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  1. Namasthe, DATE OF BIRTH : 31 july 1978 PLACE OF BIRTH/STATE/COUNTRY :Pernamitta, Andhra Pradesh, India SEX : Male Nakshatram: mrugasira Could you please see the jathakam for me and tell me if anything is wrong, an dif so please give me the remedy to get rid of the problem. Thanks a lot in advance!!
  2. Namasthe. My date of birth: 31-07-1978 place of birth: Pernamitta Nakshatram: mrugasira I am male. I just got a doubt that I might be having Kala Sarpa Dosham. Could you please see my jathakam and tell me whether I have kala sarpa dosham, and if I have it, what should I do to get rid of it. Thanks a lot in advance!!!
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