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  1. You seem to believe more in others than in yourself. Be strong so that anything can be achieved in its pure sense. Karma is something that takes its own course. You can diviate its course to some extent using Tantra but not escape from it. It can bring you more harm than joy bcoz once you are sucked into it, there is no escape. It is something like addition to alcohol and smoking. It may give you momentary pleasure but the end result is dangerous. If at all you want to indulge in this practice, please try it on yourself and not on others. Do not interfere in the karmas of others. You will have to bear the brunt seriously. Please take this as a friendly advice. Nothing here to offend.
  2. Mahashyay, no Sadhana is a waste. Well, regarding the guidance of a guru, you learn it more systematically and in an organized way. That doesnt mean that nothing can be learnt without a guru. To search the truth without guidance of a guru may be difficult but not impossible. What about Gautam Buddha, Mahavira, Jesus Christ and Prophet Mohommed? All were great souls on their own. Anyway, the truth lies within you. If you are Satvik enough, you will find it else you definitely need a guidance of a Guru.
  3. Mahashyay, the quote about ancestoral problem and the Pitru Dosha is absolutely correct. But in Dhruv's case, the problem has blown out after a period of time. The ancestoral problem can only occur only from the time of birth to you or later to your children and not in between. I find some initiation Dosha here. The seed of the initiation has not reached its goal and nothing more serious. Nizamuddin Auliyas Darga or a Shirdi Sai Baba temple can definitely be of help on this problem by removing the bad seed of initiation. Be careful while taking Deeksha in public.
  4. I really feel pity for your state. Indeed you have been brainwashed perfectly by your peers. Fool, where are you looking for god and what are you trying to prove? Have you tried to know yourself first or wasting your time in brandishing others to be a perfect Missionary. That pure conciousness is within you, your Pundarika, his Shiva, our Brahman, everything. Go into yourself. Realise now. Find the truth for yourself. Not in the Books.
  5. Brother has said it all. It indeed are the qualities of the Atman and all these three are interdependent and stay together. If there is no Sat, Chit and Anand does not arise. If chit is absent Sat cannot experience Anand, and when Anand is not there, Sat and Chit has no meaning and is unimportant. The catch here is, You can realise the supreme if you either realise one of the three, the rest two follows. The sadhak has to be smart here.
  6. Mahashay, Sanyasa is nothing that is given nor something to take. It happens with Vyragya. If you are a viraagi, only then Sanyasa is possible, but since you have plans after completion of 40 years, it looks that there is just a desire to explore Sanyasa as you have explored your life till now. No. Not possible. Forget it. I found some of my friends also say that qualification is a must. It certainly is.
  7. srikanthdk71


    There is abundance of Joy (Ananda) within you in your heart. When I give you a choco to eat and you eat it, you feel good. If the same choco is taken home, given to your children and if they feel happy about it, you feel gratified. This is Love in your heart. Your subtle has felt that Joy. In the same way, Sex is something where the Gross enjoys the Joy present within you. In Samadhi, this Joy which is experienced only for a few seconds in both instances, can be totally experience and the person will not want to come out of that state or rather if he is unconcious about himself, he can even be lost in it.
  8. Mahashay, Awareness as I understand is the Sakshibhaav (being a witness). When you are even in deep sleep and get up, you are still aware that you enjoyed a deep sleep. The awareness is always there. Spontainity is certainly the state what you have understood that evolves from being rooted in Conciousness, to be a witness (drsta) to every action. The action is pure and happens what you think and happens what you want.
  9. Only you will realise the truth when you leave this Missionary attitude, stop looking for answers outside you and become antarmukhi to find who you are. The parambrahman is Anant and Apaar. Even Vishnu needs to worship Shiva Tattva if he has to gain Samadhi. I agree that Shiva represents the Tamasic form of the Trigunas but only in Tamas, Laya (dissolution) is possible. Truth can only be found within you. Not outside you. You will also know what Advaita means and what Maya is. You will also know why are there so many hurdles when you try to reach the supreme. What is the purpose of Puranas, Devaloka, Kinnaraloka, Bhu, Bhuvah, Swaha, Janah, Mahah, Tapah and the end is the Satyam (truth). Just try to look from the perspective of Satyam and you will know what is rest.
  10. Dear Amlesh, I dont know what is your perception of God or what is your perception of Realisation? Is is just the Bookish quotes or have you experienced anything beyond books. If you want to have a fair debate please come to id srikanthdk71 and i am available. You can curse me or give me light if I am living in the dark or even call some of your friends to give you a hand. Please...
  11. Dear Friends, I am not here to argue with anybody. I am clear in saying Live in the Present. But if you find pleasure in glorifying the past, so be it. Live as you think you are right. So do I.
  12. Ghosts are ex-humans. When they were humans, they were unaware of their energies. When they are ghosts, still they are unaware of their energies, the sorcerers and magicians who tend to take such ghosts for a ride play with humans and not ghosts themselves.
