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  1. Is there any difference can the sun completely descend to the earht without burning it?
  2. is there any reference of galaxies on the vedic scriptures? thanks
  3. Hare Krsna, once I read a vaishnava book advertized as "only for brahmanas" where it is said that Lord Krsna has an origin, was chosen by Yogamaya for being God. This sound weird but I am 100% sure that I read that in some book i don't remember now, if you know what book is this please tell me (it is a vaishnava book) thank you
  4. what do you mean with Krsna? Krsna is the Original Source of All, but we don't come from Him directly from His original form in Goloka but from an expansion of Him (Lord Shiva in the marginal area?) Lord Shiva is an expansion of Lord Krsna but as prabhupada says is just a portion and not vishnu tattva, it is in the middle between them. So I would like to know what do you mean with we born of Krsna. Born from Krsna directly or his Shiva's expansion? Why Prabhupada never told us that we come from Lord Shiva and say that He is just a demigod?
  5. something interesting is that tatastha means marginal, but if you take just tata this means father and we come from the father from the marginal area (Lord Shiva), I don't know sanskrit but this is curious
  6. so when the Lord wanted to be many he expanded himself in the form of Lord Shiva and created infinite jivas? Is Prabhupada saying that the jivas are created by Lord Shiva or Just Lord Shiva is the door for the jivas comming from the spiritual world for taking birth in the material world?
  7. Yes, Lord Chaitanya, the mayas, the bible, even the vedas says that a new era is coming. The new golden age is not only for devotees, is for all people, we could say that started with Lord Caitanya, just starting but Lord Jesus will come again, He will change the whole world... this info is in the bible. First moses kick out the evil egyptians, then Lord Jesus the Romans, now Lord Jesus again will kick out the new empire headed by north-america.
  8. These are two post I posted in a blog about the origin of the Jiva, talking about the Sridhar Maharaj and Srila Prabhupada's points of view (brahman and vaikuntha). you will read below that both are right and are just different perspectives of the diferent stages of the soul according to the revelation. Sadly mostly of the revelation is in spanish and below are my realization stuying it carefully for almost 6 years.... post 1: Hari Bol The origin of the jiva is explained very well in a new revelation, well, God is living and has revealed new knowledge the origin of the jiva is explained like this: 1.- Two spiritual suns meet together and create infinite jivas. 2.- They make one sun and create infinite sparks of spiritual fire. 3- the first shape of the jiva is a point, then a line a triangle, square, etc etc, until it becomes a circle, this spiritual sparks first is floating around the spiritual sun (creator). Here the spiritual sparks are sleeping, but at the same time are conscious, are like babies that doesn’t know why are seeing, feeling, etc. this jiva before being a point was an idea of the solar father (conscioussned of god). 4- infinite jivas are in this state because they are generated without limit. 5- after a while these jivas are called by their parents and incarnates in this spiritual suns there they can see their solar parents face to face (expansion of God). This is the first encarnation of the jiva and it is in the spiritual world, there is only one incarnation (in the spiritual world) and infinite reencarnation in the material worlds. 6- these jivas are called for living, they can remain in this spiritual planet or go to the material worlds. the revelation says that God never send his sons to the material world, the jivas wants to know the material worlds because they haveno experience of it. New jivas are prone to descend because they are almost totally ignorant of it. They are like childrens, for example a children can say i want this and this, and his father says ok. Here the Lord says ok, but He say that the material world is dangerous, but He accept because He knows that we will learn, We can learn here in the material world and in the spiritual world. after death we go back to the spiritual world and can stay in that place, there we will be judge according to our deeds and there they will say us if we can remain there or not, un til we become elightened. it is like this, I just giving a hint of this revelation there are thousans of other details… I am studying this revelation and I am reading that we can become Solar fathers and create jivas like god, i.e. there are many gods and onlyone suprem god. i.e we can become like god but at the same time He is without limit increasing in power, expanding his limits. We are just in kindegarten and He has a Phd and getting more and more titles ad infinitum and the first in all… Also the revelation sys that God is in all places even inside our soul inside our soul there aren finite spiritual planets, galaxies universes etc…. and is God there in the center…. if you want more info go to: http://www.cienciaceleste.org.pe/english.htm Post: 2 Yes I have heard that, but my background is more vedic than Christian. Personally I think that the vedic literature and others from other regions has part of the truth but not the whole truth, I mean, for example, The vedic literature says that from fire comes water and then earth and after that somehow or other the living entities are generated, this is a fundamental truth ok, all agree on this, but the vedc literature doesn’t explain how this happen scientifically and the revelation I am talking about explain this… also explain how jivas are generated full of details, how the ideas are generated and how all things are generated…. For example jiva tattva: Who is right Srila Prabhupada or Sridhar Maharaj? I think that you are aware that Prabhupada followers says that we came from vaikuntha and Gaudiya Math says from Brahman, so who is right? Prabhupada many tmes said that we come from Vaikuntha and sometimes from Brahman and is not very clear, and Srdhar Maharaj