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Found 31 results

  1. My dob 01/10/87 Place: Vadodara , Gujarat Time: 17:05 Gender : Female I want to know prospect of marriage as well as spouse. And any remedies to resolve obstacles. Your guidance will be much appreciated. Thanks.
  2. Hello all, I'm new to this forum. I request the members' help regarding marrige. Your suggestions and Jyotish solutions will be of great help to me. My Date of Birth is 11.06.1983 Time: 8 or 8.05 AM (Saturday, Bangalore, Amavasya) My marriage has been inordinately delayed. My parents have been looking out for a suitable alliance since my 24th year. None, I am not exaggerating, have been suitable. 2 alliances agreed and both rejected at later stages and some, we have realised later, were completely bogus people. My parents are not interested in an alliance from outside India as a Pandit ji had advised my parents in my childhood to not send me abroad. Some prospective families have even said that I have Kuja dosha hence I cannot be considered a good match. We as a family are in a real quandry and my career is also not going great guns despite all the efforts. Please advise. I have a brother who is younger to me (27.12.1985, 9.40 AM) and his chances of marriage are also getting delayed. Please advise suitable solutions. My family has perfomed Parvati Kalyana, Arka Vivaha, Haridra Ganapati Homam, Katyayani Homam, Kalyanotsava at Tirupati. We are at our wits end regarding this. Will I be married (India/abroad)? will my married life be joyous? Many thanks for listening to my woes and your time. SM
  3. My Birth Details D O B 27/10/1976 T O B 2:27 am P O B Kota (Rajasthan) About Marriage... Yes or no When and how Thanks
  4. Pranam to all, I am a hindu follower from birth and i do not belive there should be any stopping from loving or liking someone from another religion, but i would like to know if our scriptures stop us from marrying someone outside our religion or not. I know islam doesnt allow but i wanted to know from our scriptures if there is any resctrictions or not. Thank you
  5. Do you have any marriage related questions? Post time/date/place of birth with your query. I will try and answer with best of my ability Kumar Ramabhadran
  6. Respected All, Currently I am facing multiple issues in life. I am in Saturn Mahadasha since 1999 and have been facing several ups and downs in life. Have done struggles in studies, career, health and marriage. I got married at the age of 30; but immediately after 6 months have to get separated with spouse due to job related transfer to USA. I also have persistent health issues and lately severe skin issues have surfaced up (no medicine seems to be working). Now we are trying for my husband also to join me abroad but nothing seems to be clear...He is trying but seeing our previous struggles in life, we are worried. Me going back to India would cause serious impact on my career (which is already average only). I am approximately 2-3 years lagging behind in my career. Both me and my husband have good education from prestigious university (Engineer +MBA)...but not getting returns accordingly. My husband is in Rahu Mahadasha. and currently saturn & rahu are transiting from his 1st house & my 8th house. My DOB: 3-Dec-1982, Time: 13:15 PM, Place: Azamgarh (UP) Husband's DOB: 3-Aug-1981, Time: 12:55 PM, Place: Jaipur (Rajasthan) The questions I have are: - how long is my separation with husband going to be? Will he be able to join me in USA or I'll have to go back to India. - How is the career prospects for both of us? - When will I be able to conceive? How is the yog for progeny? Thanks much for your responses. Regards, Rashmi
  7. I'm getting very much depressed these days. All my friends and colleagues are always when r u getting to be married. Actually my date of birth was 5-11-1987 at 04:23 AM. My parents are searching groom for me. Till now some 5 grooms saw me. Sometimes he rejected me and some times i cannot accept them. But now i want to get marry soon. Or else i have feeling to commit sucide. Because living lonely, always give me thought like this. i know to commit sucide is wrong thing. But i cant able to live in this world. Also get the feeling that i have done wrong in my college life that i have to accept the proposal that came to me. Now i want that boy to contact me. Also i wnat to know whether my marriage is arranged one or love? Please help me to get rid of this thing by giving some solutions. Actually i want to post this topic in jyothish forums. But that forums didnt allow me to post. Though i verified my account i am unable to post.
