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  1. Sorry, I am not really good at figuring out the words of wisdom, but I think this is what it means. The two entities that you see as a master and a servant are really not entities, but the personalities in one entity. You see, there is a personality of the servant in you as well as the personality of the master. However, the personality of the master has come up only through the personality of the servant dissolving into the personality of the master. In other words, the servant's humility and also the knowledge will dissolve and become the master's true personality. It is important, because a master who is egotistical is not a master at all. Because, how can we have the ego when we are always servants. No spiritual master is really a master, but he/she is a servant of krishna. So , dissolving servant's mentality into the master's mentality (this is all in one living entity) creates a true servant of krishna. I think that's what it said... but i could be wrong. Please correct me /images/graemlins/grin.gif
  2. /images/graemlins/smile.gif ...How long is my memory?! /images/graemlins/confused.gif
  3. The Muslim who has come here, has come here for one purpose, and that is to bash Hinduism. For example, One kid says icecream is cold, the other kid argues that the ice cream is not cold. You bring the ice cream and stick her hand in it, still the kid argues icecream is not cold. its stupid.
  4. Thats all i need! now get lost.
  5. You like it so much that you chant it with devotion. but you are not properly initiated because you are not eligible ... what then?
  6. Its a ritualistic thing where they whisper a secret Mantra into your ear so that you can do "Sandhya vandanam". Sandhya= The middle time between the Morning and Night. Vandanam= Salutations. The middle time.. would be in Vaishnavism, Evening . What do they do? Well.. they meditate on "The secret Mantra", "Sandhya" or the evening gives you a divine feeling, because when the sun sets, it is very peaceful... I think. When ever, I went to these initiation programs, I wanted to know what these secret mantras they were saying but they were kept secret, they were whispering this stuff. But I couldn't because, they are not supposed to say! At the end, I kind of figured it out because I searched it on the internet /images/graemlins/smile.gif that it is Om bhur buvah svahah, tatsaviturvarenyam bhargo devasyadhimahi, diyo yonah prachodayaate. Abstract meaning: We meditate on the supreme personality of the Godhead, because... you know the deal. /images/graemlins/grin.gif
  7. I can't stand people who bring up base explanations to bash great philosophies. /images/graemlins/mad.gif
  8. Books speak of the great things that great soul wrote /images/graemlins/smile.gif
  9. Everything is krishna, so, even hate is krishna. Hate is good, when used properly. We are not hate though, hate does not touch us, however, if we are feeling hatred against a person, it is easier to allow it and then decrease it than to constrain it forcefully. I tried constraining some emotions forcefully, but they bursting out when it reaches a peak level, its uncontrollable really. /images/graemlins/grin.gif hate is useful when we use it against the lower tendencies. However, hate is a tool, not to be confused with the entity.
  10. In reply to : "Actually, in the Bhagavatam it says that the wind blows out of fear of God and all the planets stay in their proper oribt out of fear of God." There is wind because of the earth's atmosphere. The Planets stay in their orbits because of the gravitational attractions that exist between the star and the planets. How can it be from the fear of krishna? just curious....
  11. Can you show me that in every single instance, starting with prokaryotic bacteria. If these animals are created by allah then they should have it too!. As I have said earlier, I am not my body and whatever sign I have on my body does not count. If Allah really wanted to show that why didn't he just make a name saying "Allah ho akbhar" on our forehead? why the two hands? Why didn't he make it on our hearts? or why aren't we all speaking arabic? Arabic is what allah speaks, then why can't every one start speaking arabic. I don't want to post more on this subject, because the ignorance of your religion(Islam) is so clear that it is actually funny to see people make fool of themselves like that.
  12. You can try to put a hindu in that environment, but nothing can happen to them, because krishna is always with them. No matter how much you try to roast me in that hell, you cannot lay a hand on me. Why? Well, I am not my body, I am a soul. No fire can touch me, No sword can cut me, no gun can kill me, no wind can blow me. /images/graemlins/smile.gif You can rest now, because those Islamic teachings are for little undisciplined children, who won't listen to their mothers.
