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  1. Dear Josh, kindly refer this link http://www.indiadivine.org/audarya/advaita-vedanta/89666-spiritual-death.html
  2. Theist, that was too good indeed. Hope all Vaishnavas understand and follow this. And they do. People like Dark_Warrior has all regards in all circles coz of his beautiful standpoints and even Bija was extatic in his bhakti. Kudos to them. But the bottom line is you never get liberated unless you cease these ornaments called Karma/Bhakti/Gnana. They are the final bondings onto liberation. Anyway this doesnt apply to Iskonites who are not Vaishnavaites at all.
  3. Srikant: Yes! Srikant: yes...unless you stop thinking from the mind. Srikant: Absolutely yes. Believe it or not. Have you read 'Autobiography of a Yogi'? If you havent, read. You will get an example from it. Your imagination. Who decides the realized person? Again, YOU. You dont know what you are speaking. Conduct yourself as SELF, yes, there is no Karma. But is this the conduct thought to you and consider it as the Conduction of the SELF? Its upto you now to decide where is real knowledge and where is ignorance. Hope I have answered all your questions.
  4. Come to the point you fool. Are we talking about any Tattva here? You have this habit of coming to conclusions before stepping in. Let me tell you a small Zen story. A Zen teacher along with 3 of his disciples was about to cross an overflowing river. There was a beautiful girl who was also wanting to cross the river. She asked the Zen master with all reverance to help her. The Zen master just lifted her, made her sit on his shoulders and after crossing the river, left her on the other bank. The disciples were disturbed at this sight. They asked their master, 'You teach us to maintain austirity and yourself carried that girl. How could you?'. The master smiled and replied, 'I left the girl already on the bank. But you people are still carrying her on your mind.' This story applies to people like you, dear Ranjeet More. All the best. Hope you learnt something. If you do not have a logic to prove your standpoint, all you can do is scratch yourself till you get red all over. Re-read all your posts and my answers. You will find who has personal envy, against whom and against what?
  5. Yes indeed. Infact, both the volumes (1 & 2) are of equal weight. Infact, when I first started reading it about 8 yrs back, it was all greek and latin for me. But indeed we do require either high philosophical knowledge or yogic experience to understand what is written. But it is the most scientifically appaling and appealing book in this mind/brain regard. Also the book 'Thoughts and Aphorisms' by Sri Aurobindo is quite touching the subject.
  6. If you have read the works of Madam Blavitsky or Aurobindo who has worked extensively on this subject, it is said that Mind never exist within your body. It is those wave forms outside your body that your Brain is receiving. Brain dies. Mind never dies. Even the Karmas are explained in similar way. Anyway, the Madam Blavitsky book is too huge. But if anybody really wants to know this, it is interesting subject too.
  7. All the best ISKCONites. You can go to any extent. Your bible is 'AS IT IS' book by the most profound Acharya who was greater than VedVyas. But anywhere in Mahabharat I have not come across any person other than Krishna,Arjuna and Sanjaya who knew Bhagavad Gita as it is. But you ppl have indeed found the 4th person who knew Bhagavad Gita 'As it Is'. Bhesh....
  8. Im wasting my time on you. I have tried, experienced. I give what I have. Nothing from the books. If you havent tried and have come to a conclusion that it can never happen, you have already lost before you have started the war. It can never happen. And you are not ready to accept richness either. The only thing if you could note in my posting that I will be most practical as I quote from experience. I have lived in Himalayas/Forests/Caves/done Parikramas/lived like a Normal person/studied Engineering etc. I dont quote much from other persons experiences. But you are not ready to listen. When you are already enlightened. There is no need for extra lighting. You dont have a question at all. Where is the question of avoiding any. Speaking can cause refutes and repercussions. But the end result must be fruitful. I can prove my standpoints. Can you? You spend time in asking questions. But do not have a reasoning or answers within you. Your level of intelligence is too less. Im sorry to say that. It lacks rationale and reasoning. Only then one can follow the shephard like a sheep. That is the truth. Not logic. Not just mine. Every human beings' intelligence has no limit. The limit is in the thought and thought arises in the mind. Thats a poem and not a prakara grantha. Small is Beautiful. Always. One is better than Many.
  9. Dear Ranjeet, if you have a standpoint, please put it forward. All I have tried and explained is my standpoints. It may not be convincing to you. I have no regrets. I have atleast tried instead of coming to conclusions like you who say 'Advaita is a Hoax'. So be it. Anyway, all the best. Cheers. If the last statement of mine has sentimentally hurt you, i am extremely sorry and I apologize for the same.
