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  1. Respected sir,my son's dob-2.7.1984 place-new delhi,Time-3.36 a.m. his health is v.bad at present&he doesnt hav a job also.he lost his job in oct 2008 becoz of his bad health.im really worried for him when will his health improove and when ll he gets a job.he is a software Engineer.pls advice.my id is pawan.bajaj1@ thanx.Regards.
  2. namaskar Lilyji, my son's dob-2.7.1984 place-new delhi.Time-3.36 a.m. his health is v.bad& he doesnt have a job fm past 6months.he is a software Engineer.im a house wife and my husband is a service man.pls c his horoscope when ll his health improove & when ll he gets a job.pls advice.im really worried for him.my Id is pawan.bajaj1@ Thanx. wait for ur reply.
  3. hi vipin ji, my son's dob-2.7.1984 place-new delhi.time-3.36a.m. his health is v.bad & he doesnt have a job.pls c his horoscope.when will his health improove & when ll he get a job.thanx. pls help.
  4. nameste guruji, my son's Dob-2.7.1984 Time-3.36a.m. place-new delhi his health is v.bad & he doesnt have a job,when will things improove.help needed urgently. Thanx.
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