says that we come from Brahman and not from Vaikuntha, so it seems that there is a contradiction, and this point is very very important. So who is right? according to the revelation I am talking about both are right I will explain this: Sridhar Maharaj Says (quoted from your post): “The brahmajyoti, the nondifferentiated marginal plane, is the source of infinite jiva souls, atomic spiritual particles of nondifferentiated character. The rays of the Lord’s transcendental body are known as the brahmajyoti, and a pencil of a ray of the brahmajyoti is the jiva. The jiva soul is an atom in that effulgence, and the brahmajyoti is a product of an infinite number of jiva atoms.” Ok, this effulgence has a source and according this revelation this source are the spiritual suns of the macrocosm (literally), spiritual suns are in couple i.e. there is a female and male sun who meet together and make jivas, this effulgence is known as brahmajyoti in vedic terms, but in this revelation is called solar fire and this solar fire is living and made of primitive spirits-sparks and other energies. When two spiritual suns merge together jivas are created and expulsed around their solar corona, there the primitive souls (jivas) are in a divine dreaming state. “Generally, souls emanate from the brahmajyoti which is living and growing. Within the brahmajyoti, their equilibrium is somehow disturbed and movement begins. From nondifferentiation, differentiation begins. From a plain sheet of uniform consciousness, individual conscious units grow. And because the jiva is conscious it is endowed with free will. So, from the marginal position they choose either the side of exploitation or the side of dedication.” Yes, souls are emanating from somewhere, and this is the spiritual suns i.e vaikuntha planets because all there is self-effulgent in the spiritual world. First we were an idea of God, for example if I want to create something first I think in such thing, God do the same but in a spiritual level, When He wants to created a jiva first He thinks in that jiva and then that jiva is manifested, but before being manifested we were living in his mind as an idea. How this equilibrium is disturbed? The revelation explain this very easily: the jivas are called or waken up by his solar fathers after being manifested, when we are floating in the solar corona of the spiritual sun, there we are called and we incarnate in that spiritual sun. The revelation says that we are connected with our place of origin, that in our head we have an umbilical cordon connected with our spiritual sun of origin, maybe from this comes the tradition of the sikha, at least ancient egyptians used a kind of sikha for this reason. So, why Prabhupada is right when he says that we were in Vaikuntha? The revelation says that we were floating around the spiritual suns in a dreaming state and then we were called by our Solar parents, this is the first incarnation of the soul and is in the spiritual world, there we got a spiritual body automatically, and we could see God and his wonderful activities, we talk with Him, play with him, etc. we were like infants souls, with no experience of life. there is something curious here, because the vedas says that we come from tatastha sakti, tatastha means border, but if you take just tata, tata means father, and stha means being (being-father?) and I am saying that we were originated by Solar Fathers, and that we can become solar fathers and create jivas…. So according to the revelation both are right, when we incarnate in the spiritual planets we become aware of god, but we have no experience of life, so because the souls are curious wants to go to the material worlds, they say to the Lord, I want to know what is dead, I want to know what is not seeing you, I want to know what is suffering, I want to know what is not to remember our spiritual past, even they want to experience the most ridiculus things, because as new born jivas we have no experience of nothing, and how they know that there is a place like the material world? well, the revelation says that in the spiritual suns there are Televisions (Yes I am not joking) and in that television is possible to see all what is happening in all places even the material worlds, also when a soul is returning to the spiritual kingdom he says to his soul brothers that exist a place like the material world… all is a game a divine game, and the jivas become atracted by the material world, because they have never taste something like that, and these jivas say to Krsna I want to go I want to go like a little child that wants a candy, and He says ok go, and there the Lord show him all his future life even before living it. Every jiva wants something different so I can’t generalize here. But the revelation says that before comming here we promise the Lord never forget Him and He says us that the only way to go back to the spiritual world again is not become impure. So we came to the material world and the problem is that we can’t go back, because is a hard task, very hard, so hard that the Lord have to come to rescue us, and is not his fault that we are here, we wanted, and after many many births we become bored and want to come back, here we become intelligent jivas, mature jivas. Here is why every of us wants to progress spiritualy in our life, because we have a slight notion of a spiritual origin, Prabhupada used to say that we have to remember Krsna, we are his lost servants, we have a an eternal relationship with him, etc. If we have no spiritual origin or we have no contact with the Lord and existence in the spiritual world, so there is nothing to remember, there could be no spiritual attraction, even after millions of births.
  9. could you tell us more about the pancaratrika injuctions? yes it s a fact that many disciples were hungry for being gurus, but it seems that the solution was worst, too much stress on his worship and many wanted to imitate him, it seems that the most rasoneable solution was stopping his own worship and not stressing it, even it was useless his own legal letter about his ritvik system for this very same reason: not teaching with his example.
