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  1. Why horribly kill cows so badly? Why do you post such things here ? You brought me great grief with this and I would like to thank you for it . I think ignorance is bliss, but now with the knowledge of such horrible things, I will never drink milk again.
  2. The basic fact in hinduism is , God is very near to you, yet very far. In other words, this whole universe along with all millions of multiuniverses is made up of God. You have no individual existence apart from God, because God is like water and you are like the droplet. So, he is Omnipresent because he is everything. The God is not just everything, he is different from it. For example, you are your finger, yet different from it right? you are not just your finger, you are your other fingers with hands and legs and a brain (to think) and a heart(to give you life) .... Just like that, he is everything yet different from it. _______ So, that is the first lesson in knowledge which is taught by people much smarter than Einstein and definitely more smarter than Muhammed. The intelligence that they possessed made them write vedas which compose of mathematics, sciences, philosophy, astronomy. If you want to see the math section , click here www.vedicmaths.org But please don't call our statements illogical, it would be like saying the sky is blue everywhere and this earth is the universe which alone exists.
  3. So, please kindly open it with that key that is used to open it, which is impartiality. If you stick the idea that Islam is wonderful and Hinduism is bad in your brain and try to read this stuff here, then every single fact presented to you will look crooked and horribilly bad, because the idea that it is crooked and horribilly bad is manifest in your brain before any one even talks about it. By your statements , you don't know sanathana dharma (hinduism) . You have many hindu friends but you don't know why they follow such a religion where there is this God.. and he is every where and also seperate from everything all together. It seems ridiculous does n't it. Yes, for now it is ridiculous. Why? because you have that Muslim veil over you. It is a scenario where one goes to space and says sky is not blue, sky is infact colorless but the atmosphere reflects blue light thus leaving it blue. Then we say, "how can that be!!! we are seeing that sky is blue from our earth here. Sitting here we are seeing sky is blue! how can you say sky is colorless, what kind of a dumb idea is that?" So, first open your mind, when you open your mind, you will see things clearly (If that is what you want to do in the first place). Also, if you open your mind, you will also see why we "Hindus" stick to our philosophy so much and do not convert to Islam.
  4. Is sin my best friend? because it seems to be the case. Because they say there is good karma and there is bad karma and good karma will bring me all good results and bad karma will bring me bad results. So, If I have good karma then that would bring me all nice things in life but then I would have good chunks of ego and pride and alot of "I rule" sort of an attitude. If I have bad karma then that would mean that all bad things happen to me, then I will become more, humble, kind and generous and krishna likes that. So, Is sin my best friend? because with sin I get knowledge....
  5. We can't get over it. Its not possible unless there is absolutely no attachment to it. But I think good devotee association and compassionate love and intimacy with your partner would have decreased the passionate love for the partner. Like it has been said in Phsycology (sorry about the spelling)... when couples marry, they marry due to passionate love. Passionate love is the first stage where there is more emphasis on bodily pleasure and there is the presence of extreme passion which is needed for the relationship to continue. Second would be compassionate love, compassionate love is said to occur after a few years (7- and beyond) and this ensures deep caring and intimacy in between the couple. In compassionate love, sex is kept at minimum, but there is more caring and love between each other. If you deny sexual intimacy in the marriage then there is no caring that develops... Anyway, the point remains the same, the sex drive in humans is highest in youth but it gradually decreases as we age because of the lowering hormone levels. So, the best thing to do for a person would be to go and try to enjoy sex in marriage and that would result in the development of intimacy in the couple and also a realization. The realization would be that even after having sex they are still restless. So, they will slowly crawl back to krishna after a few years of their marriage.
  6. used to work, isnt it true that in India women get less pay than men, it happens in U.S.A also. In my view: I think the whole world should rise above these differences and treat each othe with equality. that would mean that us 'Indians' whether in India or out of it should give up the so called "Indian Mentality" that extols the false supremacy of one sex over another. As said by feminist philosopher bell hooks... the reason the people (especially the poor) are mysogonistic is due to their attachment to their pride . For example, lets take a poor white man, he has no work, his boss is the devil and he is pushed around by so many "bosses" at work. So, where is he supposed to feel like he is better than others----------> that would be near women, because he is this all powerful being with upper body strength and they are weak women. This I think is one of the problems that India faces , especially in the middle class. The women are treated like dirt in their families, as if they don't know anything. Work is the only way they could gain respect. And in the poor families? forget that man! they don't even have enough to survive! what are they going to do with girls? ______
  7. Homosexuality as mentioned in the dictionary is : Sexual orientation to persons of the same sex. Sexual activity with another of the same sex. ____ Now, if they really want to be the part of our movement , then they have to not have sex . so, the "sexual activity with another of the same sex" is totally out. and also, when we realize that we are that spark of krishna, why are we attracted to the opposite sex anymore, or the same sex...? So the whole homosexuality thing is ridiculous. I think they can join but they don't have to make a big fuss about it, but if they join however, they would have to give up homosexuality just like the others who give up attraction to the opposite sex. hmmm....... I sense that there will be many posters after me..... why do I think that is the case?.... we may never know. /images/graemlins/ooo.gif
  8. The series star wars is called "the greatest movie ever" . Also, didn't george lucas try to take a movie on Mahabharat. I wonder what happened to that.
