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  1. Ritvik system or some other system, there are many systems. why do we care if we like one system over the other or not. The fact is we are all trying to reach krishna.
  2. The above guest was me! Sorry ppl I keep forgetting to log in! How can Krishna Consciousness help get sense into these people. The students who don't "fit in" are really dangerous I guess. But when we think about it, it is not the guy's fault, its his peers fault who keep making fun of him. We have quiet people in our school too, I guess they just crack when their patience finally runs out. But are we truly safe in schools! Schools need religion actually! religion is the answer, I think. This is truly an age of kali
  3. do not know about. Not one way is right over the other. What a living guru and a dead guru is... will depend on the perspective by which we see. The perspective however depends on the amount of ignorance and the ignorance is inversely related to the amount of desire for krishna. Desire krishna , chant and be happy. "Our Guru" is no other than ourselves considering the deepest self is krishna. bhagavathudi svarupalu anantham... God has many forms and many ways. /images/graemlins/grin.gif
  4. Thank you for opening my eyes /images/graemlins/smile.gif
  5. I didn't know the full story, but now I do , thank you.
  6. He is the local witness of karma. However, it is said that not even an ant moves with out the will of krishna . I think he did say that he is the king of all animals in bhagavath gita. By the reference to Yoga Vasistha, the living being moves from human form to a specific animal form based on its karma. The Karma also works in the opposite direction, where the living being moves from the human form to a higher demigod form in a higher planet through the measure of "Punya" or Virtue. "Punya" and "Papa" are like "Golden chain" and "Iron chain" in the prison of Karma. They both bind a person into the karmic cycle. In Yoga Vasistha and other scriptures , the Punya and Papa help each other out, for example, if a living being has more virtue, all the nice things happen to it, then it gets full of itself and ego develops and falls into evil ways. Like we see in Ravana's case in Ramayan. If the living being does Papa, then it rises from its evil ways and goes to "Punya" or virtue, where it goes to a higher plane of consciousness. So, these notions of Satvism, Rajasism and Tamasism are nothing but notions of the living entity where the living being just goes from the upper part of the circle to the lower part and vice versa in the great wheel of karma. /images/graemlins/smile.gif You can cut it by the use of knowledge as explained in Bhagavath gita. To the devotees here: Please correct me if I am wrong /images/graemlins/smile.gif
  7. gorgeous face, beautiful flute and where are his hands, his legs! /images/graemlins/confused.gif All I am seeing is 2 dots inside 2 white circles and a conch and a chakra... and a horse shoe! There is no form, where is his form? Why depict him so in a strange way as this.
  8. I saw this Telugu(my mother tongue) movie called "Rudra-veena", where the hero tries to lift every one spiritually, thus increasing their standard of living. At first , In the movie the people live in poverty and most of the lower class males are drunkards who beat their wives and drink all day at the local bars, when their wives work their butts off trying to work in the fields and also taking care for their babies at the same time. The hero in this is from a rich brahmin class, he sees all this and gets really compassionate for the lower class people living like that. So, he tries to stop the men from drinking alcohol. After alot of struggle he finally establishes a community where every one works in the field, every one gains money and every one gets educated and where every thing is free in the community. He gets this by stopping their alcoholism. This is sort of a Gandhi decentralized economic growth philosophy. If we can make bunch of alcoholics give up their bad ways and start working for the good of the society. Then, we can make a vaishnava city. Later I found out that there really was a guy who made 6 perfect villages in Maharastra India. He totally devotted his life to the community! what a life! /images/graemlins/smile.gif
  9. Precisely, thats what I said, which is do not get offended by views of other individuals, because, the "getting offended" part would be nothing but maya.
  10. Guest, please write your name on the heading, so that it is clear for the reader that the post is from a Muslim or a Hindu. Because, now I am confused about who is who, actually now I am beginning to think that the who is the who that is contradicting the who. if you know what i mean... i am talking about the false poster existing in the same entity.
  11. I guess that means that there is no clear cut "This guy is after prabhupada" kind of a guru. However, it is very refreshing to know that if we accept chaitanya as our guru and completely surrender to the will of krishna, we reach his abode in the spiritual sky. Thank you, I am very happy by your post on Chaitanya guru. /images/graemlins/grin.gif
  12. Please ask forgiveness from the krishna that dwells in other devotee's hearts. I read a story about a great devotee, Adi Shankaracharya, who was a great devotee of krishna. He saw krishna in everything... even in a beggar. One day when Adi Shankara was walking by in the forest, An untouchable came in front of him. In Ancient India, it is said to be an aparada for untouchables to come in front of a learned brahmin. When Shankaracharya saw this man, his senses gave away to the society. Then , the beggar said "You say that krishna lives in every one's heart, why then do you show resent for me?" . At that instance, Adi Shankaracharya bowed to the krishna in his heart. Then, he let him pass. In reality, that beggar was not a beggar at all, but krishna himself. Please Salute to the krishna in every one's heart, because that is what we truly should do , each and every moment for our lives. thank you
  13. Sorry to tell you this, but in reality you do not realize that you are actually are in Maya when you try to judge others. Who is the true controller? it is not you, not me, not guruvani nor is it some one else. I do not mean to tell it to you, because I heard that one who takes the name of krishna must be the highest of all human beings. If you are a true devotee of krishna, I plead with you that please be "self-situated" and remain unattached to the offenses made by others to you and your guru. It is the characteristic of a true friend of krishna as said by the shastras. I say this not because of my ego, however, such a thing still exists in "me" , but because I see all of you being dragged into the mire of this material existence which we call Maya. Please, do not try to call people names, it is sad to see people do so over some thing as friendly as a religion. Thank you.
  14. The picture looks very frightening.
  15. Look around!, he is all over the place /images/graemlins/smile.gif But I did get the understanding that prabhupada wishes his questioner to see. That is, Sky is blue, and Krishna is blue, Krishna is blue because he wants to remind you of him when ever you look at the sky in this world. When he is painted as a black flute bearer, it is for the same reason, that is he wants to remind you of him when you see the sky at night. Yogis are not dumb people trying to follow some figure out of imagination. they are very clever. So, they make krishna look blue or black so that the living entities might see krishna's image, and then see the sky and be in bliss of remembering krishna all day long . Well, that is the case for me. When ever I see the sky, I see the beautiful image of krishna in my mind.
  16. But who is the current "Guru" from the Disciplic succession in Iskon? I want to know this just out of curiosity.
  17. Yes, I will keep my mouth shut though and follow Guruvani's advice, but no body looks at a kid for a model, except my 9 year old cousins /images/graemlins/frown.gif I guess this is my Karma...
  18. If some one else drinks alcohol in your family and you want them to stop, because of your newly acquired motives for life, what would you do? I ask this because , I should be around "Satsanga" as said by the scriptures, but I can't avoid these people.
  19. How about a million dollars . The opportunities increase with being in America!
  20. You have a body so that you can serve krishna, krishna says, people who eat alot, or eat less or do not eat at all don't recognize him. He does say, sustain your life and don't live in pain when you don't have to. Then he says serve him and be happy. Then, why! why do yogis like this person need to suffer to turn their bodies into making photo synthesis or making use of the photons that come out by the photo electric reactions that occur on their bodies. Why ? when he gave you a stomach to digest and created a perfect system by which things are done?
  21. forget what I said /images/graemlins/smile.gif I didn't mean to confuse you /images/graemlins/crazy.gif
  22. but they are seperate personalities in one being/soul. You first adopt the personality of the servant, then dissolve such a personality in to a master's personality, however, you do remain a servant because you have no ego. I think..... /images/graemlins/crazy.gif
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