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  1. I got it Bhaktjan. But I see in all forums he just does a quote and I havent seen any true knowledge emerge out of his own brains. If at all something emerged, it would be those good words he has chosen to write. A try is better than a hogwash.
  2. First of all you have totally misunderstood and misinterpreted the concept of soul and god. All you know is that 'We have sense organs. God should also have.How can he sense anything without it'. The answer is simple. 1. Soul is not conditioned by senses. Sense organs are conditioned by the soul.(hope you understood this) 2. God need not have sense organs to experience. When HE is everything. He need not experience anything special. He is you and me. He need not experience you and me seperately. 3. What is it that lights up your eyes, hears in your ears, taste in your tongue, say via the vocal chords? It is just one. Where is that ONE within you. Well, find it out for yourself. You can. In a second, you will be a Gnani. You say that you understand that we are the spirit soul encased in the physical body. Exactly. The true nature of that spirit soul is happiness and enjoyment. It comes out through these sense organs little by little when encased in this body. But what is your true nature. It is abundant.
  3. Below is the Shankara Bhashya for the above. I find that this is more realistic and convincing to all (Hindus/non Hindus/Krishna believers/non believers) The unintelligent, unaware of My supreme state which is immutable and unsurpassable, think of Me as the unmanifest that has become manifest. Abuddhayah, the unintelligent, the non-discriminating ones; ajanantah, unaware; mama, of My; param, supreme; bhavam, state, My reality as the supreme Self; which is avyayam, immutable, undecaying; and anuttanam, unsurpassable; manyante, think; mam, of Me; as avyaktam, the unmanifest, the invisible; apannam, that has become; vyaktim, manifest, visible, at present [At present, after being embodied as an Incarnation.]-though I am the ever well-known God. They think so because they are unaware of My reality.
  4. Any form is a bound entity. It has a boundry. The question arises what is that which is apart from the boundry? Is is not god? It god can be bound and finite, then he is not god. He should be unbound and infinite. The maximum a man can think of is the Space. Mans mind has natural tendancy to think till that point. 'Akashaat Vaayuh, Vaayor Agnih, Agniraapah, Aaapah Prithivi, Prithiviyor Aushadeebyah'. Look here, it starts from Akasha. That is the max a mind can think. To think above that, mind needs practice. Meditation. You can really find the core of creation and also you will find that it exists within and without. So, soul doesnt consist of anything finite such as arms and legs. It is infinite and infinite should be formless.
  5. You take it in the layman sense, it appears what you say is correct. But that is not spiritual sense. Whenever and whereever Krishna says me, he refers to the me of you, I and all of us. Read the whole Bhagavad Gita again with this sense. You will find the inner meaning. When you read the Bhagavad Gita in the above said sense, there will be question of believers and non-believers for that supreme consciousness is the same within all of them. It applies to all and not only Krishna in the gross sense. There is a bit of arguement between the Advaitins and Dvaitins only on this point. Moreover, even Jesus Christs teachings tell you the same. It appears that Christ pointed towards him(his gross body) and said 'I am the Saviour' but the spiritual sense is quite different.
  6. Even the corpse has a mouth, ear and eyes. Can it hear/see or say? So, there is an experiencer who experiences through the sense organs. That experiencer can experience even without the sense organs ie., can hear/see/say without the physical body. The physical realm is the lower form than the astral and the causal. The realm which regulates all these three states is that supreme conciousness. These realms are downward compatible. Hence you can perceive only those species which are inferior to you. In the same way the supreme conscious can perceive all the realms of reality. Nowhere in the Bhagavad Gita you can learn this. Maybe it is confusing to you and the storybooks are more convincing. Enjoyment is still undefined. Right now, it seems that sense gratification to eyes, nose etc may be your definition of enjoyment. The knowlegde of that Enjoyer/Experiencer in you is the true enjoyer and you can only satisfy that by proper spiritual knowledge. Happiness lies not outside you. But you feel it within you. Where is that you? Try and you will find out the core of all happiness.
  7. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ramayan_3392_A.D. I found that this is just a fantasy story that if Ramayan happens to have taken place in 3392 AD. Whats the hue and cry about?
  8. If you are starting an Institution here are some clues. How can you recognize true devotees? A. One who believes and listens to you only and no-body else. One who comes in a Car. One who fills the hundi with coins/notes. How can you recoginize imposters or non-devotees? A. One who question you are imposters or non-devotees.
  9. Jesus was a great yogi. He had almost all powers. He did not use it when he was alive. Thats the reason why he resurrected after his death. Only a profound yogi can do that like Yukteshwar (disciple of Lahiri Mahashaya and Guru of Sri Paramahansa Yogananda) or a Shirdi Sai Baba. They lived for mankind and not to utilise their powers. Even Krishna did not use his powers to protect Arjuna. He used his wit only.