  9. I wish I could have so much space to do all that and I probably will in the future /images/graemlins/smile.gif . For now however, I am happy with Radha Krishna pictures in my room and a rose flower plant that i planted outside for them. Oh yeah, my parents have a prayer room... and the main diety there is Sri laxmi along with Narayana. Also we have huge pictures of Tirupathi Venkateshwara Swami(Balaji or Vishnu) and Allumellu manga(laxmi) in that prayer room.
  10. the songs is a little funny... /images/graemlins/smile.gif but they are very nice to hear . I think this is the first time I have ever heard a krishna song in English. It is fantastic.
  11. Man! he is so cool. I read other diaries of him, His life must be filled with bliss and happiness.
  12. /images/graemlins/smile.gif you are right! that makes sense. I will try to fix it by putting in the quotes my self.
  13. What is Gaudiya Math, GBC, Ritvik? Sorry, but do we need to know these things to progress into Krishna Consciousness
  14. here is the link :
  15. about how to stop these characters from appearing avinash ji?
  16. Thank you god /images/graemlins/smile.gif
  17. In the olden days, dowry was to show the daughter that her parents love her and they send all sorts of things for her. For example, gold, money etc. but today, dowry serves only one purpose in India, it is to get married. The Indian guys ask huge amounts of cash from their father-in-laws and the fathers of the brides go into debts for paying such amounts. Dowry today is for the groom to live a happy life. He got a chick, he got a lot of money, for him it is good to be male!. My grandfather paid alot of money to my uncle so that he could marry my aunt. Also, he is a very well educated man coming to America, so the price increased like hell. So, my grandfather had to pay extra, it turns out that my uncle has no Job here , so when my aunt came here she started working for him.
  18. I changed my post...it is quite hard to define how to handle lust.
  19. Lust is part of our material body, as long as we are stuck in it we can't get rid of it. However we can keep it at minimum... I think.
  20. Special thanks to Malatilata and thanks to you reader for reading and finding that naughty krishna in your heart. /images/graemlins/smile.gif IF you get numbers in between and make it really hard to read, then don't fear! just go to notepad and copy and paste this there I think it clears it up or so I have heard. ________ anudinam ati raGgaiH prema mattAli saGghaiH vara sarasija gandhair hAri vAri prapUrNe viharata iha yasmin dampati tau pramattau tad ati surabhi rAdhAkuNDam evAzrayo me That very beautiful and fragrant Radhakunda, in whose water, that is filled with nicely smelling lotusflowers, Radha and Krishna daily sport in loving intoxication, along with Their girlfriends, who are in a similar loving frenzy, is my only shelter! Stavamrita Kana Vyakhya: By the grace of Sri Kundesvari, Kundasrayi Sripada Raghunatha perceives the watersports of the Twin Divinities in Radhakunda, and he describes it here in this final verse of the Radhakundastakam. yei kunde nitya krishna radhikara sange; jale jalakeli kore - tire rasa range (C.C.) “In the water of this (Radhakunda Krishna eternally performs watersports with Radhika or dances the Rasa on its banks.” sri radheva hares tadiya sarasi presthadbhutaih svair gunair yasyam sri yukta madhavendur anisam pritya taya kridati (Govinda Lilamrta 7.102) “Because of its own qualities this lake is as dear to Hari as Sri Radha Herself is; here the beautiful moon-like Madhava always lovingly plays with Her.” In this transcendental vision Sri Raghunatha sees that Radha and Madhava have become tired of Their midday-sports such as touring the forest, drinking honeywine and making love, so they enter into the water of Sri Radhakunda to play there with their girlfriends, like king of elephants with its she-elephants. When Krishna and the gopis enter into the water, holding hands, they look like a golden net (the gopis) radiating moonbeams (their radiant smiles) surrounding