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  1. well, I got this from my friends who are even though very intelligent are very ignorant. Only a few are spiritually inclined in our group... Me and two others... the rest are all ... fools... and the two others don't really fit in due to the fact that they are mocked. Their spirituality is also linked with greed. They are into stock exchange and are very spiritually inclined due to that fact. Enough said, by my view, the younger generation today is not really spiritually inclined as the older generation. Why? because of very publicized stupidity of other's when they preach.
  2. Isn't Narasimha a lion.. so do they offer him meat in the temples?
  3. Isn't Narasimha a lion.. so do they offer him meat in the temples?
  4. They are not really into Radha/Govinda bengali Gaudiya vaishnava tradition. /images/graemlins/smile.gif Anyway, thats the way I spiritualize my surroundings.
  5. The biggest virus is "I am my body". Well, to tackle it we need to inject the Anti Virus "I am not my body" , and you are right. However, the younger generation today has turned so materialistic that they think that the wisdom and knowledge that scriptures carry is B.S. its just so boring to read.
  6. /images/graemlins/smile.gif I love brain research and brainy things. Anyway, here is an article on the importance of calcium and magnesium and vitamins such as vitamin D in the development of Myelin . Milk= best source of calcium. --------------------------- Multiple sclerosis: Decreased relapse rate through dietary supplementation with calcium, magnesium and vitamin D Goldberg P, Fleming MC, Picard EH Med. Hypotheses (UK), 1986, 21/2 (193-200) A group of young patients having multiple sclerosis was treated with dietary supplements containing calcium, magnesium and vitamin D for a period of one to two years. The experimental design employed self-pairing: the response of each patient was compared with his/her own case history as control. The number of exacerbations observed during the program was less than one half the number expected from case histories. No side effects were apparent. The dietary regimen may offer a new means of controlling the exacerbation rate in MS, at least for younger patients. The results tend to support a theory of MS which states that calcium and magnesium are important in the development, structure and stability of myelin. --------------------------- Sorry, I couldn't get the whole article for you... but this is a good summary. Even though they have researched this on patients inflicted with Multiple Scelerosis, they have found that calcium along with Magnesium is very important for the development of Myelin. You may ask what the heck is MYelin? I only asked for the brain tissues... Well , Myelin is the sheath that every Neuron's axon (brain cell=neuron) is made up with along with swchann cells. Although the basic structures of the cells in the body are the same with in, due to their function they are very different, for example, like red blood cells have no nucleus and the white blood cells have many nuclei etc etc. The same way, Brain cells are also unique in their structure. The brain cells contain hairlike structures called dendrites on the top, the axon in the middle and the synaptic channels in the bottom. SEE THE ATTACHMENT PLEASE The axon is made up of myelin and scwahhan (spelling may nnot be accurate) cells. These cells are designed this way because they have to carry out information in the most effective way. In these basic units of the brain (neurons ofcourse) use ion differences to create an electric environment to carry out their functions such as encoding messages, retreiving the previously stored information... etc. It is a little complex to understand but if you want more info on that I will give it to you. The neuron receives the message from the dendrites and then the message is carried out through its long axon and it is sent through the synaptic channels into another neuron's dendrites using many neurotransmitters called dopamine etc. Well, the point is... with out the axon functioning well, you would be in big trouble.....kind of like a zombie. /images/graemlins/confused.gif /images/graemlins/confused.gif Anyway, calcium makes sure that the myelin cells are strong and functioning well. So, MILK RULES... but not when the people are killing animals to get it. /images/graemlins/frown.gif
  7. I am very excited because I heard that there is a construction of ISKCON temple near my place in Long Island. Does any one here know about a temple being constructed near the Northern state parkway in long Island. Or near the east end... anywhere ? I heard there is a temple in NYC but it is really far for regular visits....
  8. I didn't look at it the way you did, but thank you. Now it makes sense, that he was unattached and he used all his wealth for krishna.
  9. Mostly women but men too, have a risk of developing arthritis... The risk of arthiritis is decreased by the consumption of calcium products.. and milk is the best giver of calcium. Milk not only affects the bones, but also affects all sorts of areas. Milk is also said to be the perfect drink because it gives the body all sorts of nutrients needed... for it to be very fit. If you want the detailed description of what milk can do to your body... I will give it to you.
