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  1. I am sadly posting this post,I had read books by Mr.Narain Bhatia,i had bought his Rudraksha book and CD,considering him a reliable expert in Rudrakshas,i had requested his help to buy me genuine Rudrakshas mukhi 1 to 21.I wire transferred him the money through my bank,He sent me FAKE rudraksha beads after promising that he deals in Genuine beads,I like a fool prayed with the fake beads in my mandir ,till 16 mukhi's Glue gave out and fake bead split at the seam where it was glued.I took it to Rudraksha dealer in Los Angeles and was told that he has sold me fake beads,Even after requesting him several times,he refuses to change the beads or return my money,to top it Off,when i send him a Fedex of his fake beads,so that he can examine them himself,He refuses to pick up the beads from the customs,making all kind of lame excuses,I dont know how many other innocent devotees he has Duped??What are my options?I can believe Chinnmaya mission will have a assosiation with a person like this.Thanks
  2. Name GC,born oct 2 1966 at 9;55 pm at ludhiana india now working at las vegas nevada.I hve 3 kids and i am in medical field,having a lot of financial and legal difficulties.Please advice.
  3. Hey,thank you.This is GC.I was born at Ludhiana punjab,India on oct 2,1966 at 9:55 pm.I am married male 3 children,i am in medical field now working at Las vegas.I am having a very hard time with business and Authority despite working extremely hard.Your advice would be greatly appreciated.
  4. Dear,Thank you very much. My name is Gobinder chopra born oct 2,1966 at 9:55 PM at Ludhiana,Punjab India.I am a male working in mEdical field at Las vegas,Nevada,USA.Having issues with Growing business and keeping mental peace.
  5. Dear,my name is Gobinder chopra born oct 2,1966 at ludhiana punjab,India at 9:55 PM,now settled in las vegas.I have 3 children and i am married.I am in Medical field and having a lot of legal troubles,money flow problems,problems with false court cases and trouble with Government and authority,Please advice.Thank you very much i advance.
  6. I have tried everything ,recently i am wearing emarald,in the past i have tried blue sapphire,diamond and opal.I have tried to pray to Gomed and used Numerical rahu yantra. Recently i am doing navagraha mantras,Lord narasimha kavacham,Hanuman chalisa,1st chapter of Durga saptashati annapurna stotram and kaal bhairav ashtakam.I don't know what else to do.Thanks Gobinder
  7. Thank you very much Avinash.I will surely start.Currently i am trying to do Navagraaha stotram,Durga kavach,Kaalbhairav ashtakham,Naarasimha kavacham,I 1st chapter Durga saptashati,Annapoorna stotram and Rahu kavach and stotram.I don't know wheather this combinations of prayers correct or not.With my birth details i also need to find out the correct mantra for Ucchista ganesh.Thanks Gobinder
  8. My name is Gobinder born oct 2,1966 at Ludhiana,i have a pretty shitty life,i was born at 9;55PM,Now struggling in las vegas.I am told i am running rahu mahadasha with conjoing malefic moon.Is there any mantra,tantra,sadhna,rudraksha,yantras,combination of jyotish ratnas which will give relief or will i keep on struggling like this for rest of my life?Thanks
  9. Durga kavacham,Kaal bhairav Ashtakam,Naraasimha rin mikhti stotram and kavacham,Hanuman chalisa and Navagraha stotram,what would this combination afford,would this beat rahu manhadasha with conjoined malefic moon to pulp? Thanks,please jump in to give your input?
  10. My name is Gobinder,i was born at Ludhiana on oct 2,1966 at 9:55PM,i am settled in Las vegas Nevada.I am having a hard time with taking care of business,i work very hard but no progress happens,people either leave me for no reasons or i get useless people,lot of health concerns about wife and daughter,useless for parents and sister.Pray a lot but no sucess there either,problems with taxes,authority,trouble paying employees,buried in loans.How can you work 16 hours a day 7 days a week and make no progress,no jyotish quality stone,yantra,mantra,prayers,mantras,Rudrakshas have worked,How is this possible as i havent hurt anyone in this life,how can i be blamed for money inappropriation,how come money doesnt flows?
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