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  1. brahma kumar, Thank you for the information. I will look into that method. srikanthdk71, also thank you for the reply. I am not Indian, I live in the USA. I would love to find a guru, however, I fear that there are few to be found here, at least that I could afford. I will continue on my current path, I was mainly concerned for my Wife because of her history.
  2. Hello, I'm new here. I found this forum because I was searching google for answers regarding a ringing sound I hear in my ears when I meditate. My question however is now about that. Let me give a bit of background first. I am not Hindu. I am not any religion at the moment, and I hope that is ok for me to be a member of the forum. I used to be LDS (Mormon), but that religion did not feel right for me. I'm vaguely familiar with the basic beliefs of Hinduism, as I once visited a temple in Europe - but a lot of the words I've seen on the board so far are very foreign to me and I really don't know a lot of the definitions. Please forgive my naivety. I began meditating about 2 months ago using a technique from an organization called "Higher Balance Institute". I was drawn to the material as it promised a way to expand my consciousness and experience God, as well as experience a whole host of other paranormal phenomenon. The meditation technique involves clearing your mind, focusing on your sacral, heart, then 3rd eye Charka for about 10 minutes each while pulling Prana in through those Chakras. This is done twice a day to raise your overall vibration. I believe this is a form of Kundalini if I'm not mistaken. I'm only doing it once a day, but I've had some experiences. Ringing in my ears was the first, which when focused on expands into a harmony of tones and seems to increase the energy I can feel. I also see more energy, or some sort of static around me and other things. I've had some experiences with feeling entities in my home, phantom smells, things touching me, movements out of the corner of my eye, strange sounds in the house, etc. I'm excited to have these experiences, as I've spent most of my life frustrated by the fact that I know there is more to the world that can be seen with my eyes. I've just never known how to experience it. Higher Balance has their own forums and the community there is very friendly and helpful, but I always like getting as many viewpoints on a topic as I can. So now my question: My wife is concerned that I'm playing with forces that could hurt me. She's concerned I'm inviting dark forces towards me (and her) by meditating like this. She is orthodox in her religion, so she has all that vastly rich God/Devil imagry going on for her. She's had experiences when she was younger with psychic abiblities, entities trying to posses her, seeing demons, etc. I believe she may be more afraid for herself than me. I've never felt in danger while I meditate, on the contrary I feel better, energized. But I am very new to meditation so I don't really know what I'm doing, and maybe I am really fooling around with things that could hurt her. I would appreciate any insight any of you can give me. Thank you. -J-
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