  10. but what can we do? Sadly, the society today is not on our level of consciousness and it will take many decades to come to the level of our thinking. About politics?- well I think the Republicans are racist, wealthy , WASP supporting idiots who care only for the people who give them money. Democrats- Are worse than the republicans. They support bunch of wierdos who are clearly gay/lesbians and wish to make them be considered "normal" in the society. The sad part is that our government and the whole nation is controlled not just by three branches of the government... but also a fourth branch, which is BUSINESS> May be it is the most powerful branch in our entire history. and we can't avoid it or take it out of power.... it is sad but true. The only hope is to change the whole society's view on teenage pregnant mothers.
  11. it in sanskrit which is very similar to hindi. Even though bengali uses devanagari, it has different "stressed" and "unstressed" syllables .
  12. Sorry about the poor handwriting , the lines have to be straight in line. I can't write well , when it comes to devanagari script. /images/graemlins/smile.gif
  13. Which is also called "devanagari script" See the attachment please.
  14. I am going to visit the Golden Palace next weekend but, I do have a question... Why did people build prabhupada a palace to live in? isn't he a yogi who gave up all material life? Then living in a palace made out of "gold" is definitely not an unmaterialistic life in my view. Please, I don't mean to offend any one here, but this is a question that has been going through my head for quite some time.
  15. They have twisted the principle of Reincarnation , so that they may say , reincarnation is only for those who have not lived their life to the fullest. I think they should read hindu and buddhist scriptures all over again.
  16. They believe that they are pregnant at an early age because of their Karma?! As if it was already written? I think they should reconsider what they are teaching in their website. Saying pregnancy is not in their control is preposterous. They have sex at a certain time, they can be pregnant. It is something they can control. They chose to have sex and they have to deal with it or get an abortion. Both ruin their life anyway, its a sad story.
  17. Krishna likes living entities with desires for themselves, but loves them if they desire to please him . Time travel is a desire to get yourself a free ticket to vaikunta!.
  18. I didn't know it had so much significance. Thank you for such a beautiful reply. /images/graemlins/smile.gif
  19. I didn't know it had so much significance. Thank you for such a beautiful reply. /images/graemlins/smile.gif
  20. Rediff bol is something my relatives started to use in India, in it , you can write hindi in latin alphabet and it translates it into devanaagari script. May be that could help you? or may be not...
  21. ekam sat vipraa bahudhaa vadanti Their is one reality, the learned give many names to it. __________ As said in Veda -knowledge Anta-end... or the Ultimate knowledge, you are right. Just like it said in the vedas, we are seeking the ultimate reality, which is no other than krishna. Prahlad once said that death and birth are him (well, this is from a movie I saw). Anyway, everything is him and he is Narayana. You worship Narayana, you go to the abode of the supreme, you wish to worship a demigod, narayana himself comes as him and takes you with him. This is like a scenario where you are entertaining a baby with a puppet. The baby thinks the puppet is real and thus talks to it, but in reality the true entity is the controller of the puppet, In the same way, the true controller of all manifestations in this universe and beyond is krishna, who is no other than the supreme personality of the Godhead. /images/graemlins/shocked.gif /images/graemlins/smile.gif The true giver is always Krishna.
  22. You can call upon the droplets, but with the cloud's mercy alone will they fall. In other words, you can worship Ganesh, but the true giver would be Vishnu. Because, Vishnu's name by itself means - the all prevading reality-- as said by Adi Shankara Charya, on the commentary of Vishnu Sahasranama. Sigh, I am spending too much time here, later !
  23. Brahman is everything yet different from everything. The analogy fits perfectly to the ocean and a droplet. Brahman is the ocean, the droplet exists in the ocean but the ocean does not exist in the droplet with all its magnamious nature. Ocean does exist in the droplet for some extent, but not completely. You say Hare krishna, why don't you say, Hare yourself? Because, Krishna is the ocean, you are the droplet. If we perceive this same instance in another perspective then krishna is more than the ocean in reality, because it is by very law of nature that brahman is everything yet it is different from everything. but you see, we worship krishna as a manifest entity, even though he is both manifest and unmanifest. It is said in bhagavath gita that to realize the unmanifest nature of brahman is very hard and the realization would be like realizing that sun exists or his rays exist everywhere. To realize the manifest nature of brahman is very easy and it could be done by bhakthi. You cannot know krishna with a human brain, it is not possible. but through bhakthi, we can love krishna and he will himself show himself to you... as both , manifest and unmanifest entity. ___ I was in the same delusion, but I read bhagavath Gita, I realized how little we can realize through the brahman realization, it is better to love that cowherd boy than empty space.
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