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  1. can some one suggest me some remedie , I am Giving detail of My horoscope. Rashi 1---- Shani Rashi 5----Ketu Rashi 6----- Guru, Budh & Shukra Rashi--7-----Surya Rashi--8--- Lagna Rashi--9----Mangal Rashi---10---Chandra Rashi---11----Rahu. Atul
  2. Can some one help me as per the horoscope.
  3. Dear Astro Guruji, Kindly help me. With Regards, Atul
  4. Dear Guruji, Can you help telling the astro soulution of all my problem. Detail: DOB-18-10-69 Time-10.10AM Place- Jaunpur U.P.
  5. Dear Astro Guruji, Is there any astro solution to overcome with the problem. With Regards, Atul
  6. Namaste, Can some body help me. I am going through with very bad patch of my life. I lost every thing my Helth, Wealth and love from the family.I am living saperately with my wife ,son is also living with her.I have bought everything on her name,even Flat in Mumbai , Now after that She has forced me to leave the house.She has created such situation that i had to leave the house. I am sevearly under dipression and suffring from Thyride (TSH) and enclosing Arthiritis, Now the problem reaches in my Right Eyes (Iritis ). i am could not any rays of hope , No medicine responing on my body.I cam to from some prson that you some Black magic is done on me. I am giving detail of my birth--- 19/10/1969 Day- Sunday Time-- 10.10 AM Place-- Jaunpur (U.P.) I am looking for some remedie , if some one can suggest me as per my horoscope. With Regards, Atul
  7. i am suffring from artiritis problem since 6 years, No medicin and yoga is working on my body.My condition is getting worse day by day,Now it is spread on my whole body. Few days back it has effected on my right eyes (Iritis), i ma taking medication from one of the best hospital in mumbai but do not getting any relief.Doctors even wonders that why my body does not respond with any medicin. I come to know from one person that it can be the effect of black magic on me.Can it be possible that due to it no medicin is working on my body. Kindly let us know that how i can get rid from all these problems. I am giving my personal detail as below:--- Name- Atul Kumar Gupta DOB- 19/10/1969 Time-10.10 AM Birth Place- Jaunpur ( U.P.)
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