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Watering a peeple tree every day except Sundays or on Thursdays.

Offering banana to beggars or crows.

Offering a yellow colored sweet to crows.

Service to preceptor.

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Islam Vs Astrology - 1


Sometimes Islam, Christianity etc. religions are used in against of astrology, mentioning some references that God forbid to predict the future. However it has to be understood that Astrology is not only predicting but a lot more than this, and also predicting does not only mean astrology but a lot many other things. I have never came across any reference of Islam where Allah has forbid to study 'Astrology'. Rather, astrology is a science, for which the Arabic word is 'Hikmaah' which practice has always been encouraged in Quran.

Even if 'Astrology' is forbidden in Islam, it does NOT make much difference either. Because there are a lot of systems of astrology, and many of them do deserve to be forbidden! Such as, Egyptian Astrology, is mostly about black magic involving their mummies and the departed souls, which indeed should be forbidden! That should not be put on Vedic Astrology, surely.

Many Muslims think that they are now suffering so one day they will be happy - in the result of their present sufferings. But can joy ever be caused by sorrow, or does it come after sorrow? What you suffered is only for your activities and you will never be rewarded for your sufferings. Good things done by you will be surely rewarded, but sorrow can not deserve a reward. (Why?) What we get only depends on what we did. Because our Prophet Hazrat Muhammad (SAW) said, "Everyone gets exactly what he does."

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Islam Vs Astrology - 2


Allah never wants us to suffer. Islam teaches us the kind and kindness of Allah is 100 times bigger than the total sum of love and kindness of the whole creation. Allah loves us many times much than a mother loves her child. Then why Allah will want want us to suffer? This is against the teaching of Islam.

In my personal view I never understand how Jyotish could be against religion. Jyotish relieves people from sufferings, that is serving people. And a main part of Jyotish is to learn to love people, to serve and help them. The base of astrological fruit is based on 'Karma' - that is, what you did earlier. And with much good and positive works, you can neutralize many of your past bad deeds. That is why in Jyotish good actions are highly encouraged, even remedial measures mostly include donation, charity, prayers and serving people. Then how come it is against of religion? Did Islam say not to perform prayers, donation and good deeds?

It has been a tendency for many Muslims to hate and disrespect other religions (Esp. Hinduism) and their culture. However, they are Muslims only because they are born in Muslim families, they are not true Muslims. Because in Islam peace and love always have been encouraged, the word 'Islam' itself means peace, and a 'Muslim' means someone who surrenders to peace, or walks along the way of peace. We see that our Prophet always showed great respect and tolerance to people from other religions. He told that the Arabians are not greater than other nations, nor the other nations are greater than the Arabians. Actually, the free flow of friendship with people from other religions was a very important reason they could know about Islam closely - causing a great deal of conversion.

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Islam Vs Astrology - 3


It has to be put in mind that Hindus and Christians are Hindus and Christians respectively, because they were born in those races and religions. And it is the will of Allah that they would take birth in those families. So why hate someone who's birth is the result of Allah's will? Is not it rather disrespecting Allah's will? Being Hindu or Christian does not disqualify anyone, rather being a religious Hindu is a good quality because it show his sincerity and devotion towards his religion. A Hindu loves his religion because from birth he has been taught that it is his religion. It is the religion of his family and forefathers. So, naturally he would love it than any other religions, just like a Muslim would love Islam most. It is not about the best, but it is about own. Just like your own mother is always most loved by you.

Rather, basically it means that if you were born in Hindu family then you would also love Hinduism like you love Islam. Similarly, if someone is a very religious Hindu then it means he would be a very religious Muslim same way, if we was born in a Muslim family.

So truly, being Hindu or Muslim or Christian is mostly the matter of which family you were born in, i.e. God's decision. And when it is a decision of God, people should not be hated or made suffer for that.

Astrology also can fix the negative sides of human character, because any negative tendency is also caused by planetary effects. Suppose a man neglects his religion, does not care about it and does not say his prayers etc. Like any other things, it also is caused by planets, most likely evil influence on the 9th house or weak / afflicted Jupiter. Now if he takes proper remedy then he will be soon attracted to the path of good, will stop doing immoral activities and also will develop faith on God. Any other unexpected tendency can also be fixed this way. But look, if astrology would be something evil or against religion then it would never influence people to serve people. Then remedy would never cause people to fix their character and start doing good things.