  10. This infact is a Great Question. The answer is simple. When god was given a form, it was a male form. Purusha. Why leave females behind? So the female forms were given and tagged with their male counterparts. This is the main reason for confusion and reason for many Advaita,Dvaita,Visistadvaita beliefs to be born. It finds mention only in Puranas and the elaborated form of Vedas. Not in any Upanishads which is a refined form. Vishnu-Lakshmi, Brahma-Saraswati, Shiva-Parvati are the various energies of the same Brahman ie., the supreme conciousness. Supreme God is not a supreme enjoyer coz the formless is just a devine energy.
  11. cnjai20 has a genuine problem. He wants a convincing and more practical answer. The quote you have posted may be convincing to you but not all. He has not asked you to quote but to give your personal opinion/help if you can. Instead, you seem to confuse him. Long quotes for such problems are not the need for the hour but short and sweet opinions. Secondly, to find the right quote, you need not study. Just do a search query on your net will bring the right quote. To get answers from outside is easy alway but to create answers from inside needs practice. It would be more wise for you to practice the second than wasting your time in becoming the channel and not trying to become the source. And obviously people will respect when you start thinking from your heart than to quote somebody. People will respect the great Vaishnava acharya but not you who couldnt explain what your own quote meant.
  12. Suchandra, i thought you were one of those who respected opinions. What is that foolishness you have observed? Tell it so that I can reply or refute on the same. Instead, if you say all this stuff, it shows that you do now have a basic knowledge but only knowledge of books and quotes. Even lawbooks are subject to amendments from time to time. Do you know how many IPC sections have changed since Independance? Almost 70%. Your acharyas have taught you great words and the path to respect. Keep it up.
  13. Why cant anyone in Human Avatar cannot be God? You are totally incorrect. If a period of time allowed polygamy and Krishna had many wifes, how can he be blamed for it and say that it was incorrect based on the current monogamy belief. The 'Bhagavad Gita' is itself enough to prove his stature of God. He never yearned for a position. He was a down-to-earth person. He was a chariotter to Arjuna inspite of his immense powers and knowledge. Krishna cannot be compared to any other Avatara. His life shows the perfect path to the future generation of Kaliyuga (the present we are living in). The balance he has maintained within the Grihastashram is unquestionable. A perfect Grihasta. When you remember Krishna, the first reverence that comes to your mind is the creator of the Bhagavad Gita and later the rest. He inspite of not being a Brahmana was having the knowledge more than any Brahmana possessed and he not only preached but preached what he practised. None can match a Krishna. He is a godly human with great qualities. All we can do is try to adhere atleast some of his great qualities in our daily life. Have you heard about the Grihastas Ramakrishna Paramahamsa, A Lahiri Mahashaya??
  14. Dear Sahana, you are talking about an Incest relationship. There is no example in Hinduism where such relationship is entertained coz we dont depend on a Adam and Eve story where the question arises what next? what next? Moreover there are examples where a wife has been abandoned for just desiring a Kinnara (Jamadagnis wife-Parashurams mother). This question is not wrong, for you want to know something coz extra marital relationships in Mahabharat may have confused you. None born to Pandu were called Pandavas and None born to Dhritarashtra were called Kauravas and Draupadi had 5 husbands.
  15. No need to show. Just practice for yourself. Only meditation will take you to the next plane. The rest (singing/mantra recitation/hearing to a Story of the devine) can give your senses a great feeling but once you stop these, your mind holds you back to its world. In meditation you are trying to kill the mind as far as possible. The effect is more profound. Sorry, I dont have the Hindu in me. Only Spirituality which has no tags.
  16. Be good to your fellow beings. Try to always tell the truth. In the game of cricket, the pace bowlers are aggressive because they think, when I can bowl fast why should I fear? So the same applies when you select between truth and a lie. When you can tell the truth, why should you lie? All that happens, happens for good. Do not think ill of anybody or curse anybody eventhough he/she may have given you pain. This much will do to show your devotion to god. To serve the purpose that we are here for. The rest Prayers/Songs/Mantras/Yoga/Meditation are spiritual feelers where you can choose any to suit your lifestyle and adopt accordingly. This is what I personally feel.
  17. Dear Suchandra, instead of quoting, i would like to share your knowledge of its understanding. Can you?
  18. Kriya Yoga Initiation,#44,First Main Road, Indira Nagar,Adyar,Chennai-600020 Vaasi Yogam, Universal Kriya Babaji Foundation, Numbers in Chennai, Landline: 39122371 Mobile: 9443831780 International Headquarters: BABAJI YOGA SANGAM ASHRAM Tamil 18 Siddhas' Shrine, No. 24/13, AR. Street, Kanadukathan P.O., Sivagangai Dist., Tamil Nadu-630-103, India Phone: 045-65-283-313 Chettnad Kanaikadu Exchange Answer Service (04565) 273010 Tamil Nadu Headquarters: KRIYA BABAJI YOGA SANGAM (Regd.) No. 5/2 Arulanandam Street San Thome, (Mylapore), Chennai Tamil Nadu-600-004 South India Phone: (044) 24643630 I think that should do.
