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  1. Well that was exhausting. The question was directed to you and needed a reply of you experience. Many quotations also can be made from smritis which is related to inner voice. But that seems irrelevent to the questioner. Paarsurrey.. dont you hear an inner voice at all? If yes, what is your experience? Share it.
  2. Just Superbly put in words. Inner Conscience do not play a part in Judgement coz again the Karma Siddhanta goes for a toss and indeed constant training of the mind helps it to attune or distinguish and listen to ones conscience.
  3. From where did the Guru get his knowledge? His Guru....and the tree goes on. It is believed that the knowledge of God flows through this tree. Now, coming to your Guru, he is infact a physical person. But you will agree God has chosen him to flow HIS knowledge to you through that Guru. Hence the guru qualifies to be the chosen one from God himself. That reverence turns into worshipfulness and nothing questionable. Anything arranged by the lord cannot be broken. It is just establishing and no question of re-establishing. If something can be broken, then he is not God. So you believe that there is a meaning to everything. Even somethings which seems to look meaningless at times derives meaning when the right chord is struck at the right time. Everything that happens, happens for good. You and I can just question it or refute among us.
  4. Video : http://in.youtube.com/watch?v=V1yggQOK1os Audio : http://www.astrojyoti.com/vandanatrayeemp3list.htm In the second link you have the transliteration also.
  5. Nicely quoted. A guru is like a bridge who can be a path to the almighty. You can go and come in that path but not build a house on it. But the institutional gurus of the present era first asks the seeker to build a house on the bridge thereby blocking the seeker in his path. The seeker is stuck in the beliefs of the guru and not go beyond it. In this case he is not a guide but a hindrance.
  6. Coz you derive that knowledge which comes with you even after you die. Why not? The guru parampara is very ancient. Without it, we wouldnt have derived any knowledge. If you havent gained any spiritual knowledge from SP or anybody dont worship. But when you gain that knowledge you reverence to the one from whom you gained it will turn to worshipfulness. To understand better, it can be said 'The best Payback'. Do not come to conclusions without experiencing anything. You need not generalise your personal experience. It doesnt apply to all. Well, eventhough personally I do not revere the ISKONites, I do believe that there are many many pure gems within it. Look, they believe in something formulated by their guru. Do you believe in something better or know better, you can always contradict. Contradiction without reason or logic is the height of foolishness. Coz you and I are not even that what he is. We should believe that he is better qualified than us to take us towards what he knows best.
  7. Whenever you are dealing with a situation, as Bhaktjan said, your own Intelligence speaks first. If your Intelligence is in tune with the conscience, you do not hear a second voice or in other words you do not give a second thought. But, if the result of your Intelligence is not approved by your conscience, you hear a second voice (many a times people say to give you a second thought refering to listen to your conscience). In such a situation of dilemma, always the second voice is known to be the voice of conscience. It is upto the mind to listen either to the voice of the Intelligence or to the voice of the conscience. Coming to the point of many voices, it is the serial of logics that your mind creates to overcome any situation. In such cases you hear many voices. But here too, any situation will be dealt with basically two parameters ie., either a yes or a no. Do or dont. Now, compare this to what Bhaktjan has said. For a change, I completely agree to his points. It is true and perfect.
  8. Is this what your seers taught you? My Krishna. His Krishna, Your Krishna, Our Krishna etc., man... if yes, bring your Guru first to this forum. I think his lessons are incomplete. If No, you are undeserved to be calling yourself a Vaishnava. Understand the meaning of 'Sarva deva Namaskara, Keshavam prati Gachchati'
  9. It is the same nonsense(what you say) was taught by Krishna to Uddhav. Accept it. Instead of saying so, just say, you dont know anything about Advaita. Tell me, who formulated your so called "Vaishnava Dharma". You people put yourself a border around you and call it Vaishnava Dharma. Do you know who is the greatest Vaishnava? It is Lord Shiva and guys like you keep loading tons of anti-Shiva material (thanks to the highest contributor Bhaktjan). What can a Vaishnava know without knowing himself first? Vaishnavism is all about setting your belief on Vishnu and not being Anti-XYZ. Such attitude of selected Vaishnavas are killing true Vaishnavism. This also holds good in case of Shaivism. And, if you really want a lesson or two about Advaita and oblivion of yourself, many of us are ready to make you realize who you are. If you are happy with your aggesive pampering, so be it.
