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  1. SEPTEMBER 26, 1987 13:05 TORONTO, CANADA... Would be nice if I got some analysis thank you!
  2. I have a friend who has recently just started going through a hard time which began this wednesday on the 29th of june, his dad lost his trucking license and now cannot work (a police officer stopped his truck in the states and realized he could not speak english and notified trucking authorities and now hes stripped of his license) and his mom is unemployed and also does not speak english so all financial burden will be on him, an astrologer told him before that he would have a break in his education 2 times in his life and this might be it because I am thinking he might not go to school this sept but maybe in january if someone could give their opinion it would be very much appreciated possibly any remedies maybe? I don't know much about astrology but on the 29th jupiter transited into capricorn for him? his details are JULY 1ST 1988, 9:30 AM JALANDHAR, PUNJAB
  3. In my chart it shows BUSINESS as being ideal for me, well I am doing a law course Paralegal who all open up their own practices or work for a firm, (they are just like lawyers here), but is it possible for someone to look into my chart and see when I may start doing business or open a paralegal practice/business?? I am very eager to know and would very much appreciate it!! My details are September 26 1987, 13:05, Toronto Ontario , Canada
  4. I am just really very curious and sometimes worried, im doing ok in education for now though but with good hard work my birth detais are September 26, 1987, 13:05 Toronto Ontario, Canada
  5. It works, Ive installed it! But I think it does mess up my net connection I dont have a firewall maybe someother way I can disable it from connecting to the net, but thanks for your help in installing docitduo! and to the person who provided the link!
  6. How do you copy the file to where like what do I do? It doesn't go any futher when at the last point of installation I wonder why
  7. How is Mercury in my chart? I ask this because a Pandit Ji recommended to wear emerald he didn't take my birth time but one of his prediction came spot on but in my vedic mercury is in the 12th house sometimes I wonder nothing bad has happend wearing it, and another person told me it could help me rise in profession can someone give their 2 cents?? my details; September 26 1987, 13:05, Toronto Canada thank you
  8. Well I still havent installed it yet!! It stops during the uninstall file so annoying! Cooltoad any help bro?
  9. I know what you mean but it wont install it stops going any further from uninstall file I think I need to install it first hmm maybe cause I have vista?
  10. Sorry didnt see your reply, thanks for the advice let me try it
  11. I can't seem to install it, during the installation phase near the end on the file "uninstal_prashara_light_7.0" it stops and freezes
  12. It says "Replace PL7 exe in dir c:\Geovision\PL7 by supplied one, confirm replace it." I dont get what that means what is it asking me to do?
  13. Nvm I see you have to d/l all of them, I will ask for help if I need too for installation, thanksss alot for this downloadd
  14. When I downloaded and I try to extract it it tells me "Insert Cd" and then I can't extract it, do you have to download all of those files? and Thank you for it!
  15. ohh I see but when I google there are sites that talk about how it is good for weightloss something to do with metabolism and also it says on the back of the box so thats why I was thinking?
  16. Thank you brother, much appreciation. I will e-mail him, God Bless you
  17. I've come across something called SHILAJIT, DABUR SHILAJIT, and I wanted to use it for weightloss. Im not even lying I lost about 9 pounds immediantly trying it but I still need to lose more to get back to ideal weight, im a little overweight I have muscle too but I've gained alot of weight from last year this substance will help me im sure I only used it for 2 weeks I took 2 capsules daily though the box says 4, I think 2 is enough though yea? its 500 mg EACH pill...it says to take with milk preferaby, why? Any other way it can be used?? I also use hajmola after my last meal?? It says that it aids other herbs too
  18. Anything I could do worship of Divine Deities or planetary mantra chants that could benefit me??
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