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  1. Please give one reference to your statement 'Shankara at the time of death' without refering the Iskcon books. First and foremost was SP who knew nothing about Advaita and termed it as Mayavaada and Advaitins with the R factor. What about others? Are you a Iskcon Jehadi. Is this the language you speak for your brothers and sisters? People like you should be either given immediate help or thrown out of this forum. The above statement of yours is not an opinion. It is personal attack. Dear Bhaktjan, HATE BREEDS HATE. Why dont you understand this?
  2. Whatever you mean, is right for you. All the best. Whatever you mean, is right for you.
  3. Once you are here, you are properly associated. We may have philosophical refutes but all here are absolute gems. Nothing personal attacks here. Only philosophical debates coz everyone is on Only one mission and that is TRUTH. By practice. Initially our egos feel offended. Gradually by practice, proper association can be achieved. Wait till you are convinced and come out of your confusion. Once you have adopted, you have to live with it like living with a wife after marriage. But this comes with you. All I can say is 'Welcome to the endless world of Spirituality'
  4. Heart of all activities. Spiritual Heart. Not Adi Bhautika, it is Aadhyatmika. Oh yes. This was not a Tattva Bodah or Atma Bodah. Just an other Stotram. There are many more like Bhavani Ashtakam, Kanakadhara.., Shiva Manasa.. If you try to find Advaita Tattava in every work of Shankaracharya and start debating, you are mistaken.
  5. You have moved far ahead of those around you when you have entered this forum. Look how nice are the people around here. You are making spiritual progress which comes alongwith you even after you die unlike the material progress of the ones you compare with yourself. You should indeed thank God for making you his favorite and to be in the group of like minded people who are seeking God with their own beliefs. Welcome to the spiritual party. Enjoy. Make Merry. Cheers.
  6. Coz.. he is going to apply his brains. Lets see whats he knows... Another reference of a story book. The above question shows you know nothing as to who is a yogi and what meditation means. Do you know, Meditation is not something to do, it is undoing or rather doing nothing. Meditation is Not Done. It happens. Read Patanjali 'Yoga Sutra' first.
  7. Ravindranji, I have also heard that the Beejakshari Kleem is used as a key. We use it as 'Ham Beejam, Sham Shaktih, Kleem Keelakam'. Can you give more info?
  8. Truth is truth. Nothing to reveal itself. It is to us who experience differently refute, believe and argue that truth is only that which we have perceived with our experience. Infact I have tried all ways even to the extent of a parivrajaka who begs and eats, lived in himalayas with loads of interesting things to carry with. Coming to the point of the Krishna Mandir, I agree that when we sing Bhajans, hear the glories of Lord, recite a mantra or a hymn, the vibrations give tremendous impetus and feeling to the mind. We repeat it again and again to gain the same experience. Imagine that if your very favorite Bhajan is made heard to you again and again, the tendency of the mind to enjoy will not grow more and more. Infact it becomes less and less. That is where the meditation comes to our help. Infact, Meditation takes you up and up every more you practice it. You will discover new energies, new way of thinking and realize the true potential of yourself. Why reject this experience? Try. To know about about Shankaracharya, read 'Sri Shankara Digvijayam' which is believed to hold the most authentic information about his time. Coming to the composition of Bhaja Govindam, the master once passed by a sanskrit scholar in Varanasi who was busy memorizing the rules of sanskrit grammar. Seeing the tension writ all over the scholar's face, Shankaracharya spontaneously composed a beautiful poem "Bhaja Govindam". If you are talking about 'Samprapte Sannihite Kaale, Nahi Nahi Rakshati Dukrinkarane..', Dukrinkarane is a part of Sanskrit Grammer. So, he said, when your end comes, these rules will not help you. I think that you have mistaken and are of the opinion that Shankaracharya himself realized on his deathbed that he had wasted all his time in writing Bhashyas in Sanskrit and had forgotton Govinda and now it was the time for him to remember Govinda atleast on his deathbed. That was not the case. Give me one instance where it say Sri Adi Shankara met his death or died in the age of 32.
  9. Shivam, Shantam, Advaitam, Chaturtamanyante Sa Atma Sabigyeyah Om Shanti Shanti Shantih
  10. How do you know what you have learnt is the real conclusions of Vedanta. I think you have just read loads of books with an Institutional Tag with no real experience. This debate can go on and on with no end. Generally most of them think what they know is only the truth. If I just remove all stories from your bookshelf you will be left with yourself to ponder with. Perhaps only then you can understand what I am trying to say. I have told you that I need no certificate of yours whether my beliefs are childish etc. etc. You people are busy decorating the Lord/Krishna/Shiva whatever with your hymns,bhajans etc., the original Lord can be visible only if you try and remove those decorations. Cheers. Hahahaha.. So nice.