  19. Dear Ahmadi peaceful Muslim, let me try and answer. I will not refer to any Mirzas or Acharyas for your convinience. Do give a try yourself also without quoting. Physical state: The sensual gross body where the soul thinks, 'I am the body' and acts accordingly. This is true for all living creatures that are all visible, microscopic and periscopic. Moral State: Moral to a Tiger: Eat the deer, Moral to a animal: fend for itself. Live like a parasite. Moral to a Man: Only man has declared it. Thats the reason it varies from place to place. You can observe it is more sexually biased(especially in Muslim countries). Morals are subject to time and place. The morals of a Indian may not look like the morals of an Englishman. Its the question of adopting the best listening to your inner voice(since you know it). Spiritual State: Different religions quote differently but all believe in the soul concept. The purest form of conciousness pervading in and out of every living and non-living thing or you may say the entire universe. It is called Energy,Brahman,Allah,God,Conciousness etc, To tell you the truth none of them have returned and told it. It is just in belief. According to me, it is the loss of the gross body to the soul which the soul was thinking to be it. It is one step up to ultimate reality. The best creation on earth called homosepiens is having one extra thing from the rest of the creation i.e., intellect. With this, he can attain anything, become anything only if he tries. So, the objective is 'To know the Ultimate Truth'. Means of Attainment: Many paths lead to the almighty. The Tree is One but the roots are many. Any path that you hold on to have a defined way. Traversing on this defined way is the Practical Ordinance of the Law in this Life. Next can just be assumed. I find it impractical to make a mention of it.
  20. Are you making sure that you are peaceful each time. Man, that can be made out through your words and framing of sentences. Nobody here is Anti-religion. But they can differ in opinion which is quite normal. If you still want to put it, put it as a base line like mine is 'Asatoma Satgamaya' and you may have seen the 'Hare Rama....',Haribol,Gaura Gaura,etc. Just add it there so that you need not type it again and again at the end. It appears automatically.
  21. I can guide you about the practice of meditation but not Kundalini Awekening. Ravindranji(Ravindran Kesavan) is the best to answer this. And to reduce Kama, involve yourself more in outward activities. Watch and play lot of sports, follow sports religiously, take an exam, learn something technical, many more things which can keep you busy all day and reduce such thoughts. Gradually it becomes a habit and such habits are good for health and mine. The donts are, restrict your friend circle out of the activities, gossips and even personal experiences that may bring in the thought of a wanting of experiment. Involve yourself more in such forums where some fabulous people around you make you think more of spirituality. The best pastime is the thought of the best spiritual experience you can have. Each person in this forum are gems eventhough you may find that they differ in personal beliefs and refuting strongly against each other. But believe me your best pastime will be to just read some threads on this forum like 'Listening to the name of Lord in the lips of Mayavadis','Is Mukti a Myth?', 'Does Free Will Exist?'... and many more which have more than 100 postings. Guys like Bart Happel, Bija, Ravindranji, Suchandra, Kaisersose, Radha Mukunda,Amlesh, Bhaktjan, Ramanadasi, Bishadi are too good in what they believe and know best.
  22. This is a very honest question. People just talk but the real challenge lies here. Kama in its real sense means desire. But I think you are referring to the liking of the opposite sex. Nothing wrong about it. Get married soon. It is natural for every human being to be attracted towards the opposite sex and nothing wrong about it. It becomes a matter of concern when the degree of desire is more than normal. Every human being has one sense organ which is far more superior than the rest. Some travel more, see more, some listen more, are music fanatics, some eat more and spend their life for it, some have the skin as the superior organ. The nervous system are perfectly organised and more sensitive than the others. You can even feel the smallest ant traversing on your skin and the weather changes can be experienced immediately. It would be better to concentrate more on these aspects rather than mating or thinking of the opposite all the time. Its just the question of utilising the resource in the right way. If no right way is found, the perceived way will always seem to be right and there are more chances of disaster than uses.
  23. Simple and Complicated both. No time frame for meditation. Simple. Just let your thoughts come. Your mind has the tendency to cling to the best and create multiple thoughts. Hence you just have to be a witness to your thoughts. This requires some practice. But nothing is impossible. Then you can witness that thoughts come and go. At some point the number of thoughts that arise will start lessening and finally arrive to a thoughtless state. Thats why it is said, meditation is not done. It happens. If something is being done, then mind is active on a thought and that is not meditation.
  24. Chanting is not meditating. Trying to meditate is as good as not meditating at all. Meditation happens and not done. It is devoid of thoughts. Well, Jin Khoja, Tin Paayiyaan, Gehri paani pet... This is meditation. Guru Nanakji is the best to reveal meditational values.
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