  8. Dear Mr. Rohini Ranjan, I want to marry a girl who is born with jyestha - pada - 4. One astrologer told my dad that because of jyestha nakshatra their is a risk to my elder brother's life. I read a book "MUHURTA" by "Dr.B.V.RAMAN" in which it is stated that only jyestha - Pada - 1 has destructive ill effects and other padas doesn't has any ill effect. Now my parents are confused and are afraid to accept for the marriage. I request you to clear this confusion. Here r the details of the boy and the girl: Boy: D.O.B: 19.06.1986 , Time: 1.02pm, Place: Chennai Girl: 26.07.1988, Time 7.55am, Place: Chennai Eagerly waiting for your reply Thank you Regards knb
  9. Hi.....i need help in getting my ex back, if anyone knows about any genuine babaji or sadhu or vashikaran specialist please give me there phone number or address,i'll be really grateful if that baba or sadhu is from Hyderabad, please i know what i'm doing, i really don't have time, i need to do this as soon as possible, i loved a guy more then anything and he used me for 2 years and now he left me, i can't even get married to any other guy, i can't live with this shame full life, i have tried everything else i can this is the only way i got now, if this doesn't work out i don't have any other option but to kill myself.please give me some good genuine babaji's address or phone number.
  10. Dear Guruji, I have been trying to understand my vedic chart based on the info/tips that I could collect from various forums/astro articles available on the net. Here are my chart details: Body Longitude Nakshatra Pada Rasi Navamsa Lagna 11 Li 55' 15.87" Swat 2 Li Cp Sun 9 Cn 11' 09.70" Push 2 Cn Vi Moon 13 Aq 36' 35.72" Sata 3 Aq Aq Mars 23 Ar 52' 24.38" Bhar 4 Ar Sc Mercury 2 Cn 12' 53.47" Puna 4 Cn Cn Jupiter 0 Ar 33' 53.52" Aswi 1 Ar Ar Venus 16 Le 04' 50.17" PPha 1 Le Le Saturn 0 Cn 22' 23.27" Puna 4 Cn Cn Rahu 4 Sc 09' 06.36" Anu 1 Sc Le Ketu 4 Ta 09' 06.36" Krit 3 Ta Aq Maandi 19 Cn 52' 18.71" Asre 1 Cn Sg Here are some of the key things that I have observed in my chart with regard to marriage aspects: 1. 7th Lord in Rashi chart is Mars and is in his own sign (Aries) 2. Jupiter who is the lord of 3rd and 6th is in 7th house 3. Saturn has its 10th aspect on 7th house. 4. Saturn is in Cancer (sign of detriment for Saturn) - though he owns 4th and 5th houses in rashi chart (yogakarak) 5. Karka of marriage, Venus is in Leo - sign ruled by Sun and is inimical to Venus 6. Venus in opposition to Moon 7. Rahu + Ketu occupies 2nd and 8th houses Do these combinations mean delay or denial of marriage? -Regards Restless
  11. Jai Ram ji ki Pls provide your valuable guidance on marriage . 1.kind of marriage...love or arrange??if possible tell me at what age? 2.whats wrong in my horoscope,if any problem pls let me know any remedies. 3.Areas of strong & weak palnets to succeed in both peasonal & professional life. Birth Details: Place :Mangalore D.O.B : 11-5-75 Time: 21:50 Gender : female Sincere response is highly apprecitaed.
  12. Most texts I read declare that once one has renounced the ego and dwells within the Self, that all worldly attachments are gone and you are no longer associated with your body. I then came across this passage about Ramana which slightly confused me: Does this mean you have the option to renounce everything? Would one still be able to have a wife and kids while renouncing the Ego? I'm guessing a spiritual seeker has the option to continue to identify with his body, but it is hard for me to understand how this works, any clarification would be wonderful.
  13. I am very curious to know about my life. Please could you tell me about my marriage? When will I get married? What kind of person he would be? Love, Arranged or Love arranged? How will be my marriage family life? My details are: DOB: 13-09-1978 Place: Lucknow Time Of Birth: 2:40 am Day tues-Wed
  14. I want to know whether I will have:1)love or arranged marriage2)happy or unhappy marriage or denial/delay in marriage or denial/delay in marriage My birth details are:date of birth-14 september 1995time of birth-09:25 am place of birth:ghaziabad(INDIA) My Vii Lord Mars Aspects V House.does That Mean Love Mariage;
  15. Dear all I request you to help by giving some solution to this. I want to know when are the possibilities for my brother getting married. Name:, DOB-28th December 1977, Time of Birth:3:30AM, Place of Birth: Hissar (Haryana). Please help!
  16. Date of birth: 19/08/1992 Time of birth: 23:55 PM Place of birth: Bangkok Country: Thailand Query: I wish to settle in another country, marry a foreigner and become successful abroad.