  10. Whats your problem if a person is trying to evolve? Its just that you didnt get his point. He finds Krishna in all. Now tell me 'Is this Duality or Mayavada?', has it got to do anything with the tags Vaishnavite or something else. With regret I should say that it just shows your narrow bent of mind.
  11. Yeah, only we know each other better and contradict and follow one another so religiously almost in all threads. I have also given my reasons for not accepting in the thread 'Listening to the name of Lord in the lips of Mayavadis' and had a fair debate with DW. As a refresher for those who came in late, i said 'A single quote from Bhagavatam which is worshipped so dearly by the Vaishnavas finds no mention both in the works of Sri Adi Shankara and Sri Ramanujacharya. So, its existance in that period is questionable. But suddenly from nowhere it was all Bhagavatam in the period of Madhvacharya whose Dvaita philosophy finds respect only in parts of Karnataka confined mostly to the Kanara region.' ........................................................................... Who started the thread 'This Shiva is a Bogus Demigod' Nectar is in the panchakshari 'Om Namah Shivayah'. I have shown it. Try it. Nectar is in your Atma. Find its definition. It says 'Shivam Shantam Advaitam Chaturtamanyante Sa Atma Sabigyeyah'. It means any being is not devoid of Shivam.
  12. You admit that you are fighting a war with a leader in SP. This looks like a Jehadis words.
  13. Trust in yourself. The rest will follow. Be a guide to your mind and not guided by it. If your problem is an emotional one, the best way is to solve it so that it becomes a stepping stone for your future load of things to come. If it is something which is out of your reach of action, ignore it and dont spoil your life by pondering over a lost cause. The Best is yet to come. Always believe that 'Everything that Happens, Happens for Good'. It may reflect not right at that moment but definitely in the unknown future.
  14. To my knowledge Ramakrishna Paramahans did not 'Preach' anything publicly. His followers did. There was Shirdi Sai Baba, Ramana Maharshi, Nrisimha Bharati of Sringeri Mutt and many more. So Hinduism was not at decay. It would have been in Bengal which is even today suffering from decay of Spitiruality. All this is confined to Bengal region and not the Akhand Bharat of that time. Maximum of the Missionary activity took place only in the Coastal areas. Debendranath Tagore was a much more profound patriot and a spiritual master than his son who wrote the 'Jana Gana Mana Adhinayaka' in praise of an Englishman and unfortunately our National Anthem. 'Yato Mat, Tato Pat' was not only Sri Ramakrishnas belief but any individual who can visualise the world on a common platform. The common tendency of the Human Mind is to project itself superior from the rest. People who suffer from this tendancy act like Missionaries whose sole aim is to bring others to their path and believe in all ways of 'Sam, Bhed and Dand' in case of recently rediscovered Hindus and Darul Haram, Darul Aman and Darul Islam in case of Muslims and sentimental exploitation by the Christians like Healing/Prayer Ceremony etc. This is a common factor of all religions headed by Narrow Minded People.
  15. Just read the Bhagavad Gita in its original form (not translation but read the transliteration) again and again. You yourself will be the best translator each time you go through it. What others tell may not be convincing to you but when you find the answers for yourself, it will be more convincing.
  16. Who is it? When did he say it and to whom? People have seen them as Shiva, Jehovah, God and Allah as you have already said. No use of that 'I' who reside far from 'You' God resides within all. Not used to reside... always for all of us. If your God resides far from you, how do you know him? Perfect. In Gods prescence if you can forget him, then He is not God. Just an other entity who doesnt care. So that you need not do anything and become lazy till he comes. Dearest One, no abuse meant to your feelings. The cycle of Karma that you carry from this incarnation to your next is entirely dependent on what you do now. The above looks like the Christian Missionary words who say that all Christians after death will be sent to the abode of God via the savior Jesus Christ. Cheers.
  17. Thanks for keeping your routine work going. It would have been better if you would have told 'Authority of an Acharya who doesnt respect Advaita, Doesnt respect Shiva, Vishnu, Brahma but know only how to hate the non-ISKCONites and non Vaishnavas'. It was Agastya Muni who was the founder of Tamil Language who is reveredly called Agastyar by revered Tamilians. Now you know from whom did the Tamilians received the Rudra/Shiva Gyan. Not from SP. But his great great grand guru. Pastimes and playtimes are for kids and for those who think with the Mind. The pastimes and playtimes are intended 'Always' to pacify the mind. That was a lovely quote. Thanks. Your Krishna bhakti is indeed unquestionable. The only questionable aspect is your attitude to question the Shiva Bhakti. At some point, you devoted your life of Sri Krishna Bhakti, the same way, the others have a choice to be devoted to Shiva. When you search in the Vedas for the meaning of Atma, the only definition of Atma is 'Shivam Shantam Advaitam Chathurtam Manyante Sa Atma Sabigyeyah'. If you believe that you have an Atma, you are indeed Shiva himself. That is the reason why you believe that you are a staunch Vaishnava.