  10. Who does anything(bhakti/gyana/karma etc). Yourself. You are the only creator of your destiny. Nobody else can interfere in it. They can just postpone it. This is not a challenge at all. Thinking happens through the mind. Awekening happens when mind stops or you stop thinking. Try. You can. That is the natural tendancy of the mind to seek the best always. Just like a wave, the mind too recedes after creating many waves of thought. Truth is infact the cheapest and most naturally available thing. We just have to realise that. Hmm...thats impossible in the way you think. If you try to control your mind, you are trying to do something. It creates more thoughts. Its impossible as you say. But not trying anything makes it to recede naturally. It is natural. It is not at all difficult. You have to be patient and just be a drsta(a witness) to your thoughts. This art once mastered, controlling your mind will be as easy as the back of your hand. Believe this. It is true. Intelligence is limited as long as you associate it with your mind. Indeed you will grasp the encompassing existance. Try. If you think I am fooling anybody, so be it. If you are happy with what you have, so live with it. What has Shankara got to do with me? Look, until I or you are trying to become a Adi Shankara or a Srila Prabhupada, we can never be ourselves. So, I am myself. Adi Shankara is Adi Shankara. What is your proof of satisfaction? It would be wise to read your own post and the answer I have given again. Where did I compare? Who is doing it? I say All is One. You say 'All are different'. The sansar is in your mind. Not mine. When you can restrict God to an area, I can guage you level of intelligence. What can I say to all these, i can just say 'So be It' whatever is true for you, live with it and moreover, do not quote Adi Shankara or compare him with anyone coz you dont know anything about Advaita or Adi Shankara or neither your peers do. Go and read Tattva Bodah/Atma Bodah/Vivekachudamani. Only then you can understand the works of Shankara. I think you are listening to these works for the first time. Cheers.
  11. If Ekalavya or Karna were not tricked by Drona/Indra/Krishna/Kunti, Arjuna is like a mosquito. Infact without Krishna, he couldnt survive his own son Babruvahana who killed him. To that extent, infact Abhimanyu was greater than Arjuna as a warrior.
  12. One need not be affiliated to any school of taught to be realized or else there wouldnt have been any Avadhoots in this world. Your dear Sukamuni also was a avadhoot. The above clearly denotes that you know nothing about Brahman. You think that it is some entity which we would like to associate or be with. The whole Vedanta talks of Brahman. Understand this simple verse 'Yatha Pinde, Tatha Brahmande'. Jagat mithya is true for your son. He would have gone anywhere with Brahman(Hell/Heaven). Not you. Still you are thinking this Mithyam to be Satyam. Wake up to reality.
  13. Dear Theist, Indeed a good question again. Take a big container. Put different objects into it. Close it. What do you see? The Container. What is inside. Big/Small/Huge/Tiny/Cheap/Costly/etc...differences. The Cosmos is a container regulating the activities of all within it. The container has boundries and the Brahman is unbound and infinite.
  14. If you are logically sound, answer these questions for yourself. 1. Who made you/Me/All/Everything? Ans: God. 2. From where did he make all these? Ans: If he needs something apart from him to do things, he is not god. He is a dependent entity like you and me. So, he must have created everything out of Himself. When we distant apart from him, we look minute and God looks huge. But once you understand that 'I am That' or 'Tat Tvam Asi', all your fear vanishes. 'That' entity is called as Brahman/Consciousness/God/Allah/Pundarika etc. I think you have no contradiction on the above but to accept it. Take the example of your own mind? Is it real? Real in Shastra means that is True in Past/Present/Future. When light comes, darkness vanishes means it becomes light itself. But light doesnt become darkness. That is just an example to understand as to how the Jeeva merges with the Parama. Good question. The answer is simple. Where there is Mind, there is Maya. The play of the delusion of mind creates this difference. Kill the mind first by meditation to experience the truth.
  15. You want Kripalu Maharaj to be addressed as Sri,.. etc. But your first line shows your line of respect to the Adi Guru. Anyway, whats in a name? First of all do you know what Brahma Sutra Bhashya contains? Have you tried to understand? Have you read Shankaras version? I bet not. Myself and Ramanadasi had arguement on Brahma Sutra Bhasya in a different forum. She was more meaningful and had her quotes to prove her points where as you dont. Empty vessels make more noise. ___________/ Brahma Paramatman*-- Vishnu ---------------\ Maheshwar The basic 3 charecterstics of Atman is 'Creation/Control/Destruction'. These basic 3 charecter have been given 3 forms. Brahma/Vishnu/Mahesh. Understand BS and Advaita before coming to conclusions. Thats the reason it is said, understand the nature of your true consciousness within you. You will know all, the core of creation. If you get stuck in arguements over the forms of the trimurthis/trigunas, you can never know the truth behind it. Practice. You too can realise. But if you are happy doing what you are doing and being where you are, be happy. So be it.
  16. The so called 'THING', Maya is nothing but 'That which is bound to time,space and change. Rest is Satyam. Truth. I think this is the most simple way to define Maya. The word Maya is indeed used to differentiate and bring your focus to the Satyam. Once Satyam is realized, Maya vanishes. Got the point? The core of creation is known and everything around you including you will be revolving in the consciousness of Brahman where only experiencer exist. The light is put on and the darkness vanishes.
