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  1. Your reply was very informative. Thanks a lot for that. It also convinced me to worship Lord Subramanya to clear this dosha. The astrologer has informed that a person needs to undertake vratam for a period of 90 days. He needs to worship the Lord with full of devotion and faith. Thanks for the support!
  2. --------------------------- That the lord is formless only means that he pervades throughout the universe and cannot be restricted to any one place or form. --------------------------- Vishnu means "All-pervading"...So, you're right.
  3. Govindaram, --------------------------- Who chants Hare-Krishna and becomes a devotee, is freed from the malific influence of planets automatically --------------------------- I'm trying to become a devotee by chanting Hare Krishna mantra and Gayathri mantra. Though I'm not very faithful in my chanting, Krishna has blessed me in so many ways. I know that if I'm a DEVOTEE, then there are no Doshas at all. But still, I'm on my way....I'm not yet there. Sometimes, I find it very difficult to worship other deities than Lord Krishna. I'm in such a dilemma and thought that I could take some advice. This is the first time I have been informed that there are some problems in my birth chart and I was disturbed by that information (That's Human Tendency I think..) I was thinking about solutions and I thought about this forum.
  4. Shyam, Thank you for the detailed explanation. I consulted few astrologers this week and they have informed me that I need to worship Lord Subramanya also. I will also ensure that I pray to Lord Krishna. The astrologer also tallied the 'Jataka' (Birth chart) of few famous personalities who had this dosha. Some of them include: Bill Clinton Mahatma Gandhi Atal Behari Vajpayee Do you know of the exact reason to get this Dosha? What sins will lead to this Dosha? Any information is appreciated... Thanks again.
  5. Long time ago I met few of the Brahma Kumaris during Shivarathri festival (Shiva's night). They are sort of confused souls who speak lots about 'Nirguna' form of the Lord. These days they have started preaching at government offices of various states in India. They also contend that Krishna and Rama were common men. They concentrate completely on the formless aspect of the Lord. I have also heard few of them preach against God. So, it's confusing as well as boring philosophy.
  6. Hello Everybody, Does anyone here have information on the 'KaLa Sarpa Dosha'? I would like information as to the reason for this dosha and the remedy. This is a serious issue that's really bothering me for a couple of days. I would really appreciate your help. PS: Please post if you have any scriptural quotes related to this topic. Thanks.
  7. Check out the attached file /images/graemlins/smile.gif
  8. http://www.astercity.net/~tobik/pingpong.html Click on this link to view the game.
  9. ------------------------- Annamaya, Meerabai and every one else? ------------------------- I have heard that Annamaya was initiated by Narada Muni. (He came in a different form and initiated Annamaya). I will be very thankful if anyone could shed more light on this.
  10. I feel that the attitude of loving everyone and loving God is more important here. Jesus loved everyone and loved God. He sacrified his life for the sake of preaching the glories of God. So, Jesus (that loving and sacrificing attitude of Jesus) is the only way.
  11. Jesus is love-yes. Jesus is the only way can be written as... Love-yes is the only way. Loving all the living entities without enmity and Loving Lord Krishna and His devotees is the only way. Infact loving Lord Krishna should automatically result in all of us loving all the living entities. So, Jesus is the only way.
  12. I just finished all those...and 2 years back I have started my cow life.
  13. Hi LivingEntity, I am also with you. I have started barking when I'm still in cow's life /images/graemlins/smile.gif Many a time, I also repent about that because I hurt so many on my way.
  14. The life of a man, monkey, cow and dog...includes the toilet-time. /images/graemlins/smile.gif
  15. PN Prasad

    Sai Baba

    It's best to know and understand that Sai Baba is a philanthropist. He has built big hospitals and also has free water supply to many places in Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka and Tamil Nadu. The latest teachings of Sai Baba that I saw in the newspaper - he recommended everyone only to chant the holy names of God, especially Lord Rama. He had also adviced all the people to cultivate good qualities such as honesty, tolerance etc. However, he is not God. He is not Bhagavan, simply because he does not possess those wonderful qualities of Lord Krishna.
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