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  1. Nobody is here to say bad things. But certainly would like to give it back when you quote someone calling the other with those tags you mentioned in the garb of being a goodie. Nicely said. But you must remember that it applies to all Vaishnavas also. I can quote you one more 'Unless you think I am you are subject to fear/suffering/duality etc. Once you think 'I am God', all your suffering is gone, respect for the other beckons and the truth of non-duality is realized'. Again, if it doesnt appeal to you leave it as I left the above quote that you did.
  2. First of all again, you know nothing about Sri Kripaluji Maharaj nor you havent heard any of his lectures fully. Just that you saw someone chanting 'Radhe..Radhe' and all his devotees following suit made you think that he is another Vaishnava. He has never ever refuted Mayavada. He never speaks against Shankaracharya/Ramanujacharya/Madhvacharya or their principles. He knows what is the Truth and he is a True Vaishnava. He infact takes excepts from the works of the previous Acharyas to make people understand better. Do not tag him down to your level.
  3. Karma certainly is not above everything. But remember that it is the base of everything. Once you lay this Karma as your base, you cannot go back but bear its fruit in your generations to come. Yes. But do you know why? Coz Common Sense says Jeevatma and Paramatma are different.It is a Adhi-Bhautik truth. Its to prove that they are one and the same and realise the Adhyatmik Truth. Any form of Bhakti certainly takes to near the lord but you cannot experience him unless and until you have your Gnana-chakshu (eye of knowledge) open. That is the sole reason why Gyana Yoga comes just before the Vishvarupa Darshan. Is that 'Me' not in Arjuna, Is that 'Me' not in You and Me? Me is always alone. Thinking only of it without any attributes leads to the truth. But if you again take it in the Adi-Bhautik truth which most of us like to do, then all the greatness go to one person 'Krishna' and he is eliviated to the Goddom and we understand ourself to be lesser beings. Yes. Krishna was far far ahead of a common person. His was a saintly character and his truth was sharp as a sword. He showed how to perfectly balance life with all spiritual attributes even after one has got married and has children ie., a grihasta. A perfect Grihasta indeed. How can you forget? He is always within you. Refer Valmiki Ramayan also which is the most authentic. In Tulsidas Ramayan, Rama is portrayed as a Hero from birth. Read Vamiki Ramayan. It is more realistic and not dramatic. The most foolish quote I have read till date. What do you think Brahman means? The whole universe/cosmos. What you and I know and dont know. Now, tell me where is inertia in the cosmos? To understand Brahman, you will have to understand the Atman. Both are one and the same. The only definition of Atma you get in scriptures is, Shivam Shantam Advaitam Chaturthamanyante Sa Atma Sabigyeyah As your Atman is very silent but does all regulations of your body, in the same way the Brahman consciousness is regulating all the activities of the cosmos outside this body. It is Ajayamano Bahudaa Vijayate. There is nothing to provide. You have done something to get something. You got it. Wow, Vedavyasa should have made you sit beside him and told you in your ears. Which Shastra written by Veda Vyasa tell you all these? True that Krishna maintained all the required attributes and became a Paramatma. When are you going to do that instead of wrongly equating things which you dont know at all. If you dont know, dont quote. Moreover you give wrong interpretations also to confuse others. 1. Tvameva Mata cha pita tvameva, tvameva bandhu sakha tvameva, tvameva vidya Dravinam tvameva, tvameva sarvam mama deva deva The above has no mention of any idiolised god. It is just a form of prayer to the almighty. 2. Kayena vaacha Manasendriyaiva Buddhyatmanava Prakrite svabhavaat, Karomi Yadyat sakalam parasmai Narayanayeti Samarpayami. By all actions of the Body, Speech, Mind, Sense Organs, Intelligence etc... what ever I do, I surrender it to Narayana. Again, our dear friend will tell Narayana=Krishna=Godhead etc etc. Nara means human. Naraya-Na means not human. That is Narayana. Not a form again. Nobody needs to decide your Karma Phala. Are you reducing the power of God to a watch-dog or a judge to monitor/judge and punish or bestow? Go get your basics right. I will not comment on the last Paramatma and jeevatma concepts coz when you dont have your basics right, you will never ever understand anything about the Jiva and the Parama.
  4. Seven and half years from when it has started
  5. Truth may look harsh on your face. Accept it. I cannot ask you to grow up as you already feel that you are ready to preach without even practicing the basics. Your mentality can be grasped very easily that you are a recent induction into KC. I am the one who is not under any tags. Be Spiritual. Speak Spritual. Dont speak like a Missionary. Leave this Missionary Attitude. It will take you nowhere. You will get lost and your spiritual mission will be prematurely halted. Thats why I called you a recent induction. You dont seem to think with your own brains and see though your own eyes. Start using your brains now.
  6. What are you trying to tell?? You get better stories in Bhagavatam and Puranas.
  7. Dear Atanu, they are Materialistic people who see god as something material and hence the difference says that 'You' are different from 'Him'. You can never make them realize the Ultimate Truth that you are trying to tell. Eventhough you quote from any Upanishad, Brahma Sutra, they dont raise above their pancharatras/Vaishnava Upanishad quotes and over all the Biblographer of KC ie., SP who didnt know anything about Advaita. When you cant refute, you attack is their policy.
  8. To be Idiotic to post things like these in spiritual forums. You cannot change anything but first of all, try and change yourself. Wow. What a thought. I think you are defending your stance of posting this rot in this forum. Are you a Christian Convert or what? You certainly seem like one of those who has recently embraced KC.
  9. Ashtadhatu Composition : A Combination of Eight Metals: 1. Gold 2. Silver 3. Copper 4. Zinc 5. Lead 6. Tin 7. Iron & 8. Mercury I think that answers your question.