  17. Thats all u have understood. Here is some more what you need to. Satyam - That doesnt change, that existed, exists and continue to exist. Mithyam - That which changes with time. Lets read the Mahavakya now 'Brahmam Satyam, Jagan Mithyam'. Now, tell me what your oh-oh-storymongers think of this? Once this knowledge seeps in, the concentration goes on just one aspect i.e., yourself. Your true self. Satyam, that should be the goal of life.
  18. I dont quote from any bhashyas. Yes, since i follow a monoist stance, Advaita is more lovable for me. But, to understand the truth, we need not sit and dig out the meanings of what the past acharyas have made. If we use our own brains, sense, be more rational in taught to leave aside the story books, the truth dawns on any sincere spiritual seeker. Need not be from any school of taught. If you believe that God is a form of All Energy, you must be knowing that energy can be converted to one form to another. That proves the differences that one single consciousness can take. Thats a hint to all this creation. Findings and speculations cannot araise out of unintelligence. Mind it. There wouldnt have been doctors and engineers and scientists without findings and speculations. No invention is possible. The spiritual giants whom you are talking about have no ground. Especially Madhvacharya whose 'Tattva Vaada' stood no ground and has its place confined to one small region in the Kanara region of Karnataka. Sri Ramanujacharyas VA was more realistic approach which helped to encourage both the form and formless unlike Advaita. You have seen yourself and mentioned in your own words the names of many so called Acharyas. Ramanuja differed with Shankara, Madhva differed with both and Purnadvaita differed from all. It is upto you to wake up to reality or get lost in the differences of the past. Live in the present. Lets accept the reality that you or I cannot think like Shankara,Madhva or Ramanuja and lets think like Srikanth or Ranjeetmore. That would be more prolific and realistic.
  19. As long as you conduct yourself as 'I am the body', you are bound with Karmas. The nature of consciousness is to balance. When you do something, it is balanced ie., you get something. It is a natural process. You do something bad, you get that. You do something good, you get that. If you are Rajasic and keep on doing, you will be tamasic in the next generation where you keep on receiving. Yes, no ledgers maintained.
  20. Who taught you this? Lets make it simple. You ask that if everything is same, why can i think like you and you cant think like me. Why not? We havent tried. If you raise your level of conscience to that extent, you can do anything, become anything, see the future, past and present. Any teacher of Advaita concept would have no attachment to his body. There is something called Karma if you know. You write your own destiny. By saying so, you have indirectly slapped yourself. Think again.
  21. Ranjeet, now that you have an authentic question, If I or you pervade only our body, we wouldnt know anything outside the body. So, we are also pervading outside it. Outside it means, the entire Universe is pervaded and pervasive. If you can tune your senses properly through proper meditation you can also know the pervasiveness and your unlimited power. Purnamadah.....Purnameva Vasishyate which says, the Truth is considered as one, if you suppose to take anything away from the one, it is nothing but the truth itself. It is Indivisible. The same truth in different forms. Ajayamaano Bahudaa Vijayate. For your astonishment, I can go to the extent to say, that even a stone is conscious. It is expressing itself as a stone. The donkey cannot think due to lack of intellect. It has only reflex actions. Understanding is where intellect works. That is the reason Man is considered the most sacred creation. So, the end result is that until man expresses himself as the body, he cannot know himself. When man learns from the stone and tries to express his true nature, he can immediately know how the formation of the whole universe has happened. Tell me one thing. Where can you feel Shani dev/Surya Dev/Shukra Dev/Guru Dev/ etc Dev? All effects are felt within you. So, if there is no You, there is nothing else. You means, not your form now. You were there, are there and will be there in one or the other form. Thats the main reason to tell 'shift focus onto yourself'. Hope you got the point. By the general definition of Sanity, it is indeed NONE. The general definition is limited to the Adi-Bhautik truth only. The Adi-Daivik and Adhyatmic truth is quite different. That is why people like Sri Ramakrishna Paramahamsa and Sringeri Jagadguru Sri Chandrasekhara Bharati and many more are considered insane. If Sukamuni came to this world now, you will be the first to tell he is insane coz of his looks. That proves spiritual sanity is different from worldly sanity.
  22. Do not deviate your thoughts to the Advaitins. They will never accept your point of view. Advaita is more a scientific concept. Your concepts are only based on story books. Not even Vedanta. You call those storybooks as pramana. You forget about your own conscience when you search for pramana outside you. Know yourself first. Your quotations like ' He said this, he said that, so this is that and that is this is not convincing'. You can convince others only when you stop quoting, start thinking, writing whatever you feel. One day you would have found it. What is it? The truth.
  23. Quotes, Quotes and Quotes. When will you know them yourself.
  24. Yes dear. Agreed. But I do not need your endorsement to care or not care. I know. I say. You know, so you do. If you think I am Shani Dev himself, thanks. You have alliviated me to the highest position. You are my next victim of Saadey Saathi. I will follow wherever you go.
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