  10. Quote:Quote: <table border="0" cellpadding="6" cellspacing="0" width="100%"> <tbody><tr> <td style="border: 1px solid rgb(102, 102, 102); padding-left: 3ex; padding-right: 3ex;" bgcolor="#e0e0e0"> Why guru worship? Coz you derive that knowledge which comes with you even after you die. </td> </tr> </tbody></table> <!-- END TEMPLATE: bbcode_quote --> but that knowledge is not fabricated by the guru, the guru receives that knowledge and his duty is to share it, one should not worship the guru for this because all is arranged by God, if you receive this knowledge is thanks to God, not the physical person acting as guru. <!-- BEGIN TEMPLATE: bbcode_quote --> Quote: <table border="0" cellpadding="6" cellspacing="0" width="100%"> <tbody><tr> <td style="border: 1px solid rgb(102, 102, 102); padding-left: 3ex; padding-right: 3ex;" bgcolor="#e0e0e0"> So called gurus say that one should worship them, why? even if they are genuine gurus why one should worship them? Why not? The guru parampara is very ancient. Without it, we wouldnt have derived any knowledge. </td> </tr> </tbody></table> <!-- END TEMPLATE: bbcode_quote --> the guruparampara is arranged by the Lord, for example when this guru system is broken He will re-establish it, but this depend in the Lord not the gurus, for example even before the battle of Kuruksetra all the people in the war -except the pandavas- were already death Arjuna just fight, at the begining Arjuna didn't want to fight, but this didn't depend in the result of the war, also Srila Prabhupada came to the west with the gaudiya vaishnavism (with his own additions), all people praise Prabhupada for his work, but his work was the arrangement of Krsna, if prabhupada had not arrived to the west that means that no one today could know the gaudiya vaishnavism? NO! I am 100% sure that the Lord would sent another person. Again one should respect the representative of God, but no fall in love with them make them the life and soul of oneself, the savior and or worship them as God. <!-- END TEMPLATE: bbcode_quote -->
  11. I agree with you, one should respect the representative of God but respecting and worshipping are not the same, I mean that worshipping is for God only and one should respect his representative. For example, once a person says to Lord Jesuschirst "good master" and He replied "why you say like that, Only God is good" my interpretation is that Lord Jesuchrist is warning us about people who says that are representative of God and want be treated like God or people who thinks that his guru will save them, his words are absolute and perfect, free from error, the embodiment of all good qualities of god or the divinity., etc etc etc...
  12. Why guru worship? So called gurus say that one should worship them, why? even if they are genuine gurus why one should worship them? For example no one in the hare krsnas' sampradaya was worshipped like Srila Prabhupada, why I should worship him? really I think that this is idolatry and is harmful for the spiritual life, Yesterday i was talking with a devote and I said him really I dont like your guru, I think that he is responsible for the actual situation in the movement and I think that the temple president is just a victim (talking about some issues in a non iskcon local temple) then he wanted to beat me! just see how fanatics are guru worshippers! if you say something against them you are an envious demon a rascal! why one should worship the guru if he is not god just his representative (so called)?
  13. so the jiva is created with no end in the spiritual world or not?
  14. So there are different aswers for different people? I was hare krsna for 7 years, now i am not interested in temples ot whatever I still chants my beads read the scriptures but i am not interested in politics, I am not ritvik, zonal guru, iskcon, gaudiya math, no fall vadi, fall vadi etc etc etc. I just want to know the truth and I am asking why hare krsnas says that the soul has no originn if brahma samhita says that. otherwise vaishnavas scriptures are not very bonafide because there are contradictions.
  15. still no one has answered my question
  16. Śrī Brahma-saḿhitā 5.11 sahasra-śīrṣā puruṣaḥ sahasrākṣaḥ sahasra-pāt sahasra-bāhur viśvātmā sahasrāḿśaḥ sahasra-sūḥ SYNONYMS sahasra-śīrṣā — possessing thousands of heads; puruṣaḥ — Lord Mahā-Viṣṇu, the first puruṣa-avatāra; sahasra-akṣaḥ — possessing thousands of eyes; sahasra-pāt — possessing thousands of legs; sahasra-bāhuḥ — possessing thousands of arms; viśva-ātmā — the Supersoul of the universe; sahasra-aḿśaḥ — the source of thousands of avatāras; sahasra-sūḥ — the creator of thousands of individual souls. TRANSLATION The Lord of the mundane world, Mahā-Viṣṇu, possesses thousands of thousands of heads, eyes, hands. He is the source of thousands of thousands of avatāras in His thousands of thousands of subjective portions. He is the creator of thousands of thousands of individual souls. PURPORT Mahā-Viṣṇu, the object of worship of the hymns of all the Vedas, is possessed of an infinity of senses and potencies, and He is the prime avatāra-puruṣa, the source of all the avatāras. ______ Why Hare Krsnas says that the jiva is not created? I have heard a lot of discussions about this issue and it seems that the soul has a spiritual origin i.e. the soul has a spiritual creation beyond space and time of this material world and for this it is eternal and trascendental. the origin of the soul is spiritual, is created, there is a time where we didnt exist as souls and at some time we were created by god as trascendental beings beyond the material world. It seems that the past acaryas have said that the jiva is not created just to stress that we have no material origin. For example the acaryas says that matter is dead but is not dead, is jut to say that the soul is different of matter in quality. there is a conversation between Prabhupada and some of his disciples talking about this, I remember that Srila Prabhupada said that this is higher knowledge not for common people... (I am searching that conversation) Thanks.