  17. Namaste My Details Are As Follows: Birthday => 25/August/1987 Time => 1:33 AM Birth Place => New Delhi, India Current Place => Greater Noida, U.P., India Please tell me about my current love + future marriage life + few details about my future. Thanks in advance!!!!!!! Om Sai Ram
  18. Hello; I was married to a maglink ten years ago. When will I get married again? My birthdate is April 10, 1973. Was born at 7:19 AM I am supposed to meet a gentleman, he was born February 19, 1967. No birth time knwon. When will we meet? There have been delays. Thank you
  19. Hi All, I am a 29 year unmarried software professional. My dob: 15/09/1981 Tuesday 4:55 PM I want to know abt the followings 1) When will marriage happen?Is that going to happen from a good family? 2)Do I have Neecha Bhanga rajayoga? 3)Do I have the chance to go abroad?Or Will I become a NRI? Thanks in Advance
  20. Dear Experts, I am at a crucial stage of life and uncertainty is making me restless.... My Birth Details are : Date : 9th August 1984 (Female) Time : 12.46pm Place : Pune(India)(18:32N and 73:52E) Experts, please help me to find out when will I get married? Will it be a love marriage? and an inter caste marriage? Few observations from charts are very confusing. Lagna chart is indicating both,strong jupiter aspect on 7th house indicates traditional marriage, 7th lord which is darakarak also affliction is indicating intercaste marriage. 5th lord exalted in lagna and its aspect on 7th house indicates love marriage. Rahu dasa is on and it is a desirous planet in a exalted state in 8th house of secrecy. also dasha lord is exalted and 5th lord is also exalted. But Navamsha is contrdicting it. here taurus 8th house of lagna chart is rising this again indicates secrecy in marriage. 7th lord is mars again and it is with Jupiter in third house but Jup is again 8th lord( secret). So what will happen?? also since the person i want to get married to is of a different caste...in that case it would be a love marriage. Infact I am thinking of being unmarried if that love marriage is not possible due to any reason... So is that a possibility that i may remain unmarried?? Please let me know if the chart tells anything about love or arranged marriage...or any characteristics related to spouse..Life is just getting more complicated..... Your explanations based on the birth chart will be extremely helpful to make important decisions. Thank you
  21. Hello all, My DOB: 29-11-1986 TOB: 9:06 pm POB:Hyderabad I am trying for job since many days.. But couldn't get a proper job. Worked in small organisations.:o Presently searching job in IT field but no luck.:crazy2: When will I get a good job ???:confused: Also let me know when will be I married ?? Also let me know about my married life ??? Waiting eagerly for all your help. Please reply Thank you.
  22. Hello friends,I am a 25 years old female from Bursa, Turkey. I am interested in astrology however I do not know much about Hindu astrology. I have some questions on my mind and I need help. I have studied chemical engineering at one of the best universities in my country.I graduated exactly 18 months ago however I was not able to find a job. Meanwhile after my graduation I got engaged to a guy from university at 31.10.2009. After the engagement he went to army for his military job. In May when he came back from military we had no obstacles for marriage. However he didn't want to mary yet. I want to know: * when will i get married and will i get married with this guy? * how and when will i find a job? *I also wonder if i studied the perfect job for my personality? I am also interested and a little talented in arts, which path should i take to live a prosperous life? *also there is agression in my family which i am not responsible for but i am influenced anyway.I can't stop the fight, ı want to leave home but i can't, what can i do? please help me!! My birth data: 27.01.1985 Bursa, Turkey My fiance's birth data: 15.02.1984 Mersin, Turkey I look forward for any kind of help. Best wishes!
  23. Hi Astro Tech Ji, Please let me know when can I be married? Details - Abhinav Chetan Anand 23-09-1983 23:15:00 Varanasi, India I am really looking forward to know that whether it will be a arrange marriage or love marriage? Please reply on this. Regards, Abhinav
  24. My birth details: August 24, 1978 time: 07:25 am time zone: +5:45 GMT Latitude: 27° 40' N Longitude: 85° 26' E Her birth details: March 9, 1989 time: 00:05 am time zone: +8:00 GMT Latitude: 22° 17' N Longitude: 114° 9' E I had been very unfortunate in love and experienced disappointments in love. I am still unmarried. But recently, I have been involved with a girl and till every is fine. Till we are good friend, but I am reluctant to go ahead with marriage due to past disappointments. Please suggest me should I marry this girl. Also, there is nadi dosha present in guna milap... Any remedy for this?? Also how would be Rahu Mahadasha for me which is going to start in a year's time. Currently, Mangal Mahadasha is not enjoying. Thanks Please bless me with your knowledge.. namaste
  25. I want to know the time of marriage for us. Girls Name: Vidya V Shenoy Time of birth : 16.05 hrs Place of Birth: Ernakulam, Kerala, India Boy's Name: Sunny Ghosh Time of Birth : 18.50hrs Place of Birth: Lucknow. Request you to kindly analyse our kundli and suggest an auspicious date in Feb 2011. Thanks
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