  18. I have got the previlige of reading all the feedbacks regarding Preaching. Preaching in itself means trying to bring the other to your level. That means to say that when a man feels that he "knows all" his overconfidence makes him to preach so that he will be in a position to counterlogify the other beliefs and make others believe that his path is the only way. This is not called Intelligence but height of foolishness in the spiritual circles. The Muhammadis(Prophet Muhammed), The Christians(Jesus Christ), The Buddhists(Gautam Buddha), Jews(Zarathustra) etc had only One Origin as their Base. That was their Preacher. That is the reason why Preaching was more necessary to them. That is the sole reason why Hinduism do not believe in Preaching. But offlate, religious gurus have started preaching like the Sai Baba of Puttaparthi, the Kalki Cult and many more. The ISKCONites believe in copying a Prabhupada by just imitating his every step. They believe more in becoming other than being themselves. Again, its the belief in a Preacher.
  19. The Story of Ajamila is a goofed up story to glorify the strength of the name of Lord Vishnu. If that is the case, the Karma-Siddhanta goes for a toss. The fruit of Karma has to be cherished by any individual on this earth. Even Rama(believed to be the avatar of Lord Vishnu himself) cherished the Karma of killing Vali in the Krishnavatar. If any Brahmana who is indulged in the Karma of a Killer which gives the qualification of Brahmahatya to him can just go scot free by accidently uttering(not chanting) a name which again accidently was the name of the Lord, it is hard to believe. If in the earlier life he had done many good deeds, he would have ended up in good Karmas in the present life according to Karma-Siddhanta where as here it is totally opposite. This is a total bogged up story of Chandamama.
  20. Dear Amlesh,Avinash, Bart, Bija, Justin, Jeffster, Radhamukunda, Kaisersose, Ravindran, Dark Warrior, Suchandra, Ramana Dasi, Radhika Kulkarni and last but not the least, my favorite Old Buddy Bhaktjan, It was a pleasurable journey with all of you people. I am on a long vacation and may or maynot be available for a period of time. Anyway, I enjoyed the company of so many seekers of Truth and eventhough we had many heated arguements, the love in our hearts for one another grew so much. In my case, it was especially for Bija. A nice party to be a part of. I thank the Administrator to have allowed to air the differences so freely on debate. I can with my experience tell that this is the only forum where there are so many knowledgeable people or people who are striving for knowledge instead of bluntly posting some website content and gather opinion which has mostly been the case of other forums which pose to be world forums. I cannot wish anything coz I know only Happy People can be the members of this forum but to be more formal 'Happy Soul Searching..'
  21. Hmm.. first of all where were you when the debate of Bhaja Govindam started? You just come in the middle, meddle and watch the fun. And dear, everyone in this forum knows who enjoys bad language and have a heart full of hatred. Learn to love. Only then you will be a man and have the manhood to overcome such language and not with mere strength of bad language. Ramanadasi, DW, Bija, Amlesh, Justin, Jeffster....how many of the staunch Vaishnavas? Did they ever use such words like you have done against Ramanadasi? Why dont you learn from your brothers atleast a little.I repeat, dont ever use foul language with your sisters.. never. Shave my head? Have you tried it on yourself? I have lived like that for almost 8 years now. If you are so willing to be my barber, you are welcome. Unfortunately so, I have to address you in personal here dear Bhaktjan. I apologize to the others for diviating from the flavor of the thread.
  22. Thats the reason I told that 'If you are adament on staying with the bhajan culture believing that there is nothing above it, its your choice'. So be it. And moreover no sixth sense is needed for common sense. That was a simple, general analysis.
  23. Whatever you think, is right for you. Oh yeah, nice student to a great guru. Whatever you think is right for you. Read again. Again I repeat, 1. Take a favorite bhajan of your choice. 2. Sing the same bhajan for just 10 times. Your enjoyment the 10th time with not be the same of the 1st time. Why? If it were God, then why do you get lesser enjoyment the 10th time and not multiplied by 10. Try Meditation. It is practical experience. The more you are into it. The more you gain. Try. No harm. Only gain. But if you are adament to cling to your Bhajans, All the best.
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