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  1. Hi, I am facing many obstacles with career. Need serious advice wheather I will suceed or not. Confuse between further studies. Not getting admission in interested field. family want to go for further studies and They do not want to join family business. Kundali is like below: Venus --- Pisces Lagna - 1st house Sun and Mercury - 2nd House - Aries Rahu - 3rd house - Taurus Saturn --- 8 th house -- Libra Mars & Ketu --- 9th house -- Scorpio Jupiter ------- 10th House -- Sagittarius Moon --- 12th House -- Aquarius Thanks in advance for all ppl who look over my query. I would more appreciate for ppl who reply with advice.. :pray: :pray:
  2. Hi, I been through Shani Mahadasha until OCT 2011. My Rahu Antardasha about to finish 31-3-09. Then, Jupiter Antardasha will start. Any one has any idea how will this willbring change in my life. I am Pisces ascendent. Thanks TOP
  3. DOB: 27th April 1984 Birth place: Gandhinagar, Gujarat INDIA Birth time : 4:13 AM Name: Gopal Patel Which type of profession is better for me ?
  4. Hi, My name is Gopal Patel. DOB 27th April 1984, Birth place - Gandhinagar Gujarat, Birth time 4:13 AM. I am at the turning point in selection between job and business, and if job then what kind and if business then what kind will be the best for me. I need really serious help. Thanks. :pray: :pray:
  5. DOB : 27th APR 1984 Birthplace: Gandhinagar Gujarat Birth time : 4:15 AM pls tell me related to my marriage life, spouse nature, my children and my career.
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