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  1. Hello, Do you know a Tantric guru teaching in Kerala (a reliable person)? thank you
  2. Namaskar Can "pratibhaa" be translated as " inspiration" or is it more "an enlightment"? thank you
  3. if for certain meditation nija-asana is suggested, it means simply, any asana I like, my own asana or is this a name of some asana? thanks
  4. hello As a preparatory ritual it is prescribed in one tantric text, that one should follow the rule of "hara-hari-vidhin" which is called "su-vi-dadadhat". can any of you help me with this? what is this in general "hara-hari-vidhi"? It is not Vishnuite but a Shaiva text. thank you
  5. well, on one hand there is a tendency to keep the rites & information about sadhana secret, but on the other hand, we live in a world of global village- mantras are being recorded and are so easy to download from internet, many texts are being published and research undertaken. There are many paramparas within Sri Vidya, some "vedizated"( if I can say that) some not.
  6. I agree with Durgaputra. The danger I can see here is that so many people are interested in vashikarana. It means so many of us want to manipulate other people?
  7. Thank you, I hope they will allow me to join the group. But samaya vidya can't be the same as samayachara. It is vidya(mantra) and the text recommands nyaasa of this vidya, however I don't know if this vidya is mentioned in any other scripture.
  8. Have you perfomed these prayogas or is there any reason why you choose this particular text?
  9. Thank you for your answer. What about "Samaya vidya"? I couldn't find it in Parasurama Kalpa Sutra and Vamakeshavri Mata However we read in Shri Vidya Ratna sutras about "samaya vidyeshvari". best wishes
  10. Well, I wish it was so simple. I heard from one tantric acarya that they use Samayavidya which is suitable for vira bhava . do you know anything about it?
  11. Hello Can you recommand me any text (of Sri Vidya) describing Vira sadhana and giving khecari bija? thank you
  12. dear Maharishi "UddAmara" means excellent,respectable etc. + "Ishvara" - the Lord best wishes
  13. hello I am a research student in sanskrit, if you have this tantric text in a *doc file or *pdf and you would like to share it. please contact me ( I am new here so I can not sen you a private message) best wishes
  14. hello I'm not sure if it is the right place to post this but i'm looking for text of Sesasamuccaya(perhaps with vimarsini) maybe there is an online version a *pdf. or text file I can dowload from internet? best wishes
  15. Hello, I am interested in Shakta worship in Kerala. I heard that shakta pooja of rurujit can be performed only by Sri Vidya upasaka, if so can you tell me why? As far as I know shakteya tradition in Kerala was inluenced by Krama and Sri Vidya, but can you give me some examples of this influence? thank you all
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