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Islam Vs Astrology - 4


By Vedic Astrology, you can not cast spell on someone to obey you or to break at your feet or to marry you. That would call 'Black magic' and this black magic is far away from Vedic Astrology. With Vedic Astrology, you can only lessen the results of things YOU did - negative effects of your past deeds. And that is also by good works. But, if astrology would be bad then it would never influence people to do good works. Then it would always influence people to do bad things. But if you read any astrological classic (Say Brihat Parasara Hora Sastra) then you will see how much important good work is in astrology.

People other than Hindus also tend to believe that 'mantra' means something evil or some sort of black magic. It is due to the influence of movies and story books, that make them have such an impression. But, actually, mantra generally refers to different verses from their scriptures, as Quran's verses are called, 'ayaats'. So, people's general impression about mantras does not prove valid. But yes, there are mantras related to black magic. But, it has to put in mind that even in Islam these black magics are found - our Prophet himself fell sick once, due to this, and all learned Muslim priests know and admit very well about the black magics exist in Islam. However, Islam did not produce this rather some learned yet evil scholars of Islam developed all these, and Allah strongly forbid to practice this. So Islam can not be blamed for this. Similarly in Vedic teachings it has also been forbidden to practice black magics since they destroy the result of your good deeds. So, this is all relative.

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Islam Vs Astrology - 5


Allah's advice shows existence of Astrology

We Muslims know and do believe that Allah knows the laws of the universe best as he himself created everything and he knows that none can work against the rule of nature - and for this reason Allah told to do seven types of things in seven days. Our prophet Muhammad (SAW) told one of his companions that Allah has said that seven types of works are blessed to do in seven days. And this seven works in seven days exactly matches with astrology. In Indian astrology we know that seven main planets own seven days of a weak and each planet has it's own controlling areas. Which days Allah actually advised to choose for specific matters -

01. Go hunting - on Saturday

02. Start building own house - on Sunday

03. Go on a journey - on Monday

04. Hair cut and shave - on Tuesday

05. Start taking medicine - on Wednesday

06. Activities related to prayer - on Thursday

07. Marry and make love to a have child - on Friday

Now, if we look at the very basic principle of Astrology, then the relation becomes very clear and obvious-

01. Death and cruelness - ruled by Saturn - Day: Saturday

02. Fame, establishment - ruled by Sun - Day: Sunday

03. Journey, travels - ruled by Moon - Day: Monday

04. Hair - ruled by Mars - Day: Tuesday

05. Chemistry, science, medicine - ruled by Mercury - Day: Wednesday

06. Religion and related acts - ruled by Jupiter - Day: Thursday

07. Marriage, sexuality - ruled by Venus - Day: Friday

Now when we match Astrology principles and Allah's guidance then the relation between them becomes clearly visible. Then it indicates the existence of astrology from the Islamic view or approach. We can understand that Allah advised the follower of Islam to do the right thing on right time. This proves that astrology has a relation with the things happening around us - basically it is the principal on which the world and universe is going on.

The Prophet's (SAW) advice about lunar position

A great important phenomena in the Vedic Astrology is lunar position. In western system where the Sun sits at your birth time is called 'Your sign' but in Indian astrology the 'Your sign' is figured out from lunar position. The most effective way of finding out the timing of events in a person's life is Dasha, and the most common and appropriate Dasha is also calculated from lunar position.

The Moon has direct relation with our bodies and minds as I described earlier, and our great Prophet Muhammad (SAW) was very much aware of this. For this reason he used to fast in certain days of lunar calendar which is called Fast of Aiyaam Beiz. This is an optional worship (Mustahaab) for Muslims. Our Prophet Muhammad (SAW) has also been seen advising Ali ® not to make love on the 15th of lunar calendar. Islam also did warn us if any woman conceives by making love on any of the first, middle or last days of the lunar calendar then the child must have any defect. These again show us the influence of lunar positions and indicate the importance of astrology.

