was about Prabhupada, and all devotees should have attended no matter what camp they were from. The event was spiritual nectar and it is unfortunate that all devotees could not share in it's sentiment. Hare Krsna Nimai dasa
  6. ...and all so-called devotees are not devotees, though we are taught to accept them as such under threat of committing offenses. Might I humbly suggest that so-called karmis may become the best of devotees through the sincere association of even one true devotee, and that our fear of offensiveness should be extended equally to our association with `them`? Let us all try to become that one devotee in all our dealings! ------------------ Radhe Radhe always Radhe! amanpeter@hotmail.com
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  8. Bad you say? It stinks! (pun intended).
  9. Rewards for good behavior?! How about little maha treats for sanyassis? Maybe call them `Yassis` and they could be tossed towards the speaker during lectures, when someone in the congregation approved of what was being said..." Good boy, Yassi, good boy!"
  10. Those dependent on others generally resent it in some way, especially if it's constantly waved in their face. Forced co-operation by a greater power breeds frustration and therefore repressed anger, as well. All this becomes evident in our own relationship not only with each other, but with the Supreme Power that we identify as God. Variety may be the spice of life, however you might say that co-operation is the splice of life! Unfortunately, for many of us it remains elusive and often must be forced... ------------------ Radhe Radhe always Radhe! amanpeter@hotmail.com [This message has been edited by valaya (edited 01-20-2002).]
  11. Momma knows best! ------------------ Radhe Radhe always Radhe! amanpeter@hotmail.com
  12. The answer is: That and so much more. Reading is one thing, realizing quite another. The goal remains self-realization, not book-realization! [This message has been edited by valaya (edited 01-20-2002).]
  13. Lest this post be misunderstood, it is simply a spontaneous offering of my humble and respectful obeisances to one possessing that which I regrettably lack...
  14. First realize complete helplessness Then accept absolute dependence On His Divine Grace alone. Clinging only to Her As a humble servant Always unworthy Less than all. We see Guru As that One In everyone. ------------------ Radhe Radhe always Radhe! amanpeter@hotmail.com
  15. All alone am I Ever since your good-bye, All alone With just the beat of my heart. People all around, But I don't hear a sound, Just the lonely beating of my heart. No use in holding other hands, For I'd be only holding emptiness; No use in kissing other lips, For I'd be thinking just of your caress. All alone am I Ever since your good-bye, All alone With just the beat of my heart. People all around, But I don't hear a sound, Just the lonely beating of my heart. ------------------ Radhe Radhe always Radhe! amanpeter@hotmail.com
  16. It may have been aimed at our resident conspiracy theorists...would mention their names, but I'm reluctant to do anything that might increase the present level of paranoia on this forum! valaya a la maya
  17. Hey, I too get stuck sometimes! Crawling on my belly while whining piteously seems the only way out... ------------------ Radhe Radhe always Radhe! amanpeter@hotmail.com
  18. Right on fer sure!!! ------------------ Radhe Radhe always Radhe! amanpeter@hotmail.com
  19. Look's like gHari's on a roll--now where's that rock? nyuck nyuck
  20. Would that I could earn an honest day's wages at some menial unpleasant task, then be embarrassed when someone attempted to personally pay me! No wonder Gandhi called the `untouchables` "Children of God"...thank you for sharing this experience. ------------------ Radhe Radhe always Radhe! amanpeter@hotmail.com
  21. Aha! Just as I suspected--shvu's a vaisnava in disguise! So, will the real vaisnava please stand up...
  22. Why bhaktashab, you'd just have to lash 'em, smash 'em, bash 'em, slash 'em, and mash 'em, of course! Then pass them onto me so I could flash 'em, which would surely send anyone running off, screaming and crying out for God's mercy... [This message has been edited by valaya (edited 01-17-2002).]
  23. The essence of Bhakti is a submissive spirit, expressed through tolerance and humility. Lord Jesus Christ submitted to crucifixion although He remains guiltless. This post from Audarya Lila dasa is a perfect example of submission, on behalf of another no less. The Old Testament provides many examples of `eye-for-an-eye` justice as do Vedic scriptures prior to Lord Caitanya whose humility, tolerance and submissiveness are exemplified in Nityananda Prabhu. Material strength entails one's becoming bigger, while seeking spiritual shelter demands quite the opposite. Is this forum intended solely as an arena for `discussion` where Gaudiya Vaisnavism reigns supreme by `victory through quotes`? Is it not meant also as a place for devotee association? Some call what separates us from complete immersion in Divine Grace offenses, yet their overemphasis on the offensiveness in others prevents their own salvation. I call separation from Divine Grace apaRADHA, for She remains the personified source of His Divine Grace. Of course, those who identify only their own guru as His Divine Grace may believe they are somehow free to act offensively, or even obliged to, as part of their so-called devotional service. Perhaps they don't realize they are actually crucifying their guru, or do they consider that Sri Gurudev's role is to die for their sins? Since Srimati Radharani is also the personified source and supreme controller of devotional service, that too is major apaRADHA. Worse still, I believe, are those who gleefully gloat over others' defeats, misfortune, or vanquishment. Don't they realize that `there but for the Grace of God` go they and they're setting themselves up for a similar fate somewhere down the line? Most likely all of us here on this forum have many more lives to go, when our roles might very well be reversed... ------------------ Radhe Radhe always Radhe! amanpeter@hotmail.com [This message has been edited by valaya (edited 01-16-2002).]
  24. Now now, jijaji prabhu...Darwin, before stumbling any further into the lair of the beast, I humbly request you place yourself in the capable compassionate hands of a genuine `mental health professional` who is so much more as well. For you personally I would advise contacting, and visting if at all possible, HH Tripurari Swami. You can Email me if you'd like to discuss this, or anything else. valaya a la maya ------------------ Radhe Radhe always Radhe! amanpeter@hotmail.com
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