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  1. namaskar sir,my name is lalit,my married life is disturbed past 1 year,my wife does not obeys me,her parents interfare in my matters,there is always qurellsome atmosphere at home esp.between my wife and my mother,her parents took my wife with them 4 months back,she was pregnent at that time in 7th month,she gave birth to daughter on 13th oct 2007,we approached her met her parents requested them to send her back, but they refused,plz suggest how can get my wife back,and save my married life,my birth detais are follows,d.o.b 26/03/1971 time 11:30pm dinanagar(pb.) birth details of my wife.d.o.b 28/08/1980 time 6:20pm amritsar(pb.)
  2. pandit ji namaskar,im facing problems in my married life,plz suggest me remedies to make my married life peaceful D.O.B 26-O3-1971 TIME 11:30PM PLACE. DINANAGAR(Pb.) wife,s d.o.b 28-08-1980 time.6:20pm place. amritsar
  3. my name is lalit from punjab someone had applied black magic on me and my wife to breakup our marriage,mywife had left me few days ago,im very disturbed, home atmosphere is spoiled, my mother is too seriously ill, plz tell me any sadhna or mantra to destroy the effect of black magic on us, plz help us
  4. respected sir. namaskar, im in deep trouble my married life is disturbed,my wife has left me one month back,i want her back home, plz tell me remedies D.O.B 26-O3-1971 TIME..11:30PM PLACE...DINANAGAR(PUNJAB) WIFE'S D.O.B 28-08-1980 TIME...6:20PM PLACE...AMRITSAR PLEASE HELP ME IM IN DEEP TROUBLE THANKS
  5. dear sir please help me to solve my problem i am passing through serious problems in my married life,my wife has left me,1 month back,plz tell me remedies so that my marriage can survive D.O.B..26-03-1971 time...11:30pm place DINANAGAR (punjab)
  6. Namaskar sir, my details r as follows. D.O.B...26-03-1971 TIME. 11:30PM PLACE.DINANAGAR STATE.PUNJAB COUNTRY.INDIA. OCCUPATION.DENTIST FATHER.RETD. FROM GOVT JOB MOTHER. HOUSEWIFE BROTHER.BUSSINESS MY PROBLEM. IM married past 15months, but my married life is not so happy,there r disputes between my wife and my mother ,she does not obey any body in family,had left me 20 days back,but i want my marriage to be survived, how my marriage can be survived? thanx my e-mail lgcare4u@.co.in
  7. namaskar sir, i want astro advise from u plz guide me im suffering from disturbed married life, past one year, my wife does not obeys me.she had left me 20 days back,i want my marriage to be survived, how it can be possible? My Birth Details are... DATE. 26-03-1971 TIME; 11:30PM PLACE, DINANAGAR(PUNJAB) WIFE'S DOB.28-08-1980 TIME.6:20PM AMRITSAR
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