We Muslims know that our Prophet Muhammad (SAW) had Agate gemstone in his finger. That is why wearing an agate is a Sunnaat to Muslims - means following the ideal of the Prophet. Among Muslims, Agate is believed to keep us away from sinful acts. Islamic view on gems can be easily understood by this when our Prophet himself used a gem. In Vedic Astrology, gem is a widely used way of remedies. The healing power of gems is mentioned in many Vedic Puranas.

In his young life before he became prophet, once he went to a different city with his uncle, he met a father named Bahira, who could understand who the young boy was, and told that he would be the last prophet. He instructed his uncle to take care of him and keep him safe from enemies.

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Islam Vs Astrology - 6


Astrology in the Quran

Actually, many of the Muslims know only a little about what Islam actually is. Most of us do not know properly about Islam or the Quran. Most of us do not know that there is a Surah in the Quran named Buruj. In Arabic the word 'Buruj' means 'Constellation' or 'Zodiac sign'. Surah Buruj is the 85th Surah in the Quran. The starting of the Surah is like-

"I swear by the sky where there are buruj..."

(Allah swears by the sky where there is zodiac signs.)

"I have created buruj (Zodiac signs) on the sky and decorated them for viewers and I have also protected them from evils..." (16th line of Surah Hizr)

"How great he is, who has created buruj in the sky and placed the Sun and shining Moon over there..." (61st line of Surah Furkan)

Buruj is an Arabic words means constellation or zodiac signs. In Arabic Astrology, we find that the sign Leo is named 'Asad Buruj'. 'Asad' means a lion thus the Arabic name of Leo, which is represented by a lion, is 'Asad Buruj'. Similarly, Libra is named, 'Meejan Buruj'. The Arabic word 'Meejan' means a balance - which represents Libra sign.

I always see many Muslims do not say their 'must-do' prayers (Salaat it is called.) everyday, even they do not fast in the Ramadan, and do not do other compulsory Islamic activities. But they are 'too conscious' about Islam (!) and too good in advising people on what to do and what not do - not to practice Astrology. A very bright example of a so-called Muslim life!!!

An astrologer predicted about the birth of Musa (A.)

Almost all Muslims know the history of Prophet Musa (A.). He was born in a time when the King Pharaon was ruling the country with claiming that he was The God. Prophet Musa (A.) was sent to punish and destroy Pharaon. One day, before he was born, Pharaon's personal astrologer named Bal-am told him that soon a son will come to this earth to punish Pharaon who will destroy his throne and everything. Pharaon knew that he would be right, for sure. At last with the help of his Vizier Hamaan he decided that he would kill any and every male child that would take birth in his country. He thus killed thousands of children. Although, at last Prophet Musa (A.) was born and avoiding the keen watch of Pharaon's agents, he could live in this earth and could destroy Pharaon and his throne in his matured age for Pharaon did the most serious sin by claiming that he was the God. Thus Pharaon could not avoid the prediction of his astrologer, too. We all know this history from Islamic books and texts and thus Islam itself is the prove of this.

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Islam Vs Astrology - 7 (last)


Some famous Muslim astrologers

Moghul monarch Humayun - He was a very pious man, famous and well known for his just. But he himself was very much devoted to astrology and used to practice it. It is evident from historical references.

Al-Biruni - Everyone knows about Muslim scientist Al-Biruni (973-1016) but does not know that he was the councilor astrologer of King Al-Mahmud, who regularly took his advices. Al-Biruni stayed in India for 12 years and learned this from Indians. He writes 'Kitab Al-Tafhim Li Awail Sina-at Al Tanjim', it was translated in to English by R. Ramsay Wright later. In this book Al-Biruni begins with geometry, arithmetic, astronomy, geography, astrolabe and then goes to the discussion of astrology.

Omar Khayyam - Omar Khayyam (1019-1135) was a famous poet but he was an astrologer of Khorasan. Omar was so perfect in his prediction that he even understood about his own death. He fasted on the day of his death, and when he was saying his prayer he said to Allah, "Oh Allah! I wanted you as best as I could. I beg that I should never be neglected from your kind." that was his life's last sentence.