a monsooncloud (Krishna). The most amazing thing is, though, that the raincloud itself is sprinkled by the golden net (with Radhakunda-water) although a cloud usually sprinkles water itself. The gopis gently sprinkle Krishna with small handsful of water and Krishna blissfully protects His eyes with His hands. Then, when Sri Krishna forcefully splashes the beautiful gopis in return they all become physically agitated. Only their moonlike faces do not wilt because of their great ecstasy. Now Radha and Krishna begin to play in the water. The loser of this watersplashing-game must give a prize to the winner. Kundalata is the referee. Sri Radha first splashes Krishna. How sweetly Her jewelled bangles jingle around Her lotuswhorl-like hands! It is as if Cupid wants to defeat Krishna with His watermissile! It’s become intolerable for Krishna! How beautiful Srimati looks when She throws the water! Syama and the sakhis swim in this ocean of beauty. The water that Srimati throws at Her Prananatha brightly shimmers on His chest. His garland of divine forestflowers loosens and His big vine-like necklace falls off. Only the powerful Kaustubha-gem is able to tolerate this stream of water without agitation and remain on Priyatama’s body. After this gill Krishna says: “Priyatame! Now You tolerate this!”, and blissfully starts splashing Preyasi’s lotuslike face with enchanting streams of water. Tulasi watches on the bank of the kunda how Radha and Syama are having a huge fight in the water. Tenderhearted Svamini thinks that Her Prananatha, who is dearer to Her than millions of Her life-airs, will suffer too much if She splashes in His eyes, so She doesn’t do that, but Syama, desiring victory, does splash Srimati’s eyes again and again. The premavati sakhis forbid Syama again and again to throw water at Her eyes, but Syama does not listen. Svamini becomes mad from His expert splashing, although She is normally so grave, and She backs away. Syama loudly laughs, claps in His hands and says: “You’re defeated! You’re vanquished! Give Me My prize! I’m the victor!” How beautiful are Svamini’s eyes and face when Syama holds Her around the neck! How many hundreds of waves of ecstatic love are there in this ocean of beauty! The fish-like eyes of Syamasundara, the sakhis and the manjaris are swimming in this ocean of beauty! Then, when Syama has collected His prize, Svamini dives under water and swims to a patch of golden lotusflowers, feeling ashamed before Her girlfriends. Her lotuslike face on Her deha-mrnala, lotusstem-like body, mixes with the golden lotusflowers (in the kunda). The sakhis tell Syama: “What have You done to our sakhi? Quickly Go and look for Her!”, but Syamasundara cannot find Srimati anywhere. Finally He notices many bees becoming attracted to the extraordinary fragrance of Isvari’s face, abandoning a cluster of lotusflowers and madly coming to fly towards the cluster of golden lotusflowers where She’s hiding, so He goes there and catches Srimati. The sakhis also go there. Then Madhusudana forcibly begins to drink the honey from the lotuslike mouths of Sri Radha-padmini and Her sakhis, that are maddened by prema in the lotus-scented water. Of some sakhis He removes the jewelled ornaments, some sakhis loudly exclaim ‘my necklace is gone!’, some say: ‘my locket is gone!’ and some cry out: ‘where have my waistbells gone?!’ Krishna then removes some sakhis’ veils and blouses in order to behold their indescribable sweetness. Seeing the different erotic watersports of Sri-Sri Radha-Madhava, that are maddened by Their own pastimes, Tulasi Manjari and the other kinkaris are beside themselves of transcendental bliss. After the watersports the Navina Yugala comes back on the shore with Their sakhis, and the kinkaris anoint and massage Them there with oil, bathe Them once more and dress them in the nikunja mandira with a variety of wonderful garments and ornaments.
  21. They are sweeter than nectar. Whenever I read these things it seems that I go into some time of a trance or something. /images/graemlins/smile.gif I love it!
