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  1. Folks, With due respect it's you who seems ignorant; please refer to the book 'Kundalini Tantra' by Swami Satyananda Saraswati. He clearly explains the reason why the third eye needs to be activated before activating other chakras. Thanks.
  2. You are right about the difference in the belief system. My intention is to recite the mantra for a purpose. So, based on what you said, I require initiation, which is ok with me. That said, I've also learnt and recited Rudram and Durga Saptha Sloki without any initiation. I just prayed to Lord Shiva to help me learn correctly. There is still a part of me that says, just continue praying to Lord Shiva and learn SapthaShathi as well. But, I've read, not only in this forum but other websites as well, that it is dangerous (might lead to death of a family member) to learn without a Guru. Because I don't know how far that is true, I've held back. It is also the reason why I'm checking with a couple of senior boarders here. Just FYI...I'm not playing with any mantra. Thanks.
  3. I spoke to an official at Kancheepuram and he told me that Navarna Mantra needs to be given by a Guru. It is only after chanting this mantra 9 lakh times that the Saptha Shati inititation will be given. The person sounded a sticker to tradition and norms; it seems like the traditional (and correct) procedure for learning Saptha Shati. Just thought I'll share this info. Thanks.
  4. Dhruv, Could you please kindly recap the three mantras here? It was a bit confusing to locate them and then determine which three mantras you were referring to. So, just to make things easy, could you kindly list them here? Thank You. Regards, Rk
  5. Hello, Could you please let me know how and where I can get initiated into Srividya Diksha? Thank You.
  6. Sandhu Ji, Could you please suggest a good place or person in South India where I can learn to correct procedure to recite hanuman kavach? Thank You
  7. Got a bit confused - does it mean that the Hanumaan Vandana mantra is Aum Hum Hanumantaaye namah? Please clarify. Thanks.
  8. Hello, I heard the word 'Samayachara' mentioned here; do you, by any chance, happen to know what samayachara avarthi means? Thanks.
  9. I've searched the internet to see if there is any peetam or guru who gives initiation into the Navarna Mantra but, I couldn't find any. My intention is to memorize the durga sapthashathi so that I can eventually be able to recite the entire 700 verses this Navaratri, without the help of any book. I'm confused by info on some websites that say that initiation is required and some that say that it is not required. Regardless, to be on the safe side, I felt that it is better to seek a guru who can initiate this mantra and also the sapthashathi parayanam and teach the proper way of parayana. I reside in India. Any suggestion/guidance you can provide on who/where to get the diksha for the mantra and parayana will help immensely.
  10. Ravindran Sir, What the best place(s) to get initiation for each of the mahavidyas? I'd like to know authentic info about the Das Mahavidyas (not just Googling it). Is there an authentic text where we get more info about these vidyas? Thank You.
  11. In other threads you mentioned that the kleem mantra is the best, whereas here you have advised guru mantra. Could you please explain why? I'm curious because, Guru is my lagna lord. But, I'm aware that 'kleem' is a bija mantra for fulfilling desires. I'm looking to get married immediately. Therefore, my desire is to get a young, beautiful wife. I'm NOT in love with anyone. Which mantra would be best for me? Also, if you could give details of the procedure, that will help immensely as well. Thanks.
  12. I was told by a person who performs Bhairav puja that alcohol needs to be offered for Bhairav. Just got a feeling that this tantric puja, while it may yiled immediate results, might do more bad than good in the long run. Can anyone confirm if the alcohol offering is indeed true? If yes, then is this a good or bad (black magic) way of appeasing Bhairav? Thanks.
  13. Thanks for the info. I'm aware of Amrithanandanatha ji; however, I just feel excited about getting it from Singeri Peetadhapathi himself. Theirs is an established as well as reputed muth, being around for longer than a lot of these new folks. I just feel more comfortable with Shankhar Mutt right now. Appreciate your msg though. -RK
  14. Ravindran Sir, Does Sankara Mutt also give a Sri Chakra as part of the initiation? I have seen websites like devipuram, where they sell sri chakras. but, I'm not sure how authentic they are. Any idea as to who is a reliable seller? It would be nice to know of a guru who will give it as gift. Is there any such guru that you can guide me to? Thank You.
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