Musa Al-Khwarizmi - The Muslim scientist Abu Abdullah Ibn Musa Al-Khwarizmi was the one who first developed algebra and trigonometry. The word algebra came from the name of his book 'Hisab Algibr Wa Al-Mukabila'. He created the ever first map of the world and gave the idea of seven continents. He also wrote many other books on mathematics, geography etc. He was very much devoted to astrology and translated the Indian classic Siddhant (by Mahaveer) from Sanskrit to Arabic. He also translated many other Indian classics for his research.

Ibn Sina - Ibn Sina (980-1037) the great Muslim scientist, developed 'Alchemy' from what the word 'Chemistry' came. He was also very much devoted to both astronomy and astrology and was was brilliant in it.

Others - Other renowned astronomers and astrologers were Al Battani (858-929), Al Fazari etc. Muslim scientists invented 'Astrolab' to figure out planetary positions. Sextant was also invented by a Muslim scientist named Al-Khuzandi. Muslim kings highly encouraged astronomy and astrology, during their reigns many new stars and many new things were discovered. For this reason, one-third of total astronomical words come from Arabic language!

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Such as, Egyptian Astrology, is mostly about black magic involving their mummies and the departed souls, which indeed should be forbidden! That should not be put on Vedic Astrology, surely.



Now I understand why the bible says that astrology is forbidden for them. I fact that people had the influence of the demoniac egyptian civilization.


I think that is the same about Idol worship, Jehovah forbidde to his flock to worship idols because Idol worship of pagan people were addressed to demoniac idols, they often used to sacrifice her owns childrend and so on.


Time place and circumstances

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namaskar sir, i want astro advise from u plz guide me

im suffering from disturbed married life, past one year, my wife does not obeys me.she had left me 20 days back,i want my marriage to be survived, how it can be possible?

My Birth Details are...



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i am an astrologer

i will give free astrological consultation

give your birth details


Dear Vipin,


Hi I am from Australia and born in Mumbai on 18 / August / 1966 @ 9.25 Night time.


I am passing through Saturn purification Period. Will you spray detail thought in Nakstras order for all seven year's in break up of 3 months each. on my Marriage, Job - Business prospects, Health, Buying property, receiving new income, fulfilling family responsibilities, Relationships, My studies, children, social credits,and other related matters.


One of psychic told me i need not to worry as i am having strong saturn in Chart.


Another psychic told me that you have two saturn one is good another is bad.


Another chartist from South Africa told me i will venish in this period? is it true.


Is their any chance for me to settle in USA or England? Or what should i do Business or Job ? I am now on Government health fund support. And no income. + suffering from parkinson's sickness partially.



As Directed my mom i pray Gyatri in the morning with out fail but loosing hopes.

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i am an astrologer

i will give free astrological consultation

give your birth details


Hanish Patel

dob: sept 4 1983.

pob: Baroda, GUjrat. 73E12'32 22N18'23

tob: 02:47am.

Past events: dad's death dec 22 1988.

came to USA in april 15 2003.

breakage in studies from 2003 and started back in between of 2005.

Health: was skinny as hell, started gaining weight from 2005.


I want to know about coming future.

like when will I get married? Is she from my uncle side?

In my rasi chart Guru owns 7th and 12 th house as welll in Navamasa. guru in 6th house in rasi..6th house of uncle and guru in 4th house .. house of mother... does it indicate a girl from mom's family side? and mars lord of again 6th house in 7th house.. guide me about my married life.

Am I having 2nd marriage...Indicating death of 1st wife at earlier age?


Most important thing about BUsiness... what kind of Business will give me sucess fame and wealth?


If you don't mind.. add me on ur messenger if u use


I will like to share knowledge of astrology as of u know much...

I m practising.

Thank you..

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DATE OF BIRTH : 31 july 1978

PLACE OF BIRTH/STATE/COUNTRY :Pernamitta, Andhra Pradesh, India

SEX : Male

Nakshatram: mrugasira


Could you please see the jathakam for me and tell me if anything is wrong, an dif so please give me the remedy to get rid of the problem.


Thanks a lot in advance!!

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i am an astrologer

i will give free astrological consultation

give your birth details


Name: sunil nivrutti karande

Date of birth:26th june 1980

Time of birth:8:27am

Place of birth:Mumbai (Maharashtra)



I would like to know about my future wife nature,will she be from our caste,well educated,beautiful,talented.pls tell me more about my wife.

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