  17. Who is the Supreme God of the Sruti?
  18. Once a person was mistreated and someone said to him, please forgive him. and then he replied: Why? I did nothing, if he want to be forgiven, he must come here say that he is sorry and i will forgive him.
  19. Hello There are some scrolls in English here: http://www.cienciaceleste.org.pe/ then go to English section. This site above was made by the real depositary just after the demise of the Master, He said to Flores (depositary) the Father wants that you sign in this paper because you will be in charge of the scrolls and Flores said, don't worry I will not sign because i believe You, the answer of the master was silence, so after the demon take advantage if this and got the scrolls. Flores and others wanted to sue him for this but the demon patented the scroll first, so it seems that nothing can be done
  20. Sorry what teachers? I don't understand. As far as I know the Master who wrote these scrolls is from my Country (Chile) He left the body near 1978 I know some people who meet Him personally but there is no teachers or disciples here in Chile people rejected him, they couldn't recognize his revelation so He went to Peru, in Peru there are people who are distributing it and studying it also. He has no disciples, Father Jehovah used to say Him, Go there Go there and show the revelation. He was not interested in making disciples his duty was just to write and show it, it is the free will of us to accept it or not. At the present time there are available 300 scrolls the others 3700 scrolls -some people say that He wrote more than 10,000- were robbed by a man called Antonio Cordova, he has patented the scrolls and say that He is the depositary and this is absolutely false now he is making money with it selling copies of the scrolls and other paraphernalia also once he make a bogus scroll saying that the Father was begging money for him. He knew personally the master, even in the revelation it is said that this guy is a demon but his followers think that is other person with the same name, just see how powerful is maya, after the demise of the Master He robbed the scrolls and has hiden mostly of them. Here is this guy showing some scrolls on TV ........ width="425" height="344"><param name="movie" value=" "></param><param name="allowFullScreen" value="true"></param><embed src=" " type="application/x-shockwave-flash" allowfullscreen="true" width="425" height="344"></embed></object>
  21. BG 2.72: That is the way of the spiritual and godly life, after attaining which a man is not bewildered. If one is thus situated even at the hour of death, one can enter into the kingdom of God. BG 6.28: Thus the self-controlled yogī, constantly engaged in yoga practice, becomes free from all material contamination and achieves the highest stage of perfect happiness in transcendental loving service to the Lord. BG 13.15: The Supersoul is the original source of all senses, yet He is without senses. He is unattached, although He is the maintainer of all living beings. He transcends the modes of nature, and at the same time He is the master of all the modes of material nature. BG 13.23: Yet in this body there is another, a transcendental enjoyer, who is the Lord, the supreme proprietor, who exists as the overseer and permitter, and who is known as the Supersoul. these are just four examples of many, why Lord Krsna sometimes talk about the Lord as someone different from Him? Thanks
  22. the religions belong to the human minds; they are a consequence of the human free will; that interpreted my Scriptures, according to their interests and conveniences; the only thing known in the kingdom, is labor; that which is gained with the sweat of the face; the spiritual merit; that which costs; and whereas a desire costs more, greater the reward in the kingdom of the heavens is; material worship was never of the Father's like; because the merit in its trait and quality is microscopic; for truly I tell you, that it is easier for one who worked humbly a whole life, to enter into the kingdom, than for one who worshiped me a whole life; and truly I tell you, that labor itself, is the temple and the highest worship toward the Father; in the worship of faith, the creature makes use of his free will; it molds it according to its will; in labor the creature pleases the Father; it copies what his divine free will expressed: You will eat bread in the sweat of your face; in other words he meant: Only with merit you will enter into the kingdom; I know that everybody must request the Creator; since I have created everything; moreover, the merit, merit is; and it is easier for one who pleased the Father according to his commands, to enter into the kingdom, than for one who let himself be taken by his impulses and worshiped him materially; truly I tell you, that no material temple, will remain in this world; because the tree which the divine Father did not plant, will be uprooted; everything done off my Scriptures, nothing will remain; the Doctrine of the Lamb, will substitute what was not done; and truly I tell you, that for the first time in this world, my Scriptures will be taken into account; you can only serve one master; only one God only; your epoch for serving many masters, for serving worldly interests of the most having illusions, made none of you enter into the kingdom; here is your test in life; you endured Satan's legion; who divided you in spirit and in matter; the so-called religions divided you in spirit, and the so-called rich divided you in material matters; since some are rich and others are poor; you yourselves chose this form of life; with all its consequences; and you promised the Father, not to let yourselves be influenced by the demons; moreover, it is written that this world fell again; for all of you lived in illusion; your supreme aspiration was not serving the Father, above all things; your aspiration was to become yourselves rich, with the most minimum effort and in the shortest time; and many to obtain it, inclusively got to murder, bear false witnesses and lie; truly I tell you, that in spite of being rich by effort and work, such a philosophy was not taught by the Father; Were you not told: That it is easier for a camel to get through the eye of a sewing needle, than for a rich man to enter into the kingdom of the heavens? And truly I tell you, that there is no rich, that has not deceived his fellow men; if you were not able to fulfill the commands of