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  1. If one employs the display of supernatural abilities to prove the effects of Meditation, then one will attract people towards meditation or self-realization for wrong reasons. This practice would be self-defeating.
  2. What kind of bad things happen to you and what kind of negative thoughts occur to you?
  3. In situation as this I have always felt that putting it in practice may serve in answering your question.
  4. Any supernatural ability acquired in process of meditation or spiritual awareness is, I believe, incidental. Acquisition of such abilities is not the ultimate goal of meditation; hence it cannot serve as a proof.
  5. " COMMAND THE IN THE NAME OF JESUS CHRIST TO FLEE! It has to obey God Almighty" I command in the name of jesus Chirst that you "The Guest" to flee.... Opps....I guess it did not work....
  6. “can anyone give me factual proof that Christianity is not the only true religion, and i garentee you i will back Christianity up with historical and scientific proof.” With better technology and time we find that Science and History are constantly changing, so naturally I take it your belief will change too, since it is based on proven Science and History.
  7. ggohil


    “They also explain that the soul is eternal and not subject to the transformations we see here in the material world. Finally, they explain that spirit and matter never mix, but the individual jiva soul (living entity) may be covered over for some period of time. The conclusion is that we cannot access this knowledge through mental speculation and sense perception so we need to hear from an authorized source. That is the Vedas.” That is precisely why I questioned the Soul occupying physical space, because if it did, then I would think the Soul would be subject to time space equation.
  8. "If there is some sin associated with an offering, the performer will and must suffer its bad-effects either in this birth or in the coming ones." I still fail to see how can anyone consider an act of taking someone’s life as a sinless act. That's like saying in the name of Lord I shall kill you, sound familier. If sin is asscociated with offering or sacrifice then how can the act be termed "offering or a sacrifce to the Lord".
  9. ggohil


    “The soul resides in our heart and is very, very tiny. Srila Prabhupada said it is 1/10,000 of a tip of a hair in size, (I believe, if I missquoted, it is approximate to that)” Theoretically, it means that a living entity smaller then 1/10000 of a tip of hair size, would actually have a soul bigger then it’s body. This also means soul actually occupies space. What happens when there is no space?
  10. “u will not get the true answer unless u think with out bias, taking into consideration the environmental situation of the sacrificial ground....” A personal sacrifice to achieve something appears logical, but to sacrifice someone else’s life is really beyond my understanding, irrespective of environmental of sacrificial ground…. Why would a supreme, who is the source of everything and everything is within him, is pleased when one life sacrifices a life of someone else? Where is the divinity in it?
  11. “Sacrifice is supported by Vishnu aswell, If you recall the Mahabharata story, Arjuna sacrificed one of his son before the war begin” I wonder why we did not carry on this practice of sacrificing innocent Human or family members, especially if it is supported by Vishnu!!
  12. I could never understand how can a taking of a helpless life by a Human could be seen as divine and then view the practice as pleasing all powerful Supreme or a Deity.
  13. ggohil


    "I shall now declare unto you in full this knowledge, both phenomenal and numinous. This being known, nothing further shall remain for you to know" BG 7.2 Sounds all-encompassing to me.
  14. "Many of my Muslim friends are claiming that Prophet Mohammed actually was a Kalki avatar." Even a superficial study will reveal that the teachings of Vedanta are fundamentally different from that of Islam. So how did Mohammad become Kalki, unless the all Knowing and all Perfect God got it wrong the first time round.
  15. I would think, an entity subject to time can originate and expire. Since He is the source of time, the question of his origin from our standpoint seems moot.
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