  11. So be it. It says, they are one and the same.
  12. No ideas borrowed. If Abhaavadikaranam tells anything apart from the causal state, let me know. Nope. Thats exactly the gist of Brahmasutras. 18. The knowing Self is not born; It does not die. It has not sprung from anything; nothing has sprung from it. Birthless, eternal, everlasting and ancient, It is not killed when the body is killed. 19. If the killer thinks he kills and if the killed man thinks he is killed, neither of these apprehends aright. The Self not, nor is it killed. 20. Atman, smaller than the small, greater than the great, is hidden in the hearts of all living creatures. A man who is free from desires beholds the majesty of the Self through tranquillity of the senses and the mind and becomes free from grief. Oh yeah, "Ekam Sad Viprah Bahudhaa Vadanthi" - RgVeda. Refer to post #266 for what Vedas also say. That means to say, they were ONE, they became ONE. I am open to all thoughts. Are you? What do you mean by sectarianism? Arent you believer in the Dualist perspective? In the same way, I believe the Monoist and for my belief, I do not want the so labelled "Vaishnavas" to endorse my beliefs.
  13. Tell me you are not understanding what I am talking about. Thats all you know and believe. Read again before coming to a conclusion. Read all the 3 question and answers. Liberation is not for god, but for the individual who was the experiencer present in the Gross,Subtle(Astral) and Causal. Nobody needs anybodys certificate and they do not belong to the Patent Culture like you. Do you know A of Advaita when you have spoken all this. It is clear who needs a course. How did the oil form? What is the base of that liquid? Remove all stories. There is no dualist Theory. No Shiva, Vishnu, Krishna will exist. Now Justin, what will be the base of your Arguements? Absolutely true.
  14. Ranjeet, if that was the case there would not have been a single acharya after Sri Adi Shankara if it would be termed as speculative tosh. They would have stuck. Let me also tell you that without speculation, truth cannot be perceived. Theories should be true yesterday,today and tomorrow irrespective of changes with time. Now, the time has arrived to be more scientific and rational in approach where the Puranas look like story books, the Bhashyas of the acharyas are termed as individual opinions etc. I believe in experience and then tally it with the scriptures. That looks more convincing than getting lost and confused in the innumerous quotes and theories.
  15. Feel free to understand the essence of Advaita than blindly refuting it as monoist. We can perhaps continue later. Truely speaking I cannot understand your language when you say 'The Lord is beyond thought, beyond limits, cannot be perceived ...' but still say it has beautiful form etc etc. Which idiot told you this story? All the best.
  16. In Mukti/Moksha experiencer does not exist. Only Experience (enormous creative power) exists. No question of 'To Whom?' coz its devoid of the experiencer. Let me try this word by word. 1. Yes, Death of the body is a fact. 2. Who experienced Death? A. The experiencer who stayed within the body, who is present in all the 3 states (Awakened/Dream/Deep Sleep). The knower who is present even when your mind is absent in Deep Sleep. 3. What happens after death? A. Unless the experiencer is present, the experience is present. The question has already been tried to address in my first answer. Death is a fact to the Material body. Not to the Astral and Causal. Mukti is not an experience. It is a state devoid of experiencer. You are God and a subject to Creation/Sustainer/Destruction which will be your nature. There is no YOU or IT or HIM there. There IS. No enlightened person stakes a claim. Neither Jesus,Muhammed,Zarathustra or any of them. I think you are too poor in History before thinking so. Infact you know nothing even about Ramana. Think, Refer and speak before coming to a conclusion. Use your own brains. Do not try to be a mouthpiece of any organisation or belief. What else have you heard of? Unless the oil is devoid of impurities it sits seperate. Remove all impurities, it is water again. If you believe Quantum Theories can prove a philosophy, it means that the philosophy is True in all its respects. If you feel that story books are more convincing to you and the strength of your philosophy is dependent on stories, Cheers.
  17. Lack of proper evidence. Thats the reason I also asked you to confirm with authentic Advaitins that you know. Abhavadhikaranam tell about the causal state of the 3 encasements in our body. The above it true and correct. First of all, hats off to your Bhakti. Nobody can refute anything against it. The questions you have posed is very valid but it is subject to a boundry of belief. Posts # 124,140,165,166,182 by Radhika has addressed it on a global note. Please go through the same. It may give you a new dimension of understanding. Balastavat kreedasaktah, Tarunastavat Tarunisaktah, Vriddahastavat Chaintasaktah, Parame Brahmani Kopinasaktah
  18. I know that this is a Vaishnava Upanishad of the Atharva Shaaka. I believe that bhashya on Nrsimhatapani is not at all the work of Sri Adi Shankara. Only the Basic Dashopanishads are believed to be authentic. You can refer to any authentic Advaitin who will agree to this or you can even refer the Wikipedia also. It may be the work of a blinder who misquoted even the basic Ganapati sloka of 'Shuklambaradharam devam...' as 'Shuklambaradharam Vishnum...' and blindly followed till date.
