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My Name is Richard John Travis

I was born in Rochester NY

Yr 1971 on July 13 @ around 5am

I have a construction company goiing through some tough times and we are working on reinventing our selfs by getting into remodeling. Also have a burning desire to be a inspirational speaker, my true passion.

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I am 23 Feb 1975, 06:30 am, Coimbatore born male N Anand.

My marriage is keep on delaying without any setback from my personal side.

My mother passed away on 10 Apr 2002 and father passed away on 16 Dec 07. My sister is not co-operating with me as my parents transfered their property in my name due to geniue paratents wish.

Please suggest, When will be i get married as I am alone .

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My name is Probeen. I have recently joined this forum. I want advice from experts on the subject of astrology.


1)I am presently working in Kuwait . But I am not happy with my career. I want to join this particular company in Bangalore . I have applied twice before, but I could not clear the final interview. Faced with the failures, my work is suffering & I cannot devote to my present work.


2)I am not disciplined as well as lack will power & concentration. . I am very lazy which is the outcome of not-disciplined. This might have also prevented me from achieving my dreams.


3)I easily get tempted by feel-good factors like lust, procrastination, & rest.


As per advice from someone, I am presently wearing Pukhraj in Gold (index finger), Neelam in Gold (middle finger), Panna in Gold & Red Coral in Copper (both on ring finger), all in Right Hand.


But now, I have heard that my gemstones may conflict each other.

Please take a look at my problems above & suggest me what is best for my career & for my personality. My particulars are:

Date of Birth: 22 December 1978, Time: 6:25 AM, Place: Dibrugarh ( Assam , India ), Latitude: 27:29 N, Longitude: 94:54 E, Gender: Male


Thanking you in anticipation

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Dear Sir,

Best wishes,

I am Rakesh my DOB 17-Sep-1960, TOB 01:18:38 AM, POB Padampur Distt. Sri Ganga Nagar Rajasthan.


I am passing through a very bad financial phase. My Sadhe Sati is in last phase and will be over next year, is this a bad phase? Surya maha Dasha has also started will that help me. Which stone will help me, I am prescribed Ruby by some one.


Little brief about me. Mother died when I was15 yrs old. wanted to study commerce pushed to science by elder brother. Became a civil Engineer was in job with a PSU till 1998.Started share brokrage business with the help of brother in 1998(Partnership finished by brother in 2006). Married in 1986, no kids till 2000, blessed with twins (aboy and a girl) in 2000. Diagnosed with CML (blood cancer) in Sept 2001, presently in control with madication. Some friends put me to great financial loss in Jan 2008.Presently no source of proper income although trading and broking in commodities.

Please help

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Dear Sir,


My Details :-


DOB : 12/10/1981

Time : 08.02 am

Place : New Delhi


My Wife's Details :-


DOB : 13/09/1983

Time : 13.45 pm

Place : Surat, Gujarat


My question is, we were married in Feb 2007. Since Mar 2008 there have been problems in our married life and finally on 1 Sept my wife has left home and sent a legal notice (hasn't filed a case in court yet).


What is our future - Divorce (if Yes when) and then my chances of re-marriage (if Yes when) ?


Thank You

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@ Ravi_modi

dear friend,

according to your & your wife's birth details i found that i marriage was not feasible because your 'Gana' & 'Bhakut' doesn't give positive results. And 'Bhakut' is one of the feature responsible for compatiblity of couple's nature. thats why ur marriage is about to an end.

BUT i m just an amatuer so i dont want to give any predictions in your case.

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This is for my mother, a housewife and has three kids and one brother. Her DOB: 6 April, 1954 born at jalandhar, Punjab at 5:15 am. She has started staying sick for long time now. One of the astrologer even mentioned that she has very short life....just 1-2 yrs more. Please help us by analysing her chart and remedies for her health issues.


Also, my father DOB: 23 september,1949 born at Phillaur, Punjab, ard 11:15 pm. He also has started staying very sick and is on several medication.

Both are somehow taking too many tensions for their unsettled kids.


Please kindly help.Thanks much!

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Shree Ganeshaay namah.

Hello Sir, I am giving my bitrth date and my wouldBe's time of birth.Some body told that after 4 yrs of married life he goes after another women.So, can you please tell me whether its going to happen.If it so happen,Can you tell me whether through some vedic remedy is possible or not.If so Can you please tell me those remedies.How will be our married life?Please also tell me if there are any other defects in our Birth Charts.Please tell me when i will be married?

My D.ob13-01-1985;

Tob 6.00 AM;

Place .O.B:Bhimavaram,Andhra Pradesh.

His DOB:-20-03-1983;


POB:-Razole;Andhra Pradesh.



Thanks In Advance .


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I wanted to know about my child who is about to born in August. How would he/she would be. As I have heard that children born in 2009 will have week Jupiter (guru neech ka hoga). Would their be any remedy for this.


Also, how would be my career after a year ago when my child would be some big. Presently I am working having good designation but not good salary.


My details are as under :

Name : Upasana Gaur

Birth : 08 Oct. 1980

Time : between 3 pm to 5:30 pm.

Place : Kaithal



Thanks & Regards,












i am an astrologer

i will give free astrological consultation

give your birth details

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I'm told when Venus is in Vigro, martial life is bad and more chances of divorce.


Also, frm last few years things aint smooth with me and under such circumstances I do not wish to marry. Can anyone help and anaylse my chart. I wish to know about marriage, spouse n my relationship with him.


I am very scared as I never shared healthy relation with men, some how i am not sure if I sld listen to family and marry. Dad already looking for a groom. PLS HELP!!!


DoB- 9-9-1984

Time- 19:02PM

Place- Varanasi




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My Name: Gouri Shanker Chandel

DOB: 21-08-1982

Time: 11:06PM

Place: Bassi (Jaipur), Rajasthan


Study, MBA (UK).


Want to know:

1. Can I wear, Pukhraj (I already have on my index finger), Coral (have in Pendant), Neelam (want to wear) OR Amethyst (want to wear) along with Cat's Eye alltogether.

OR which one I should wear and which one not.


2. Can I have your email id to ask some more questions?


Email: gschandel@googlemail.com


Kind Regards


Gouri Shanker

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