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  1. Haribol Paramaradhya prabhu! Forget my problems with the CD for the moment. I can wait for the nectar. About your quote above from Sri Radha to Her boyfriend. She is saying to Him if causing Her pain brings Him pleasure, then that pain will be Her greatest happiness. That does not mean that She's a masochist! Radhika is not Candravali! In fact, She is putting Krsna in His proper place. Radharani controls Krsna! Can you imagine how He must feel? Krsna is most happy when He realizes the superiority Of Radhika in their `love competition` and is reminded that He can never match Her love or repay Her devotion. Surely you ladies can appreciate the advantage of keeping your man in such a position...JAI RADHE! (Please note significant edited changes) [This message has been edited by valaya (edited 09-18-2001).]
  2. This happened close to Toronto. The Hindhu temple was mistaken fo a mosque. Unusual incident for Canada, especially here where we are very multi-cultural. More than 50% of Torontonions are non-white. Hamilton is a much smaller city, though.
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