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    Respected Anu Pranams, There is no mention about how many weeks we have to perform puja. Are there any other requirements other than you mentioned? Do we have to do puja on every monday or tuesday or everyday? Please clarify. Thank you sesi.
  2. Respected dhruvbhura Thank you very much for the guidance. I regularly chant many slokas including sri mahalakshmi ashtottaram which you gave and also sri maha vishnu ashtottaram. I shall chant sri mahalakshmi's mantra which you gave regularly. Thank you again.. pranams sesi.
  3. Respected Dhruvbhura ji and other learned members My humble pranams to all of you. I would like to request you to give any universal shanti mantra in these times of economic slow down and recession. I observed there are many many people losing their jobs and hence peace of life etc. If you could give a powerful mantra for the sake of everyone universally it will be very very helpful for many. Also i request every member and every visitor for this forum to chant this mantra given by learned members not only for their own sake but for everyone's sake (like universally). It will be very nice if everyone chants the mantra for universal peace and prosperity. So I request you to please give a specific mantra. sesi.
  4. Respected learned members Pranams! Always, this question about death raises in my mind. May be many people also wonder what will happen afterwards? I very strongly believe in our karma philosophy. Also, in Garuda Purana many things have been told for the people who does evil on this earth and who does good on this earth. But the question arises that whether it is true ? Is there such thing like hell and heaven and are there punishments like that mentioned and also are there like swarga loka enjoyments? Our ancient sages could see everything. Are there any one now in this period of time who could tell authentically what will happen to the soul after it leaves human body? I believe that it will take another body (as our BhagavadGeeta says). I request any saint or seer here can explain more elaborately about the journey of the soul between these periods of leaving present body and taking another body. hari om sesi.
  5. Respected Senthil Kumar Thank you very much for your kind guidance. For me going to Tanjavur is not that easily possible. If by Divine Grace, we could go def. i will get my readings there. Meanwhile if i am lucky enough to get appointment from Sri HanumathDasan, then i will get my readings here itself. Let me see how it will turn out! As you previously said, i want to know about my Guru and other questions about spirituality. Please kindly give us details of your readings once you got it. It will help many people who are willing to get their nadi readings!! Hari Om sesi.
  6. Respected Senthil kumar I also tried calling him but he doesn't pick up the phone. May be his assistants are picking up the phone. They asked me give a call after march 15th. They refused to tell any other details. So waiting for march 15th. Did you ever went and had your nadi readings from Sri Hanumadasan? If so, how did you feel? Thank you very much for giving details which are helpful for many. sesi.
  7. Respected maharishiji Pranams. Unknowingly i asked my 2 kids to chant Sri Maha Saraswati's beeja mantra and they are sincerely chanting from past few months. But ofcourse, as Pujya Ram.Warrior ji has mentioned and guided to do Sri Guru Datt's mantra , they are doing in the beginning sri guru datt's mantra and then chanting saraswati devi's mantra. I am also doing in exact same manner but not saraswati devi's mantra but Divine Mother's mantra. As ram warriorji assured that 81 siddha gurus will be protecting when we chant sri guru datt's mantra, we felt very much assured and peace and with lots of faith continuing to chant mantra. But when i read your message that children should not chant beeja mantras i am very much worried as i wanted my children to get Divine Mother's blessings. Here i want to mention about a story of sudarshan in Devi Bhagavatam. He unknowingly chants Divine Mother's beeja mantra from a very young age and Mother protects him and gives him and blesses him with everything. With so much of faith we are praying Mother. Please guide us now at this point. humble pranams sesi.
  8. Respected Durgaputraji Thanks for your advice. You are 100% correct, but my basic purpose in asking my 2 boys to chant sri saraswati devi's mantra is to make them habit of sitting in posture and try to concentrate. I never asked them to pray for a particular desire. In fact, just we will do japa to please Divine Mother. If at all i ask sometimes to chant shanti mantras which will be benefitting for everyone. Please correct me if i am doing any mistake. with humble pranams sesi.
  9. Respected senthil kumar! I found out about Sri hanumathdasan very mysteriously! Hope this helps many people. The office address is Alagiri Nagar, Ragavendra Temple (behind Lord Vadapalani Murugan Temple) 044-24897491- House 9840906703 044-24831313 044-42663546 044-65430457
  10. Respected senthil kumar! If you are having the books written by sri hanumath dasan, then in that definetely some contact will be there. We are newly settled in chennai so we don't know anyone here. So i am requesting you to please tell us about him. Thank you hari om sesi.
  11. NamastE! senthil kumar! I searched web for Sri Hanumath Dasan but couldn't find any details about him. Also, if those books are in tamil i cannot read them as i don't know tamil. Can you tell me whether we can get the same books in english? Also, please can you find about Sri Hanumath Dasan and address and phone number of him? It will be very helpful for me and also to my friend who is in very much need of her jeeva nadi readings. hari om! sesi.
  12. Pujya Ramji Thank you for your guidance. Actually, i asked my son to chant Saraswati Devi's mantra "Om Aing Saraswatyai namah". Is it enough only to chant 'Aim'.
  13. Respected Ramji My pranams. Thank you very much for your kind guidance. I shall definetely chant that mantra. Can you tell me how many times can i chant? You told SRK will coming shortly back. Can you tell when and where He is coming? I am really blessed to meet you all in this forum. Thank you very much for your prayers. Respected Bhairoji Pranams. Thank you for your kind reply. There is no river but there is sea in my city. I live in chennai. But sea is also far away to my place and i need to request my husband to take me every week which may not be possible for him as he is very busy. I am really sorry for my helplessness.
  14. Pranams Bhairoji We don't have net for 2 days. So i couldn't check messages. I am sorry for my delay. Guru means, what i mean is everyone will have their Guru and if the person gets mantra and initiation from their Guru , then only his actual spiritual journey begins (this is as per my knowledge). I also heard that some will recieve mantra in their dreams. How to find Guru who is very knowledgeble and could see Divine directly? Is it possible to find such a Guru? We also love Sri Ramakrishna Paramahamsa and Swamy Vivekananda a lot. We do puja daily to them. We deeply regard that Sri Ramakrishna is Maha Vishnu who came to save people and Sri Sarada Devi is Goddess MahaLakshmi. In deep our hearts we always regard SRK as our Guru and everything. Also, one more request , as i said previously, doing havan even once in 2 weeks is completely impossible task for me because of my circumstances. I am a normal house wife and my husband will never accept all these if i tell him. But he himself is very devoted to Sri Ramakrishna Paramahamsa but because of various other reasons he will not allow me to do havan even once in an year. So please guide me is there any alternative ? If i do not do havan , am i not going to attain Divine Mother ?
  15. Pranams Bhairoji Thank you very much for your guidance. Havan means homam then in my language (telugu). Everyday doing homam is very difficult for me actually it's impossible by my circumstances. After chanting 1080 times can i chant mantra 108 times and do homam in my mind? Is it equally valid when compare to normal homam we do? Who is Guru for sriaurobindo and sriram? Please tell me when can we find Guru? Sesirekha.
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