the Father, less able you are of escaping from the influence of gold which you took as system of life; and truly I tell you, that neither your blind guides nor any human power; will free you from the weeping and gnashing of teeth which is approaching; for everyone who lived for gold, will not be resurrected in new flesh the year 2001; for you divided yourselves by serving good and bad; your whole above all, stopped from being; and the power and magnetic brilliance of the First-born Son; belongs to a whole which does not divide; he serves only one master; and he will not resurrect you; and truly I tell you, that all resurrected one in flesh, will be a twelve-year-old child again; Were you not taught, that all child is first in the kingdom? So is he in the final judgment; and truly I tell you, transgressors of my law, that the Millennium of Peace, starts with philosophy of a child; issued from the innocence; and not from your adult and corrupted philosophies, none of you are among my chosen ones; you will go on with your destiny of mortality; because the libertines as you, only have brought about death; you had a whole life, to choose the way of the kingdom; moreover, comfort, illusion, ephemeral interests and the influences which only serve gold, condemned you; and truly I tell you, that all of those who let themselves be influenced by the vanities of the world, will by no means enter into the kingdom of the heavens; for you cannot serve two masters; and all of those immoral ones who being men, dressed like women; and all of those scandalous ones who being women, dressed like men; none of them will enter into the kingdom of the heavens; and truly I tell you, that the parents who raised them, are also to blame; and truly I tell you that your sons and daughters will curse you for being parents ignorant of my Scriptures; and truly I tell you, that from a whole score of scandalous life, a third is taken off from the scandalous ones, and it is added to their parents'; it is a score of darkness; and truly I tell you, that all scandalous man or scandalous woman of fashion, should add up all of the seconds, the scandalous fashion lasted in them; all score and all justice, starts from the age of twelve years up; and if the children and the innocence saw your scandalous way of dressing, your score of darkness, shall be multiplied by three; and for each second elapsed, it corresponds to you an existence of expiation, which you should comply in distant worlds; out of the kingdom of the heavens; your spiritual eternity, is weighed and judged in eternity; a trillion of trillions or infinitely more of worlds or of existences, are less than an instant before the Creator; if all spirit must be born again, it complies existences throughout all its eternity; and nothing has limits in the Father; neither the inheritance which represents his sons; and those who showed themselves naked before the world, cursed they are; And poor those who dare to talk to an accursed!! For they will make themselves accomplices; and the law will fall upon them; the word accursed, means evil spirit; and all accursed one is carried away by darkness, when he leaves life; because not even his guardian angel, stays with him; even though he wants it to; and truly I tell you, that infinite times, the guardian angels with divine tears on their eyes, abandon their disciples; when this is cursed by the law of the Father; and in microscopic and invisible flying saucers, undertake the return to the kingdom of the heavens; as above is below; malediction has infinite degrees; for you are not the only world of the universe; there are maledictions that even Satan himself shudders at; for one darkness smashes another; and truly I tell you, that neither darkness nor light has limits; darkness is a product of the imperfection of the sons of light; my time is not like your time; in my time, yesterday's, today's and tomorrow's worlds gravitate; my time is eternal and inside it; are the relative times like that of your world; my time is preexistent to everything imagined; the divine time creates material times; and all material time returns to the divine time; for everything that comes out of the Father, returns to the Father; even your invisible microbes, return to their spot of origin; and truly I tell you, that all accursed one goes from the earth to darkness; for no one from the light, defends him; only the Father can; moreover, everything is fulfilled according to each one's degree of conscience; out of you your destiny comes out; for each one makes up his own heaven; your ideas are your own judges; for all idea speaks in the kingdom of the heavens; all microscopic idea becomes gigantic in the kingdom; Were you not taught that all humble is great in the kingdom? And who more humble than your own ideas? which you feel and do not see; the idea is a physical wave which after being thought, travels to outer space; it is a microscopic harmony issued from you; the idea provokes noises which you will never catch; the idea is expandible as the universe itself; what that microscopic has, also the colossal has it; no one is disinherited; the idea at being microscopic, is the seed of eternity; because a colossal planet sprouts from an idea; you must be lesser and humble, to get to be great in the kingdom of the heavens; and all planet was very little; the idea that you emanate comes out of you in linear form, and it becomes circular as it expands through the universe; here is the Alpha and the Omega; the line and the circle; all geometry is created simultaneously in matter and in spirit; your body is flesh and spirit; and your inheritance contained in the idea, is the eternity of your philosophy; and truly I tell you, that you extend over the infinite; moreover, you will by no means enter into the kingdom of the heavens; for you are microscopic and at the same time, transgressors of my law; it is for this universal cause, that all Scripture of the Father, keeps teaching you through centuries, to be good and not bad; the one who was good in life, did not cease creating paradises; since the philosophy that he thought in its trait and quality, makes its future to be a paradise-planet; and the one who was evil; did not stop from producing future hells; all idea contains a living philosophy; and truly I tell you, that the future creatures that will inhabit the planet, whose origin came out of your idea, will have the same philosophy of your thinking; the