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  1. Why can't they realize that it is time for people to stop giving attention to homosexuality. Blame the media, it is reason for these sorts of issues to come up and plague the church. If there is no light given to this issue, then it will not shine in this world and will not get attention. With out any one paying attention to it and with free conscience , the abnormal condition will cease to exist. If there is more attention payed to it, then more homosexuals will pop up in the future and the whole society will fall. But why can't the media realize that they are serving the snake by putting these issues in front of the public?
  2. In my view you are absolutely right, but to do the right thing is not enough, we need to do the right thing in the right way! We do need to battle these asuras , but battling asuras isn't taking a sword or a gun and stabbing and killing the asura, there are more ways of fighting these people. Taking a sword and stabbing and killing "Radicals" will only make their hate and anger grow. So, if we physically kill them, the asuras will die, but their Demoniasm will stay for the next generation to follow. Killing them cannot stop the asurism, it will just continue on to the next generation, then the kshatriyas will battle again and again... and again... and ...(goes on to infinity) and the "Asuras" will again and again and again rise... Then you may ask how do we battle these asuras? In my view, we battle them with disobedience. First the Indian government should stop spoon feeding the minority muslim people in India... To do that ... we need people to control the democracy, If the majority votes to one "party" that helps the middle class , then we could stop the spoon feeding. The problem in India is this: the Majority never acts as a unit and fights with in itself and the minority - "Muslims" vote as one unit. So, the politicians try to please the muslims because they get a chunk - 20% of the votes if they help them. If the muslims revolt violently then people should not react violently but use the Gandhi methods. Take their pain, their anger and their frustration. Take everything they have got for you and through that pain , you should show that you will not fail! you will not give up for our rights and you will not surrender except surrender to the supreme will! Then, I am sure that they will feel something... which would probably be compassion and respect. Their hate for you will decrease and respect for you will definitely increase and finally! they will give up. Because, they may break your body's bones... they will not break the soul... and the will that you with hold with in you. So, That is the message I got from the philosophy of the vedas. If the so called "Ksatriyas" can put down their swords and take the invincible armor of disobedience and will power ... then these asuras will easily fall. In my view, humility, compassion and truth is what "We" "Hindus" need. ------------------------ For more information on "non-violence", please refer to a book called "My experiments with the truth" by Mohandas Karamchandr Gandhi.
  3. See here or the attachment Oh yes, I would like to ask you to forgive me, I don't really write well when it comes to devanagari. But, the writing is accurate though.
  4. Every one gets initiated and leaves to Godhead but some (like me ) are stuck in this material existence for ever!
  5. Annamaya, Meerabai and every one else? Then prabhu , if one is very devoted to krishna but does not find a guru, would that mean he/she will not reach krishna?
  6. Or NOT. Well, I feel this is true because , if we just give everything up to krishna , he will come, whether it is with a guru or not. I don't think a living entity has to surrender to another living entity to get the grace of the supreme. Even though this is a little childish(because it goes against the scriptures) I feel really strong about it and doesn't krishna say , "Surrender to me with out caring for any religion"?
  7. I am waiting... come on say it! /images/graemlins/smile.gif
  8. I will love Allah if you type: "Hare krishna Hare Krishna Krishna Krishna Hare Hare , Hare Rama , Hare Rama, Rama Rama Hare Hare" On this forum! for about 10 times, ALL IN CAPITAL LETTERS AS IF YOU ARE YELLING IT. Then, I will love allah! and I will seriously do something very similar to yours.
  9. Si senor, me encanta traducir este oración: Dina = day Dina= day Gandam= danger Noorellayishu= 100 years of life. /images/graemlins/smile.gif ! In other words, in this short life of 100 years , we have a danger of death every single day. No body knows if you are going to live tomorrow or not!. Muchas gracias, pero yo no aprecié esta oración... porque quiero más vida y cien años no son mucho para mi! /images/graemlins/frown.gif
  10. oooh, I hate wraths of Allah. So, I will make a deal with him, I will love him if he says my krishna's name once! Call me if he does /images/graemlins/smile.gif Now, if you can't hear Allah then Please go to my other post that says "I will love allah because of you , if you do the following" /images/graemlins/grin.gif /images/graemlins/smile.gif
  11. But let's see what they do when a suicide squad from Kashmir comes at them with machine guns and grenades. ------------------------- It is so sad to hear that we have to carry guns at holy places because they too are in grave danger...
  12. We don't live in Vedic times and besides, how would you feel if a stranger devotee comes and sits next to you and he has a concealed weapon which you can see. Right to bear arms may have worked for "The Revolutionary age" but not now. You have police and every one else to take care of that... I think that for us to attract more people to chaitanya's movement, it is better to leave the protecting to krishna than take it into our hands.
  13. I am sorry, I am not trying to minimize the value of personal association but these are dangerous times we live in and it is hard to know who to trust and I know I can trust Srila Prabhupada. ------------------------- Very nicely said, I think you are right... getting a true guru is impossible today, it is better to stick with Chaitanya, krishna and prabhupada.
  14. I feel very uncomfortable when people are carrying guns at public places. And if I see a gun at a temple, the peace of my heart would be disturbed. I think it is the same for most people, the possession of guns by priests would make many people (like myself) avoid the temples.
  15. Eye flickering has effects? well my eyes flicker sometimes both right and left but nothing good or bad happens to me.
  16. his very unattached nature and bhakthi to the divine brings peace to our heart, that is, if we sit next to him.
  17. Goloka Vrindavan! - I hope, unless you are not a living entity
  18. You know telugu! that is so fricking cool!
  19. Mana Matru bhasha ki jay! anni ti kante chakkati bhasha mana andramma bhasha /images/graemlins/smile.gif just like, Anni ti ki chakkannaina prabhu manna venkateshwarulu (krishna ofcourse). Cuz the last time I went there they chanted Govinda all the way in the temple! it was great! Anyway, Chudandi enta chakkaga unndho aa ratha yi post meeda /images/graemlins/grin.gif
  20. and if they want security then they should make them black belt karate champions who fight with out weapons but effectively.
  21. He protected Gokula from the wrath of Indra, I think he does protect our material bodies. but he owns our bodies and if something bad happens to the devotee, it is krishna's mercy alone. If a devotee's body is protected thus avoiding the devotee extreme pain then I think its krishna's love.
  22. They say it in the bible to tell the Romans and whatever to stop worshipping Jupiter and Uranus etc. Krishna is always sweet , never says a harsh word! /images/graemlins/smile.gif You can call yourself I_love_krishna, but ... I am afraid that would create a confusion in the forum.
  23. Out of all of the scripts I love tamil
  24. You wrote Salena or something... this is telugu.. it is supposed to be Helena, not Salena. You must have confused yourself with Sa and Ha. There is a difference between both, but it is reasonable for you to be misled because it happened to me also when I tried to learn it. Sa is not written like that though. Sa is written with out the zero in the bottom. The Hetvam is not a check mark like we see it in Devanagari. Hetvam is a pitching syllable and tells you to use a certain pitch. For example, if you give a hetvam to HA, then you make it into "HEY". The difference is easy to see if we say HA(low pitch) HEY (High pitch) Your SA is like NA and NA is like SA , if you switch them, they would spell Nalesa.
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