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  1. Hanish Patel dob: sept 4 1983. pob: Baroda, GUjrat. 73E12'32 22N18'23 tob: 02:47am. Past events: dad's death dec 22 1988. came to USA in april 15 2003. breakage in studies from 2003 and started back in between of 2005. Health: was skinny as hell, started gaining weight from 2005. I want to know about coming future. like when will I get married? Is she from my uncle side? In my rasi chart Guru owns 7th and 12 th house as welll in Navamasa. guru in 6th house in rasi..6th house of uncle and guru in 4th house .. house of mother... does it indicate a girl from mom's family side? and mars lord of again 6th house in 7th house.. guide me about my married life. Am I having 2nd marriage...Indicating death of 1st wife at earlier age? Most important thing about BUsiness... what kind of Business will give me sucess fame and wealth? If you don't mind.. add me on ur messenger if u use cool_patelhere@.co.in I will like to share knowledge of astrology as of u know much... I m practising. Thank you..
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