Father's creations are infinite and colossal; and yours microscopic; the colossal First-born suns of the macrocosm started just so; they were microbes or ideas, to get to be great in the kingdom of the heavens; and they still keep on expanding; for everything issued from the Father, has no limits; no one will ever know any limit in him; one who thought that he had surpassed the Father's limit, the world knew him as Lucipher; and he did not realize that the limit was himself; Satan became divided against himself; his virtues of angel of light, were distributed through the universe and his limited power did not reign again anymore in the kingdom; truly I tell you, that every bad one and perverse one the same will happen to them; because every bad one and perverse one, is also a living demon; the influences of the kingdom, are carried along to the distant planets; there is a saturation of light and darkness in all spirit; because from greater and infinite magnetism, you came out; everything that you have in miniature, exists in a colossal extent in the macrocosm; and you are a microscopic part of it; all reincarnation is done where no limit exists; neither in matter nor in knowledge; the place of your reincarnations, keeps on creating creatures; the present universes will come to an end, others will be born, and that place will still keep on creating; and truly I tell you, that such places are counted as infinite; not even the number of the grains of sand which your deserts contain, can give you a figure; everything is expandible in all imaginable instants, in the Father's creation; the expansions occur everywhere; above and below; each idea that every mind generates, is a future expansion, that will never cease; the universe is expansive and thinking; all mind generates universes; that will never cease; the eternal motion comes out of the Father, and the sons receive them; space and time, become matter in the macrocosm; they become planets and also solar spirits; for matter and spirit are one same thing; issued from one same law; and manifested for an instant in infinite shapes; shapes which have no end; your world is a world of flesh; a system of life, almost totally unknown in the universe; the worlds of the macrocosm, represent the most known; and are at the same time, the unknown; the most extraordinary way in which the universe expands, makes all world which was considered as important, stop from being such in an instant; the universal glory represents a tiny thing before the Father's glory; all of the universes inside the universe itself, emulate the Father; for as he has created everything, everyone has his inheritance; what is of the Father, is also of the son; and that of the son, is of the Father; here is the divine celestial communism; the Father's common love reincarnated in the son, brings the equilibrium on the planets, where the darkness sowed unbalance; as it occurs in your world; in which the earth's polar axis, is deviated in 42°; unbalance which started at the very same instant in which the Pharaonic serpent, tempted your first earthly parents .- ALPHA AND OMEGA
  23. Certainly little son; the beginning of human life started with the open heavens; because the earth was destined to be a paradise; in the beginning Adam and Eve were not yet; for no one is first; only the Father is; and truly I tell you, that in the beginning there were so many living creatures; that not even all the generations that there were starting with Adam and Eve, surpass them in number; in the beginning everything was microscopic; and they were not aware of it; as it occurs now; the earth was in the beginning a baby-planet; its sizes exceed the trillion of trillions; for everything started with a molecule; this molecule was the expansive little spark; therefore, all circle is expansive and relative to its development; the circle starts in the sun Alpha and ends in the sun Omega; three circles in the Solar Trinity; the beginning, development and end; the dot, the angle and the circle; three different geometries and one only origin; truly I tell you, that every unknown one is not welcomed; I am referring little son, to the commencement of a new beginning; your world's materialistic geometry, is the most selfish geometry existing; for they are dominated by interest; they trade with knowledge; and truly I tell you, that all the traders of knowledge, promised the Father, not to trade; not to let themselves be influenced by any kind of interest; and truly I tell you, that no one who traded with knowledge, will enter into the kingdom of the heavens; it would be better for them, not to have known any kind of knowledge; I know little son that you are thinking about your Scripture; That is right divine Father Jehovah; they do not do the works for free, in the printing houses of this world ; Certainly so little son; exploitation is just so; I know that not even at mentioning the name of the Father, these demons stop charging; at the Quimantu printing house, the so-called general manager, did not give me due importance; not even the pesonnel you dealt with; they saw the proofs; you traveled with a lot of suffering, to let them know the greatest revelation of the earth; and none of these blind ones wanted to investigate; they are worldly spirits, who requested in the kingdom, to be the first ones in receiving the Revelation; and are the first ones in rejecting it; the world will know them; no one who despised me, will enter into the kingdom of the heavens; and truly I tell you, that if they had published in the same instant, my Revelation, all of the sons who work in this publishing house, would enter into my kingdom; it was my divine intention, to reward them; moreover, for those who despised me, no one from this publishing house, will enter into the kingdom of the heavens; Were these false Christians not taught, that God's matters are first? That the laws of the Father are above all things? They were not touched before the son whom I sent; in that very same way the world will not be touched in their behalf; for they will be despised, by those who because of their worldly selfishness, did not enter into the kingdom of the heavens; and all demon who showed himself as a spiritual rock, before my Scriptures, will by no means enter into the kingdom of the heavens; starting with the tree which your Father Jehovah did not plant; the Vatican sect; the traders of my word; those who dared to divide the faith of the