  13. You are saying our pictures of Rama and Krishna are Ugly? Please mention the age here, because it seems that i am talking to a 12 year old. If you are more intelligent the person with the age I have said above, then please read this info below! if you are not, then just leave!. The ugliness would be based on perception. I may think Krishna is beautiful, but you may think a design like a cube or a traingle more beautiful. Beautiful or not, the idea of beauty rests in the mind. The difference between a very Ideal Hindu and a very Ideal Muslim is that Hindus worship God with pure love, nothing but love. but!, You worship God for glory! what kind of a Glory is that! the very selfish Glory that you wish is making the gain of your worship cheap. Ye sastha ho ga ya hai! (very very cheap). How can you convert a person to a cheap worship? So, you try to convert them by burying them alive or roasting them in ovens or making terrorist attacks. Is that it? Your Allah acts perfectly like the Roman emperors who buy off people by giving them money and "Glory" . Allah is a cheap Roman Emperor ? I think not. If you can't change Koran, just follow it, but people will not change into your religion unless you force them too.
  14. Diksha = devotion. Siksha= education. They literally mean those things.
  15. I worship him in my Idol and no scripture of Hinduism says that we cannot worship him in an Idol. Also, there is no "hell", he won't take revenge from you because you love God. That is just stupid if you say he will take revenge from me. Your whole religion is obsssessed with how you can bury other non muslims alive and how you can punish them for nothing!. Its so sick , I read Koran, its just so sick . Krishna is above revenge, He has no need to take revenge from people. He is not a selfish God, He is above all those things. You will never understand , because you are fed up with that Koranic BS.
  16. I got these two from the net. _________ Q: What do men and women have in common? A: They both distrust men. /images/graemlins/wink.gif Q: what is the difference between Government Bonds and Men? A: Government Bonds are more mature. _________
  17. Birthday aniversaries... You can have many Birthday Anniversaries, but you see, Birthday is singular, so its only one. The Anniversaries are plural , hence we can conclude that the Anniversaries are more than birthdays. So birthday in the birthday anniversaries is always one. The anniversaries are the rest. /images/graemlins/smile.gif /images/graemlins/wink.gif
  18. is Islam, but can we do something to change their views? How can so many people believe in such a religion where they have to fear their own best friend- God . Why! please if you are a Muslim answer me why you have to fear him so much.
  19. Is that the initiation that everyone talks about so much, that is usually done for brahmanas in India.
  20. Quran: stinks on ice. Trust me guest, if you think that we should fear God... Let me tell you something! I don't fear no one! and If your God tells me to fear him then he must be estupido si, si. Roast my skin? ha! , My krishna will never do that. What kind of a Demoniac teachings are those... those are so so not right! they are worser than teachings of Demoniac people. Read a bible! or a Veda! or something! it will help you! Your Allah treats his non believers like a Devil , what a D@@@ A55 H07e. Let me change my statements here, Your Allah is Compassionate, He loves everyone and He will never let you get roasted or what ever, if your Koran tells you that you will get roasted, Defy it!. The roasting and everything, they are so base! its demoniac, its disgusting. Guest, please leave Islam , it is better to defy such a "supreme person" than to agree with him. I am reading a translation of a Koran right now, and let me tell you! my ideas about Islam are changing! /images/graemlins/mad.gif /images/graemlins/mad.gif Ghari, Islam does talk about Hinduism and Christianity etc. I am reading Koran Right now as it is, and it is clearly stated. Oh yeah, I am deleting all my other posts! because I don't believe in them anymore.
  21. What if Kalki gets in to this world as a girl? and Radha as a guy? Who knows.... /images/graemlins/smile.gif
  22. Those scriptures were written 1300 years ago. Vedas were written more than 5000 years ago and counting... Moreover, when you say people deleted the name of Mohammed from Vedic scriptures, I have to say, that is highly unlikely. Why? - well you see, these scriptures were not really translated by christians, but they were translated by Religious scientists who were working with Acharyas in India. Anyway, the point remains the same, Muhammed is not Kalki and will never be Kalki. You might say, "He talked about Isreal! He talked about Koh'ls or K mart or Computers!" but it still does not prove that he is Kalki. Porque? Porque , people can have powers to see the future, it has been proven by Nostradamus, etc. And besides, all the verses in those scriptures, Christian, Muslim and Hindu Alike are very vague. To understand them, we need more scriptures, then we will be in the danger of reading a slightly changed truth. Whatever it is, it is better to know the truth in a perspective than not know the truth at all. So, I ask you to please, don't feel offended by the sayings that we say here in this forum, because this is a ISKCON forum and we are at a Neutral position when compared to any religion.
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