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  1. hi please read my question again , I want some who has read all the puranas / vedas to answer my question - if yes / no - with a proof - if no I need explanation why not - if Narayana and hari - 2 males can give birth to ayyapan - y cant bro ans sis marry ????????????????
  2. hi everybody thank u for all these ...........but.................would some one really discuss on my original question - " have gods or demigods like indra etc., married their own sister?"...if some one has read all the puranas thoroughly can u answer this question with proof or example..please???????????/?
  3. Hi My friend says it is common among gods to marry sister ..that is brother sister marriage is seen among gods - is this true ? Can some one share your knowledge in this ? Is there any example in hinduism or in Hindu gods where a brother has married his sister? Is it possible ? Please explain if it is true ... if this question is wrong please ignore
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