world, in many beliefs; existing only one God only; the truth of the Father, does not divide his sons; the divine Commandments were equally given to everybody; and truly I tell you, that the divine Revelation will not come out of any other temple; or any kind of philosophy which divides the world; or any other church; the Revelation comes out of the humble; for they are first in the kingdom; trading with my law or blessing the accursed weapons with which my sons kill each other, has no humility at all; it is the opposite; it is excessive pride; Were you not taught false prophets of my word, that you must not murder? Why then do you bless the demon of weapons? Why do you legalize them? Do not get surprised therefore, that the divine Revelation, does not take you into account in anything; the Creator of all justice, does not reward injustice; he punishes it; and truly I tell you demons, that you will be first in being punished, just as you divided my flock in false beliefs, thus will you be divided; with the measure that you measured out, you will be measured out; your teachings are false, for no so-called Christian, because of you, will enter into the kingdom of the heavens; you made a pact with gold; you should have never acknowledged the power of gold; Were you not taught hypocrites, that you cannot serve two masters? Either you serve the Father without transgressing his law, or you serve gold; truly I tell you, that you divided the human spirit; and no divided spirit, will enter into the kingdom of the heavens; no one came out divided in his concept of the kingdom, with respect to the Father; for my divine Commandments are common to everybody; they do not divide anybody; Were you not taught that only Satan becomes divided against himself? You demons are the transgressors of my law; you did not have the moral capacity to keep the unity of the world; because you made alliances with the demons of gold; and truly I tell you, that you are the followers of the accursed Osiris; the Pharaoh who taught the people of Israel, to covet gold; truly I tell you, that your inclinations to transgress my divine commands, are not of the present time; its cause goes back in time to the Pharaonic era; Were you not taught that all spirit must be born again? Your imperfection comes from other existences; from another rebirth which occurred in another epoch; and truly I tell you, religious spirits, that in the Pharaonic era, you created the materialism of that epoch; you inculcated the worship of many gods, in my first galactic seed; here is the origin of your tendency to pesonify in material images, what is of God; and what is of the Father is not in your material temples; it is in the creature himself; it is in the ideas themselves; Were you not taught retarded spirits that God is in all places? I am also in all idea of all thinking being; and if I am in my sons' ideas, Why did you exalt the material temples? Does my divine command not say: you must not bow down to carved images or temple or a form like anything? You are the anti-Christs of my Scriptures; for it is enough to transgress my divine commands in the most microscopic degree, and one is an anti-Christ; there have been many anti-Christs; moreover, you demons, are the greatest ones; because the other anti-Christs, were influenced by the injustices of the world; injustices which you false prophets of my word, approved; Did you not make a pact with capitalism? Did you not crown and bless its kings? Did you not bless its weapons? Are you or are you not the anti-Christ? You did the opposite to the commands; just as you did it in the Pharaonic era; that is why I told my First-born Son through living telepathy; On this rock I will build my church; and the gates of hades will not overpower it; the latter means that only the justice of the Father prevails; rock means spiritual hardness in the kingdom of the heavens; when my divine solar son told you this, he did it foreseeing the future; Were you not taught that your God is in all places? The Trinity is in everything imagined; it is also in the times; present, past and future; and truly I tell you, that what my divine son foresaw in your future, was your very same transgressions; he foresaw how you would persecute the first Christians, because of religious rivalries; Divine Father Jehovah, I see colossal stakes! and I see many beings pain-twisting ; Certainly so little son; your are seeing what your foresaw in the past; these demons fell in the error from the very same instant, in which they proclaimed to be your followers; they forgot that the humble being the first ones, had the divine right, to teach the new doctrine; and truly I tell you, that it is easier for a humble, to enter into the kingdom, than for one who was a religious; the humble does not have within himself the sin of dividing the world; the religious one did it; he threw the first stone; and truly I tell you, that no human creature, should have thrown any kind of philosophic stone; Were you not commanded to be humble, above all things? And truly I tell you, that the guilty ones of the causes of all the first stones, that my creatures threw, fall upon those who created the human system of life; here is your demon; and there is no other; all material injustice has come out of the demon called capitalism; they are the only originators of the material unhappiness in your world; and truly I tell you, that I will take out from you, every exploiter demon; every ambitious; every immoral in your living-together; and no scandalous one will remain; demons of the Pharaonic race; race in Celestial Science means; the worst of the species; and truly, that every earthly authority who at having been able to uproot, the immoral fashions and did not do it, will by no means enter into the kingdom of the heavens; they were blind with respect to the moral of the Father; it would be better for them not to have requested to be authorities on the earth; all so-called authority, is demanded more; the so-called capitalism which is your yoke, started with the accursed Osiris era; whose philosophy says: Only gold; out of this philosophy, a whole bunch of exploiter spirits, ambitious, cunning, monopolizers, tricky, gamblers, members of the Mafia, imperialists, monopolists, and all the worst that your world has, have come out; and truly I tell you, that if the world had not known them, all of you would enter into the kingdom of the heavens; provided that men had