  10. Visit the website http://www.rudraksham.com/rules/rules-main.htm
  11. Dear Chandu, the day to day affairs of the world are running due to something called consciousness. It is the same consciousness that is regulating the affairs of the whole universe. That consciousness is called Krishna/God/Allah/Parameshwar etc. by different beliefs. Hence there is nothing to bother about running the world. Something to bother is the work of the mind and not consciousness. Everything is not prefixed but fixed at the right time.
  12. Anyway, looks like a sci-fi comic stuff. To albi2000: Sowieso aussehen wie ein komisches Material der Sciencefiction.
  13. The English Translation would be, Heading: Why can we be humans so brutally and murderous? Humans are brutal, the Alien are debt. Also the extraterrestial ones had war with other peoples before X millions years always again.A race was developed technically high and mastered nearly all their daily work automatically with push of a button. Thus they forgot physically to work, became all overweight and could not with attacks not sufficient to the resistance set itself. Therefore they needed humans, who fought for them, i.e., they bred Legionäre. Since however humans were initially not malicious, they had to reprogram these genetically. They implanted the bad to you, so that they can fight and kill others. But once passed then the following, combat-effective humans rose against their rulers, defeated it, so that these had to flee on another planet. These took themselves then again humans for this purpose, but so that the same again not repeated, they have as a precaution with gene manipulation an aging process activated and also “on approximately 1000 years reduced „the date of expiry. In old writings is again and again the speech that the people reached in former times one 1000 year old Methusalah age.) That would be a short explanation, why into each Men also the bad is. Many cannot deal with it and control themselves also in attractive situations, some however. These extraterrestial ones were regarded again and again of humans as Gods. Sounds like a fairy tale, is however logical. Does someone know something else? w w w . a l l e n b a c h - u f o . c o m
  14. In your case, you need not search for a guru. The guru will come to you. Just wait for the time to come.
  15. Dear jsavage, this phenomenon is nothing new and nothing to get disturbed about it. This is a carry over of your previous birth. There have been instances where people have felt something in their hands, a picture or place or an event when they close their eyes, strange perfume smells and many other such phenomena. It is believed that anything devine will not be lost with the end of a birth. It will carry over. Thats the reason you have continued your meditation and started feeling things at a early stage coz you already have it in you naturally by birth and just the question of bringing those forces out. You will soon find a Guru also coz nothing can continue without the intervention of a Guru. By your words, it seems that you are neither an indian nor living in India. The word of caution is to not get carried away with these small 'siddhis'. It will fade away soon the more you use it. Just continue on the devine path you have found and tell your spouse not to get too worried about this. Coz anything devine need to be continued than feared. Our dear friend on this forum Ravindran Kesavan is much knowledgeable in this area. Send a personal message in case he didnt see your post. You will get a best reply.
  16. Dear Paarsurrey, infact Mukti means Salvation. Not to be born again. The debate was, is it possible. Is the theory correct? If yes, why, if not why? To my knowledge in this thread, i have use the most common laymans language in all my postings except where I had to reply to any other posters opinion. Similary, there are many posts by Ravindran Kesavan, Bart Happel, Radhika Kulkarni where you do not need any pre-requisits to understand salvation. It can be discussed more scientifically also where many of us have tried to do keeping in mind that we dont belong to the past anymore.
  17. Hey Justin, you still there. Nice to see you back. Thats why threads like these bring on those old memories. Dark Warrior was too good. Infact i invited and messaged him several times to be back with no avail. Like Kaisersose said, he was more level headed than most of the guys around.
  18. Again, for those who came in late, especially paarsurrey, look at this thread. The most scientific thread I have come across. Paarsurrey, just read the three threads that have be enlivened for your grace. You will know the strength of the readers and the postings they have done. Your cut and paste of materials of the west will hold no ground.
  19. Again for those who came in late, this is another top-class thread of Bija and all of them can get to know the scholarliness of Dark Warrior in this thread. Absolutely marvellous. A true Vaishnava.
  20. To the people who came in late, I just couldnt resist to enliven this thread for it has too good things that one can think of. The posts of Dark Warrior, Bija, Ravindran, Radhikakulakarni, Bart Happel, Ramanadasi, Kaisersose (Shvu)...etc are mindboggling. Moreover, you will be surprised to know the amount of interest the threaders took to visit this thread for its content.
  21. No. Hinduism is not the mother of all religions coz its not a religion at all. Religions are based on a founder and the founded material. Hinduism is the name given to the set of common beliefs spread across a sphere. It does not have any founder. The beliefs of different regions are subject to practices followed and that prevailed in their regions. Every other religion has a realised soul who had followers of his belief. But not the case of Hinduism. To an extent, the Greek God beliefs and the Jewish beliefs are also very ancient and do not have founders.
  22. I have read it. But found that it has more glorification to the manifest than the reality of the unmanifest. Given a practical thought, it is told in the gross sense. Some may like it but for those like me who search for more, it wouldnt be convincing like Advaita may not be convincing to the Author of the book you have mentioned. The 'As it Is' book surely does not contain any material what I said coz it is based on a school of taught. Now coming to the YOU, ME and Krishna factor. Let me convince you in your own point of view. You say, Krishna is the Supreme Being=Brahman/Conciousness Krishna created You/Her and Me - From where did he create? The answer is simple. It cannot be from anything outside him or else he is subject to finity. So he has to create You and Me from Himself. Now, tell me, who is you, me and Krishna? Arent we the same?
  23. Hey Suchandra, what has happened to you and Amlesh?? Guys control yourself and let off this mud slinging. For the sake of the one you both love and agree in common. Lord Krishna.
  24. If you think your knowledge of quoting is your description of real knowledge, so be it. No comments.
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