  22. Do the same thing govindaram prabhu, except I would Ask them to stay with me! /images/graemlins/smile.gif but may be i shouldn't have posted this thread, every one seems to faint here /images/graemlins/grin.gif
  23. PADAKARTA SRI DINABANDHU DAS NARRATES... On this day Radhika is able to join Krishna for His gostha lila (cowherding pastimes), disguised as a cowherd boy. How does She manage that? On this day Krishna feels great separation from Sri Radhika in the morning. His friend Subala (who looks just like Radhika) decides to help Him out by saying, “Just sit and wait here, Kanai! I will bring Your beloved here in no time!” He hurries over to Yavata, the village where Sri Radhika lives (with Her husband), and knocks on the door of Her mother-in-law Jatila’s house. Jatila opens the door and asks him: “Subala, what do you want here?” Subala says: “I’m looking for one of my calves! My friends saw it wandering around here somewhere! Can I look for it in your yard?” Jatila says: “Well, I suppose so!” Subala slips inside the house and goes straight to Sri Radhika’s quarters. Radhika is a little surprised when She sees Krishna’s dear friend Subala inside Her room and She ask him: “Subala! How is Kana (Krishna)? Can You help Me to meet Him somehow?” Subala says: “Sure! Just put on my cowherd’s dress and go straight out of the door! When You meet Jatila You just tell her: “Thank you for letting Me search for My calve! I’m carrying it along under My scarf!” In this way You can explain the big volume of Your breasts under Your cowherdboy-scarf!” Sri Radhika and Subala then exchange clothes and Radhika thus manages to escape from Jatila’s vigilance, strictly following Subala’s instructions. Srila Raghunatha dasa Gosvami says: subala nyasta sarupya: “Sri Radhika has invested Her own form in Subala”. From this story we can understand for which purpose She has done this. When Radhika, dressed as Subala, comes to Krishna, She decides to play a trick on Him. She pretends to be Subala and tells Krishna: “Sorry, Kanai! I didn’t manage to bring Sri Radhika to You! But don’t worry anyway! I met Candravali on the way and she says that she’s all ready for You, so if you want You can go to her!” Krishna passes the test, though, and wails: “Radhe! I only want You! How can I meet You somehow?” Seeing how faithful Krishna is to Her, Sri Radhika becomes very pleased. She reveals Her real identity to Krishna and gives Him a warm embrace.
  24. The reason I post these things: well I love them and when I love things I wish to share them with you ! because I love you too(the reader)! /images/graemlins/smile.gif ____ On the eighth day of the light lunar quarter of Kartika, Sri Krishna gets permission from His father Nanda to start herding the cows instead of the calves. Srimad Bhagavata (10.15.1) states: tatazca paugaNDa vayaH zritau vraje babhUvatus tau pazupAla sammatau gAz cArayantau sakhibhiH samaM padair vRndAvanam puNyam atIva cakratuH “When Krishna and Balarama attained the pauganda-age (six to ten) in Vraja, the cowherdmen give Them permission to herd the cows (instead of just the calves). The footprints of the two divine boys beautified the land of Vrindavana.” And in the Padma Purana, Kartika Mahatmya, it is said: zuklASTamI kArtike tu smRtA gopASTamI budhaiH tad dinAd vAsudevo’bhUd gopaH pUrvaM tu vatsapaH “From the eighth day of the light quarter of Kartika, which is remembered by the wise as ‘gopastami’, Vasudeva became a cowherd, whereas previously He just herded calves.” On this day all the vigrahas (deities) of Srimati Radharani in Vraja are dressed like cowherd boys, and this is the only day in the year that devotees are able to have Her blessed carana darsana (sight of Her lotus feet).
  25. After hearing Krishna's nectarean words, Radha whispered to Vrinda: "Vrinde, is this true or not, tell us! Alas! Why are you ashamed to speak the truth before your dear friends? If this is true, then just go somewhere else, pretending to be angry; then we will somehow be able to defeat this teacher of cheaters in argument!" When Sri Radha smilingly whispered this to Vrinda, doe-eyed Vrinda pretended to be angry and looked at her girlfriends with red and crooked glances, speaking the following words to arrogant Govinda in the gopi-assembly: "Ohe Padmasanda (cowherder of Candravali's girlfriend Padma)! O clown of Vraja! If You quickly want to become the ruler of a lovely forest, then go to Sakhistali (Candravali's village) and worship goddess Sasthi there. When She is pleased with You, She will make You the ruler of the jujube-forest!" After this Vrinda blissfully began to praise Sri Gandharva's (Radha's) beauty, establishing Her sovereignty over Vrindavana and rebuking Krishna by saying: "Vrindavana's lotus flowers are mere reflections or shadows of Radha's face, Her eyes are more beautiful than restless blue lotus flowers and deer, Her raised nose is more lovely than the beak of a young parrot and the beauty of Her reddish lips rebuke even the beauty of blooming Bandhuka-flowers."
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