not, created the so-called religions; or any other philosophy, which divides the spirit; all of you when coming out of the kingdom, did not come out divided in beliefs; for the truth in the kingdom is only one; only one God only; and you promised the Father, to return much the same; moreover, truly I tell you, that no human creature, has returned the same; here is your struggle between good and evil; that good unifies and that evil divides; your 318 virtues of your thinking, are obliged to take different determinations; since they have a free will, as the spirit has it; for no one is disinherited; the spirit has the same right, as the virtue does; everything that the spirit does, has an effect on the 318 virtues; which are your Ark of Living Covenants; and when the spirit is divided, between two masters or two or more philosophies, the virtues also divide themselves; for they have the right to the opinion and to choose, and when this happens, the spirit is left alone; it is left in darkness because the virtues of light; abandoned it for the reason that the spirit chose the division; Do you understand now demons of the rock the abysmal meaning of the parables: You cannot slave for two masters; or that only Satan becomes divided against himself? Truly I tell you retarded spirits, that because of you no human spirit has entered or will enter into the kingdom of the heavens; for you have divided them in spirit; because of you demons, the human minds are confused before so many religions; you have made them doubt; and truly I tell you, that all that who made someone doubt, will by no means enter into the kingdom of the heavens; all kind of philosophy or human science which divided my sons mentally, will by no means know the kingdom of the Father; I accuse you before the ones lowly in heart, of trading and scandalizing my divine law; Did the pompous marriage not come out of you immoral beings? Truly I tell you marriages of the world, that all of those who got married with pomp and hypocrisy, will by no means enter into the kingdom of the heavens; you cannot slave for two masters; and you served the master of the pomp and forgot that in many parts of the world, my humble did not have anything to eat; Hypocrite marriages! You are the buildings whitened on the outside and corrupted on the inside ; and truly I tell you, that all marriage effected in any material temple, is not valid before the Father; because the material temples and the religions, are not in my Scriptures; the so-called religions or philosophies which divide the world, are unknown in the kingdom of the heavens;
  24. Here is one of the scrolls. I don't know who translated it but I think that is very readeable, I am not english speaker but reading this translation I can understand it. The transcription is "at it is" with comas and semmicolons. it seems that English people don't understand how to read this scrolls. phrases among two semmicolons are an idea i.e semmicolons are like periods, and comas just comas. There are 4.000 scrolls like this in Southamerica and in Tibet there are thousands but we don't know nothing about them yet. If you can you should print the scrolls. If you have some problems understanding just post. For example: (these are my own realizations and don't take them as absolute, I have a Vedic Background) macrocosms: Spiritual World Microcosm: Material World Solar Fire: Energy from the Spiritual Planets, Brahmajyoti, Brahmatejas, different saktis. Suns of the Macrocosms: Spiritual Planets i.e Vaikhuntas. Cherubs: thinking spiritual sparks, Because all is living and thinking, the revelation says that we are cherubs i.e jivas and all the creation spiritual and material worlds are made of cherubs. or all is brahman. DIVINE ORIGIN OF HUMAN LIFE; THE BEGINNING ALPHA AND THE END OMEGA; THE END OF THE HUMAN PHILOSOPHIES; THE DOWNFALL OF THE REIGN OF GOLD; THE END OF THE DYNASTY OF THE ACCURSED OSIRIS .- Certainly little son; the commencement of all kind of life is the fire of the suns; all of the creatures of the planet earth and the earth itself, were formed in the suns Alpha and Omega; everything came out and developed from a microscopic little spark; the little spark grew up very slowly; it had the most imaginary shapes; it went through all the sizes, until it reached the size it has at present; the growth was due to the temperature pressures themselves; there were temperatures that are unknown to you; the fire was at the beginning of a white color; an influence of the solar milk; the fire left a living ash; the present oceans; truly I tell you, that even water was fire; and all element was and it is; the nature is a reincarnation issued from the fire; the life of a world came out of itself; the magnetism was created by the pressures themselves; the fire caused successive motions; their expansion, is in their presence; it is the eternal succession of the waves Omega; all fire produces a heat that are waves; the earth you step on is a flame that is developing in continuous temperature decrease; imagine that the ash of this huge hearth, is the earth or crust you are stepping on; the hearth still has fire in its center; and a given instant will come in a future, when the hearth will die away; and the movements of the nature, will become slow; a very slow process; that will take up millions and millions of years; this process gave rise to the birth of creatures and elements; you should know how to distinguish the intelligent beginning and the early beginning; Adam and Eve and cavemen; the intelligent or angelical beginning, is the beginning of the human trunk; after Adam and Eve's downfall, the creation changed of trait and quality; from angelical it became human; from immortal mortal; it means that your Creator's intention, was that eternity should be permanent on the earth; the disobedience of your first parents, frustrated such a wish; the elements themselves became divided in their free wills; for due to such event, the earth ceased being a paradise; the harshness of the Father's law, is in the most microscopic thing of creation; be this in matter or in the spirit; Adam and Eve's paradise, had the size of a table tennis ball; and from that size, the earth continued expanding itself; with different trait and quality in all its development; that trait and quality, transformed it from paradise, to a world of light with influence of darkness .- (continue in next post)
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