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  1. Dear Vipin my e mail address is sarnasmith at com au
  2. Dear Vipin, Hi I am from Australia and born in Mumbai on 18 / August / 1966 @ 9.25 Night time. I am passing through Saturn purification Period. Will you spray detail thought in Nakstras order for all seven year's in break up of 3 months each. on my Marriage, Job - Business prospects, Health, Buying property, receiving new income, fulfilling family responsibilities, Relationships, My studies, children, social credits,and other related matters. One of psychic told me i need not to worry as i am having strong saturn in Chart. Another psychic told me that you have two saturn one is good another is bad. Another chartist from South Africa told me i will venish in this period? is it true. Is their any chance for me to settle in USA or England? Or what should i do Business or Job ? I am now on Government health fund support. And no income. + suffering from parkinson's sickness partially. As Directed my mom i pray Gyatri in the morning with out fail but loosing hopes.
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