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  1. Sir, You have mentioned that one must start with Mother Bala Tripurasundari.How does one start ?What prayers/sadhana must one who is starting off do? Secondly,how do I reach my Guru?I firmly believe he/she exists somehwhere.But I think I'm lost along the way. Please help Warm Regards, Meeta
  2. To all respected gurus in this forum, I have an intelligent 11 year old daughter.Altho I do not have the complete means,I want her to get the best possible education. Her date of birth is May 12,1997 and her time of birth is 06:24 p.m. I also want to put her into a reputed boarding school. I need advice on how to please Mata MahaSaraswati with regard to her education. What jaap/sadhana will help me get results. Please help-your experience will bring much hope to me,if she manages to study hard and succeeds. Regards, Meeta.
  3. Sir my boss is killing my peace of mind.She humiliates me and our team-members.She shouts at us and takes our ideas and presents them as hers.She gets fun out of proving us incompetent.Please help sir.I cannot leave this job and she is hounding us to death.Let me know what can help us.
  4. Sir,Our Griha Devta is Tirupati Venkataramana Swamy.What would the procedure be to gain the love and affection of the person one is about to wed? What mantra and how many times will give a good response to a girl whose marriage is stuck? This is for my cousin who was married,got divorced unfortunately,has a child and second marriage proposal also fell through. Complete procedure will help her a lot. Regards, Meeta
  5. To all gurus in this forum,pranaam. I am writing to all here on behalf of my cousin.her name is Vani and she was born on April 30,1068 at 1235 noon in a palce called Mysore in Karnataka. The advice we need is about her job.She got divorced in 2003 and managed to get a good job.She has not remarried yet(I had requested for help about this earlier). However,she is facing a lot of harrassment from her lady-bossfor the last several months.Her peace of mind is totally shattered.Since she has a child,she does not want to change jobs.This lady-boss is making each day difficult for her,tho my cousin isworking very hard and has got several awards in the last year-her boss bad-mouths her and is creating a bad-reputataion and hell for her everyday. Is there any solution for this? When will she get any relief?
  6. Suren and Nikhil sir and Deepa Ma'am: Thank you for the remedies.I'll ask her mother(my aunt) to try all this:Navagrah Homam/the kaal sarpa pooja/the chants etc. I havea humble request:please give me your email id so I can contact you,if my aunt requires. Warm Regards, meeta
  7. Thank you all, for the advice-I am deeply indebted. Nikhil sir: Thank you for your response.How much time will she be able to get a match by? Will this marriage work for her? Deepa ma'am,Thank you for your response.My aunt cannot remember any major occurance during the years you mentioned-she had just completed graduation in 1990 and was working.However,they did not do kaal sarp dosha pooja,only did sarpa-pratisthapana in Subrahmanya Temple in Karnataka. Suren Sir: Thank you for your response:Please shed some light on the situation-Do you forsee a marriage for her and when? Thank you all from my aunt Regards, Meeta
  8. To all the esteemed scholars on Indiadivine:I am a new member and am here with a unique problem.This is about my cousin.Her name is Vani and her birth details are given below: -date: 30th April 1968 and Time-12:35 in the afternoon Place was Mysore. The problem is strange.She is a kind,loving lady with a heart of gold. My maternal uncle married her off in 1994 but for some strange reason the marriage broke off-there was no reason at all.It lasted three years only. She has a child.She worked very hard to get a job and is now taking care of the child. we want to marry her again but for the past ten years,we are not having any success.there does not seem to be any reason-several astrologers have seen her horoscope.but none could give a reason either for the break up of her first marrige and the reason why no offer of marriage actually materialises. Some say "the marriage account has a problem"...some say "this is a life given to her only to be single and to keep giving-not for receiving".no one can suggest any solution-we've done so many poojas. We tried the method of thumb impression on palm leaves(kerala style)-but her leaf cam up blank!!We are at our wits end.Please help ...is there any soltion to this mystery at all? We want her married as soon as possible. Regards, Meeta
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