  19. The verses are: 6.46 tapasvibhyo 'dhiko yogī jñānibhyo 'pi mato 'dhikaḥ karmibhyaś cādhiko yogī tasmād yogī bhavārjuna 6.47 yoginām api sarveṣāḿ mad-gatenāntar-ātmanā śraddhāvān bhajate yo māḿ sa me yuktatamo mataḥ The original Shankara Bhashya goes something like this. It is a word to word bhashya and not just a culmination. 46. A yogi is higher than men of austerity; he is considered higher even than men of knowledge. The yogi is also higher than men of action. Therefore, O Arjuna, do you become a yogi. A yogi is adhikah, higher; tapasvibhyah, than men of austerity; he is matah, considered; adhikah, higher than, superior to; api, even; jnanibhyah, men of knowledge. Jnana here means scriptural learning. (A yogi is superior) to even those who possess that (learning). The yogi is adhikah, higher, greater; karmibhyah, than men of action-karma means Agnihotra etc.; (greater) than those who adhere to them. Since this is so, tasmat, therefore; O Arjuna, bhava, do you become a yogi. 47. Even among all the yogis, he who adores Me with his mind fixed on Me and with faith, he is considered by Me to be the best of the yogis. Api, even; sarvesam yoginam, among all the yogis, among those who are immersed in meditation on Rudra, Aditya, and others; yah, he who; bhajate, adores; mam, Me; antaratmana,with his mind; madgatena, fixed on Me, concentrated on Me who am Vasudeva; and sraddhavan, with faith, becoming filled with faith; sah, he; is matah, considered; me, by Me; to be yukta-tamah, the best of the yogis, engaged in Yoga most intensely. [it has been shown thus far that Karma-yoga has monasticism as its ultimate culmination. And in the course of expounding Dhyana-yoga together with its ausxiliaries, and instructing about the means to control the mind, the Lord rules out the possibility of absolute ruin for a person fallen from Yoga. He has also stated that steadfastness in Knowledge is for a man who knows the meaning of the word tvam (thou) (in 'Thou are That'). All these instructions amount to declaring that Liberation comes from the knowledge of the great Upanisadic saying, 'Thou art That.']
  20. Another belief goes that Kalki will be born in Euro-West Asia(believed to be in Iran or Turkey) as a Muslim. He will have an impression of the Conch (Shankha) in one palm and Chakra on the other. He will migrate to India at the age of 21. He will have an aid from South India. He will rule most parts of Asia for 60 years. He will possess a Horse (Ashwa) of magical power which travels in air for most of his journeys. He will not meet a natural death. A Garuda (Eagle) will descend from the sky in his last days and carry him to the heavens.
  21. Smarta beliefs pertain to Smritis and not to any particular sect. Kaisersose is correct and I too believe that the brains given to us are for our use and not to hang behind somebody elses brains and get labelled as a Shaiva or a Vaishnava. People get stuck in the barriers they have drawn for themselves and you will be killing your own conscience time and again. Sanatana Dharma as suggested by RadhaMukunda is an apt word.
  22. All perceivable matter is nothing but vibrations of energy. Hence any matter can be converted to energy. There is nothing called "anti-matter". It would be appreciable if Bart/Ravindran or any good physicists around will be able to give us a better scientific analysis in detail.
  23. Dear Harihar, based on the work of Sri Ved Vyas Maharaj, many philosophers have derived different theories out of their understanding of Vyas Maharaj's works. Take out all Vyasjis works and Sri Shuk Dev Goswami will cease to exist and will any of the philosophies or philosophers and me and you and this forum also. He is the Guru of all Gurus and so the Vyas Purnima is also termed as Guru Purnima.
  24. Jeffster, I think you are confused between Vishnu and Krishna (thanks to SP). During Satyuga,tretayuga, nobody ever heard of the word Krishna. In Dvapara however, it is believed that Lord Vishnu came in his original form (as Krishna possessed the Sudarshana Chakra). It is also clear that even if the Lord decend on this earth he is subject to the Prakriti Dharma of this Prithivi (law of nature or natural law) ie., he has to go through the cycle of Birth and Death. This cycle did not spare even Rama or Krishna. You must be aware that Krishna meets his death when a hunter (linked to Vali of Tretayuga) kills him. That was a brief description of Krishna as gross. Now, coming to the Sat-Chit-Ananda aspect. That Sat-Chit-Ananda is the very natural nature of the Atman within you and me. Futher you say it is Vigraha, eternal body of Bliss and Knowledge etc etc. Any realized soul who possess the art of releasing his energy not from the mind is termed here. Infact Sri Krishna is one of them. The Gross Body of Sri Krishna who was in the Dvapara had the very same body that you and me have with veins etc. In the Vaishnava perspective, when the Brahman is given the form of Pundarika, it is said to be a form of Bliss Eternal. Bhagavan Vishnu again. Why do you call yourself a a Vaishnavite and not Krishnite? You believe that Vishnu took all avatars including that of Krishna and not the otherway round.
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