  13. Dear Bija and other friends who believe Ghosts are superior, tell me how many Ghosts have got Self Realisation? Just because they are in the Sukshma form, they do possess the power to play with the lower forms but definitely not superior coz.. only a human being can raise above Demi Gods like Indra and Kinnaras even to the Highest. If you are irritated by a sukshma sharira also, only a knowledgeable sthula sharira can make things right. Better than that, only we can make it right. Only the person who started this thread can make it right. All it needs is a little bit of calmness in mind and the rest takes care of itself. Dhyan lagaaya nahi jaata, woh lag jaati hai, ghat jaati hai.
  14. Prabhuji, Destiny is something you bring from the Karmas of your past. Past means, not your past life but also your present life which you have passed till now. Based on the Karmas of the past, the Phala or the fruit of Karma is nothing but your destiny. At the time of birth, your destiny will be based on your Karmas of previous birth. Some of your destiny then has already perished now. Your new destiny is the present Karma. Coming to Astrology, Predictions.. etc., they are done in the present based on the birth time Karmas or on the Karmas already made till now. The birth chart is nothing but the destiny of your previous Karmas. But no one in todays date, can claim 100% accurate prediction coz, its become a business and business in Shastra is an offence and not Phalaprada i.e., it doesnt work. Hence, be aware, set your own destiny, go and find the truth within you. You will make miracles for yourself.
  15. Mahashay, you have the power to overcome any ghost. You are the supreme being among living creatures on this earth. Ghosts are not supreme. They are less powerful. Your cowardness and belief to raise above the situation has brought your downfall. Your mind is the biggest ghost of all. Some in this world love silence and loneliness while most of them get scared of being left alone. In the same way, if you catch that ghost which is playing on your mind and tame it, you will start enjoying the nature and people around you. Love your work, love your surrounding, no Temple, Preist or a Gaura...Gaura will work unless you internally get strong to overcome your own doing. You may have built and brought bad Karmas from the past which is harming your present. Deviate your Karmas in the right direction and enjoy your life. Last but not the least, kindly help such people who suffer with mental agonies and not try and put your institutional beliefs by asking them to read a chapter from Gita. If that is the case, a nitya Geeta Paat making person should not feel sick in his whole life time. Try and live in present. Realise yourself above any institution. Now.
  16. Has anybody here ever thought what is above Brahma-Creator,Vishnu-Sustainer and Shiva-Layakaraka. It is that conciousness which had a basic thought. Thus was a Creator(Sattva-Brahma), The thought was later given a shape and direction (Rajas-Vishnu) and when the thought dies, it is in darkness (tamas-Shiva). All these three gunas are in all of us. So, reach the Chaturta which is that pure conciousness where there is no need to get into lower level discussions. You will also know 'What Mayawada means..and also know to what extent the Holy name can help you'. If your Dhyana contains any one of the gods name, then it is not Dhyana, you are trying to adjust your mind on one form and concentrate on it. It should be above that. Formless. There the truth lies. Some call it Shunya, some call it Atma, but the experiencer know what it is.
  17. Become a Adi Shankara to speak about Buddha. Become a Buddha first to know what he meant. Both are Great. Buddha spoke about the Shunyavaada and everything ends in nothingness and everything evolves from nothingness. But Shankaras philosophy was to just question who is the experiencer? So there should be one and not Shunya. Shunya cannot experience but that ONE can. Hence the Not Two(A-dvaita) came to existance which again was reorganised by the later Acharyas according to their perception of truth. Ultimately everything leads to the Truth.
  18. Hello, People??? When Will You Stop Living And Glorifying The Past. Make A Bright Future For Yourself. Realise Who You Are. What Is Your Purpose Of Life? Glorify The Lord That Is Within You If You Are Successful In Not Looking For Him Outside You. Live In The Present. Break The Tradition Which Had Meaning In Its Time. Make Your Own Tradition By Which You Can Realise
  19. AncientMariner, come to the present day. Krishna Conciousness means not deriving experiences from Krishna. Rama, Buddha, Jesus or Prophet didnt derive experiences from anybody or from their past. They themselves experienced. So derive the experience what Krishna derived and not just waste time in glorifying the past. You can experience in this time of your birth or else you will just divert by trying to keep your mind on Krishna throughout your life and you will loose yourself trying to find the conciousness out of you. Come on, experience yourself. Now.
  20. People on this earth are born to enjoy, to be independent free from all distractions. If some theory was institutionalised, that institution will always try to project itself superior than the rest. If any thought was institutionalised on the first instant, then the person who has done it is NOT a realised person. He is a slave of his own theory. If Prabhupada has said this, he is a slave of his own belief and not a realised person (i dont think Prabhupada would have told this. It may just be another story to glorify ISKCON). Kindly correct me if I am wrong. When we have the independence to find Truth in many ways which leads to the same objective, it is not right to be Subjective and tell that only your way is right. Prabhupadas way is the path he found. Find your own path. Dont rely on Prabhupadas experience to realise yourself. No people like Krishna, Janaka, Buddha, Mahavira, Jesus Christ, Prophet Muhammed lived on the experiences of any master. It was they who experienced. So, experience yourself. Be a Prabhu, not a Slave.
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